The Five Biggest Mysteries of Dark Days: The Forge

It ’ s ultimately here ! The preliminary to Rebirth ’ s future massive crossover consequence, DARK NIGHTS : metal, has formally begun with DARK DAYS : THE FORGE. And, as you credibly could have guessed by the appropriately heavy naming system in act here, it doesn ’ triiodothyronine pull any punches. But of course, since it is lone the first prelude ( don ’ triiodothyronine forget—number two, DARK DAYS : THE roll will be hitting shelves next month ) it ’ randomness decidedly got more questions than it has answers. therefore, with that in mind, let ’ s get ready to rock by breaking down the five biggest mysteries of The Forge, and speculating a act about what they might mean.
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01 numbers2016 59433d9b1ffae6.30256722Who are the Blackhawks?

As Bruce barely escapes his volcanic rescue mission with the help of Arthur Curry, we see a cloaked jet levitate just past the horizon, observing the side effect from afar. person named Lady Blackhawk makes a call, promising that Batman can look all he wants but he ’ ll never find what he ’ s searching for. The name “ Lady Blackhawk ” might ring some bells if you ’ re a long clock DC reader, and the concept of the Blackhawks might look familiar if you ’ ve been keeping up with ALL STAR BATMAN. Since Rebirth, the Blackhawks have become a screen of screen, black-ops team who are keeping a very intense eye on Batman as he works. They ’ ve evening gone angstrom far to disguise themselves as members of the Bat kin to try and interfere with his missions. We don ’ t know who this Lady Blackhawk is just yet—whether she ’ s their drawing card or just another cog in their shadowy machine—but we do know that who and whatever they are, they ’ re surely not to be messed with. And they ’ re decidedly not the biggest fans of the Batman. But what is their joining to the mystery of the Nth Metal ?
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02 numbers2016 59433dbb7d00b1.14305686What has Batman Been Hiding?

As character of his top clandestine mission from the Guardians, Hal Jordan finds himself smack dab in the center of the Batcave and he ’ mho … looking for something. And, of course, Batman has a second clandestine cave inside his unavowed cave. But he ’ randomness besides got another sidekick-in-training in the form of Duke Thomas this time round, sol Hal ’ s not precisely taking this one on his own. This is where things start to go from “ strange ” to “ terrifying ” as Duke and Hal delve deep into the cryptic second cave. Hal ’ s ring begins to go on the fritz and they both start to hear voices echoing from deep within the cavern ( or … possibly within their own heads ? ). The mystery of the Nth Metal has, apparently, been something Bruce has been working to solve for a long, long time, since that beginning meeting with the Court of Owls all those years ago. ( The one you can read all about in BATMAN : THE CITY OF OWLS. ) What ’ s more, he seems to have collected some early pretty recognizable relics in his hunt—Dr. Fate ’ s Helmet, Aquaman ’ s trident and Wonder Woman ’ second bracers, to be particular. All, obviously, related back to this cryptic metal. Forge 02a 59433d3dc978e6.62450773 He even apparently had a clandestine black-ops team devoted to helping him unravel these mysteries apart from prying eyes. You might recognize the lineup as a call back to the classic Batman and the Outsiders roll of the mid- ‘ 80s ! Yep, that ’ s a real thing ! That ’ mho Metamorpho, Black Lighting, Katana, Halo and Geo-Force in the picture. Of course, the cave international relations and security network ’ t the alone station Bruce has kept secrets stowed aside. Over at Superman ’ s Fortress of Solitude, he ’ south been holding onto a very familiar keepsake of the multiverse ’ second past … a cosmic tuning fork of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and INFINITE CRISIS fame, has been buried within the Fortress ’ south vault. And Batman intends to try and use it. Which, if you ask Mr. Miracle, is credibly not a great theme.
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03 numbers2016 59433dda92aa17.70628465Who are the Immortal Men?

In a mystery place called “ The Campus, ” obviously hidden under Philadelphia, we find what looks like a very clandestine and very high-tech arrangement where two stranger people talk about a group they call the “ Immortal Men. ”

now, this in and of itself probably isn ’ thyroxine a huge surprise if you ’ ve been keeping up with your DC News. A couple months ago, a newly slate of upcoming books spiraling out of Dark Nights : Metal was announced with all-star creative teams, and a new book called ( you guessed it ! ) THE IMMORTAL MEN was one of them. So that ’ s not actually the surprise. The curvature ball here is that, obviously, the Immortal Men have been in contact with Elaine Thomas. Or, as you might know her, Duke Thomas ’ s mother. Duke ’ sulfur parents have been in a bad way since they fell victim to Joker Venom during the Clown Prince of Crime ’ s major attack on Gotham City binding in BATMAN : endgame. They ’ ve been locked away in an initiation while both Duke and Bruce study to discover a cure. If Elaine Thomas actually is connected to these Immortal Men, what does that beggarly for Batman ’ s latest protégé ?
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04 numbers2016 59433df3826c04.93938745What are the Four Tribes?

meanwhile, Carter Hall, aka Hawkman, has been working to uncover the mysteries of the Nth Metal for longer than Batman ’ s even been alert. naturally, he ’ mho made some pretty huge ( and pretty faze ) discoveries in that time. But not all of those discoveries are easy to decode and understand. specially this one about four “ tribes ” that he ’ s found are linked back to the very first human beings to walk the earth. They ’ re represented by pictograph of animals : a beast, a bear, a boo, and … a bat. It ’ second pretty clear who the bat symbol relates back to, but that leaves the remaining three wide open to interpretation. The bird could very good be something connected back to Carter himself ( he ’ randomness Hawkman, after all ) but the hold and the beast are inactive ambiguous at best. Whatever it is, whatever they mean, Carter is fix to solve this mystery “ no matter the cost. ” Let ’ s good hope it ’ south worth it.
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05 numbers2016 59433e11530d28.11025111…The Joker?!

finally, we come to the biggest bombshell of them all. Remember that foreign, disembody articulation that was leading Hal and Duke through the privy part of Bruce ’ sulfur cave as they discovered his obsession with the Nth Metal mystery ? well, it turns out that voice wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate so “ disembodied ” after all. It belonged to … the Joker. The actual Joker. At least adenine far as we can tell. now, this is strange for … well, excessively many reasons to count, truly. The last meter Scott Snyder wrote the Joker was in BATMAN : endgame, where, if you remember, some very, very matter to events befell him.

… Of course, that doesn ’ metric ton much answer the interrogate of why Batman has kept him locked away in a secret vault, or how he was able to “ telepathically ” communicate with Hal and Duke. possibly Dark Days : The Casting will shed some abstemious on that. Until then, let us know your thoughts on this and the rest of The Forge ’ s mysteries below !
DARK DAYS : THE FORGE by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and John Romita, Jr. is now available in print and as a digital download. dark DAYS : THE frame will be available on July 12, 2017 .

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