Dark Knights of Steel Vol 1 2

“ distant thunder ” : Holding Jor-El ‘s consistency, Bruce screams in rage and grief. Lara and Kal-El hear him and run up to the battlements and see Jor-El ‘s body. While they gireve, Bruce leaps from the palace walls to the court below and he and Alfred ride hard to Hobb Forest. With his powers seeming

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Dark Knights of Steel Vol 1 #2

February, 2022

Rated T for Teen (12+)

Executive Editor

Marie Javins

Cover Artists

  • Yasmine Putri

Variant Cover Artists

Cover Variant #1

  • Joshua Middleton

Cover Variant #2

  • Yasmine Putri

Distant Thunder


  • Tom Taylor


  • Yasmine Putri


  • Yasmine Putri


  • Arif Prianto


  • Wes Abbott


  • Ben Abernathy
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Quote1.png Fate is a very dangerous thing. Knowing the future often means becoming a slave to destiny. It means becoming exactly what we fear. Quote2.png

John Constantine

Dark Knights of Steel #2 is an publish of the series Dark Knights of Steel ( book 1 ) with a cover date of February, 2022. It was published on December 7, 2021.

outline for “ aloof thunder ”

Holding Jor-El ‘s body, Bruce screams in rage and grief. Lara and Kal-El hear him and run up to the battlements and see Jor-El ‘s body. While they gireve, Bruce leaps from the castle walls to the court below and he and Alfred ride difficult to Hobb Forest. With his powers apparently activated by his wrath, Bruce displays great speed and force and easily spots Oliver in the trees. He leaps into the air and cuts Oliver ‘s weapon off with a single blow. Alfred restrains Bruce from killing him and they return him to the Castle for questioning. The Green Man, who left Oliver behind at the behest of his ring, flies to the Kingdom of Storms and informs John Constantine that Jor-El is dead. Constantine reports to King Jefferson, who is watching his children rehearse their magic power over storms which is the royal kin ‘s birthright. Constantine tells King Jefferson that Jor-El is dead, but he is concerned that the position may be made worse by Jor-El ‘s death, and he has begun to doubt his own prophecy. He besides warns Jefferson that he has angered the Els. At the Castle of El, General Waller calls for war against the Kingdom of Storms, although both Harley and Alfred advocate against it. still grieving, Lara does not want to send soldiers to their deaths but Waller warns that a preemptive strickle may be their lone hope. Harley asks Bruce what he thinks but Kal-El, who blames Bruce for failing to protect Jor-El, says that Bruce has no right to speak and that he wants to question Oliver and make certain King Jefferon was responsible before they make a decision. The council disperses, but Alfred warns that a war between the House of El and the Kingdom of Storms will draw other kingdoms into the battle. indeed on Amazon Island, Queen Hippolyta ‘s agent Lois returns and informs her that Jor-El is dead. Hippolyta convenes a war council and Lois goes to the train discipline to inform “ the princess ” of what has happened. however, it is not Princess Diana she has gone to speak to, but Diana ‘s spar spouse and lover Zala Jor-El, Jor-El ‘s daughter. Weeping, Zala flies off, and Diana and Lois both predict that the war against the Els they have been trying to prevent is now inevitable. interim at the Castle, Kal-El storms into the dungeon and dismisses Bruce and Harley. As they leave, Harley tells Bruce she is worried that the loss of Jor-El may drive Lara and Kal-El to lash out and asks him to help her convert them to back down, but Bruce is n’t interested in listening, telling her that her words are faithless. Kal-El confronts Oliver, who tells him to kill him and get it over with, but Kal-El replies that his class are not murderers. however, at that like moment, Zala Jor-El attacks the Pierce ‘s palace and drops Prince Jacob to his death. King Jefferson blasts her with lightning, but she smugly replies “ It tickles ” and flies away as Jefferson weeps.

Appearing in “ distant thunder ”

Featured Characters:
Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Amazonia
  • Kingdom of Storms
  • Lands of El
    • Castle of El
    • Hobb Forest


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