Anthony Stark (Earth-21129)

Iron Man

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Anthony “ Tony ” Stark

Current Alias

Iron Man

Affiliation and Relationships


Stark Industries

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics



Unusual Features

Tony’s body is a skinless heap of organs and flesh held together by his armor seeping through its crevices

Origin and Living Status


Human turned cyborg

Living Status




Personal Information


No double


Inventor, arms manufacturer

Creators and Appearances


Ryan North, Guillermo Sanna Bauza


Darkhold : Iron Man # 1
( October, 2021 )


A celebrated arms manufacturer, Tony Stark was the head of Stark Industries. While being held captive by terrorists, pieces of shrapnel became lodged into his torso. Stark built a chestplate with an electromagnet to keep them from reaching his center. After designing an stallion suit of armor, he killed his captors and escaped. Returning dwelling battered, Stark crashed into the Stark Tower to recharge the chestplate ‘s batteries. He was found and assisted by his chauffeur Happy Hogan and one of Stark Industries ‘ top scientists, Pepper Potts .
Deciding that the suit needed to offer more than auspices, Stark equipped it with machinery capable of repairing organs and mending bones, fixing his injuries with it. Stark was besides motivated by the realization during enslavement that he wanted to be more than an arm manufacturer, and intended to become a hero who could help people, using the armor as a intend of redemption since it could become a mass-produced mobile hospital. Stark ‘s foremost test of the armor went awry when Pepper began to take it off, and it turned out that the suit had dissolved the skin of Tony ‘s entrust forearm. Tony deduced the armor ‘s sytem had concluded logically that iron hide was superscript to human skin, and had intended to replace it with itself. Tony worked non-stop with Pepper to fix this issue. They grew closer in concert, and after Tony opened up to Pepper, they shared a kiss, confessing their love for each other.

The following day, Tony had been enticed by the armor ‘s analgesic effect and unconsciously slipped back into it. This accelerated the suit ‘s summons, and when he approached Pepper and Jarvis, his limbs were crooked and a flannel fluid was oozing out of the armor ‘s crevices. Looking into the testing ground ‘s scanners, Pepper discovered that all of Tony ‘s bark was gone. The armor was besides prodding into Tony ‘s body, breaking down all of his organs and lodging its wires deep inside Stark ‘s brain. Tony isolated himself in his testing ground and placed the building into lockdown. Deluded by the epiphany that his fresh soundbox was safer and stronger, Stark set out to use the lawsuit as means to rid humans of the weaknesses of the body. He abducted happy and Jarvis and forced both of them into a individual copy of his armor, mutilating their bodies in the process. Their blend reanimated remains then helped him build more copies of the suit. After lifting the lockdown, Stark placed numerous copies of his armor all over the city, enticing the public to climb inside and sowing chaos as the atrocious process twisted the torso of its unwitting victims. ultimately, Tony cornered Pepper and led her to one final copy of his armor tailored for her. [ 1 ]

The history of this Tony Stark was experienced by his counterpart of Reality-616 through the Darkhold. Before heading into the Other-Realm to confront the Elder God Chthon, the Scarlet Witch assembled a group of heroes, including Iron Man. In order to temper them to the fury of the Other-Realm, she had them briefly read from the Darkhold. As they read the book, each experienced a unique story, a twist reflection of themselves. however, they all read excessively far into it, transmuting the heroes into their twist selves with all of their memories as well. [ 2 ]

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