Dark Knights of Steel Vol 1 1

“ In the beginning ” : Jor-El and Lara escape the destruction of their home planet Krypton, crash land on an earth that is stuck at a medieval level of engineering and acculturation. A band of mount archers ride out from a nearby castle to attack them as Lara gives give birth, but Jor-El obliterates the a

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Dark Knights of Steel Vol 1 #1

January, 2022

Rated T for Teen (12+)

Executive Editor

Marie Javins

Cover Artists

  • Yasmine Putri

Variant Cover Artists

Cover Variant #1

  • Joshua Middleton

Cover Variant #2

  • Wayne Reynolds

Cover Variant #3

  • Yasmine Putri

In the Beginning


  • Tom Taylor


  • Yasmine Putri


  • Yasmine Putri


  • Yasmine Putri


  • Wes Abbott


  • Ben Abernathy
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Dark Knights of Steel # 2
Quote1.png Swifter than a crossbow bolt. More powerful than castle walls. Soaring over moats and fortifications. Look… up in the sky… our end. Quote2.png


Dark Knights of Steel #1 is an exit of the series Dark Knights of Steel ( volume 1 ) with a cover date of January, 2022. It was published on November 2, 2021.

outline for “ In the begin ”

Jor-El and Lara escape the destruction of their home satellite Krypton, crash landing on an earth that is stuck at a medieval level of engineering and culture. A ring of mount archers ride out from a nearby castle to attack them as Lara gives birth, but Jor-El obliterates the attackers with his inflame vision just as their son, Kal-El, is born. meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Storms, a peasant named Constantine has a vision of demons who will conquer the global, while King Jefferson listens and orders the prophecy recorded. Nineteen years subsequently, a now grow Prince Kal-El asks a knight named Bruce to let him join a search for a banshee, but Bruce refuses as the banshee ‘s charming is one of the few things which could harm Kal-El. Bruce and Alfred ride to Feist Village, which has been evacuated by the Robins, orphan children who act as Bruce ‘s spies and agents. Bruce goes to confront the banshee, whose diagnose is Dinah, alone and accuses her of being an assassin sent by King Jefferson. Dinah denies it and attacks him, her screams levelling the build they stand in but leaving Bruce unharmed except for damage ears much to both their shock. Kal-El swoops in and covers Dinah ‘s mouth, observing that she looks like a daunt daughter rather than a giant. Bruce knocks Dinah unconscious and they carry her back to the Castle of El. Jor-El and Lara, nowadays king and queen of the farming, summon them to the toilet room. Bruce initially claims he brought Kal-El with him, but Kal-El admits he went of his own harmonize and without Bruce ‘s cognition, saying that he is unwilling to let normal men risk their lives for his family when he is about invincible. He besides suggests that Dinah is not the assassin that Bruce ‘s spy in Jefferson ‘s court reports is coming for them, believing that they are imprisoning innocents in their quest to remove magic from the kingdom. It is besides revealed that Bruce is the bastard son of Queen Martha, wife of the previous rule King Thomas. When his mother and stepfather died, Bruce refused to take the throne as the people would never accept a bastard king, and sol Jor-El and Lara took baron despite believing Bruce should be king. Kal-El and Bruce begin arguing over Bruce ‘s refusal to claim the crown but Jor-El orders them to stop and tells Bruce to walk with him. They go up to the battlements and Bruce tells Jor-El that he believes he is cursed as he was able to survive the banshee ‘s screech despite being a normal serviceman, and asks to be imprisoned or exiled. meanwhile in the distant Hobb Forest, the Green Man charges an arrow with magic trick from his ring and an criminal named Oliver fires it towards the palace. Jor-El confesses to Bruce that he is Bruce ‘s father, which is why he is potent enough to fight the ones with magic trick. immediately after, the charming arrow hits him in the eye and he is killed instantaneously. Bruce cradles Jor-El ‘s body, his eyes glowing crimson.

Appearing in “ In the begin ”

Featured Characters:
Supporting Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Rao System
    • Krypton (Destroyed)
  • Solar System
    • Earth
      • Kingdom of Storms
      • Lands of El
        • Castle of El
        • Feist Village
          • Pullman Inn
        • Hobb Forest



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