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Created by Jack Kirby in 1971, Darkseid is a quintessential villain when it comes to DC lore. A character of the New Gods mythology, Darkseid is absolutism bodied and a terror to be feared across the multiverse. That being said, it ’ second difficult to find some of the best stories to in truth understand just how imposing a threat Darkseid is .
While it ’ mho deeply tempting to say that you should start with the workplace of Jack Kirby, namely New Gods, Mister Miracle, The Forever People and Superman’s Best Friend Jimmy Olsen, these might not appeal to newer readers trying to precisely get to grips with the character. They can besides be a little expensive when it comes to getting all the necessity volumes. It is something that should decidedly be looked into for the fictional character, and specially the mythology of the New Gods, but it ’ s by no means a benchmark for entrance. rather, here are some suggestions for stories that might give you a better theme of the character and his affect presented in chronological ordering .

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set in the thirtieth Century, The Great Darkness Saga gives us a change of scenery and a different set of heroes : The Legion of Super-Heroes. A big darkness, once slept for a thousand years, now stretches its reach across the population. Growing stronger and now threatening to consume the stallion universe, the Legionnaires may well be out of their league here, as Darkseid returns .
reasonably out of print, but worth tracking down a trade. The Great Darkness Saga is one of the best legion of Super-Heroes produced. A coalition of classic Kirby Mythology with the concentration of Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen ’ s Legion work. The floor is beautifully paced, steeped in mystery, and an amaze read all around .
legends dc comics
The first event post Crisis on Infinite Earths and it needed to be orchestrated by Darkseid himself. This is basically presented as a first meet between the Justice League and Darkseid, but with a good amount of meddling from those firm to Darkseid such as the television evangelist G. Gordon Godfrey. Darkseid uses his abilities and his followers to manipulate events and show the people of worldly concern barely how dangerous it is to have these superheroes about. Most obviously shown with the young Billy Batson, Captain Marvel .
Legends is relatively short, only lasting 6 standard size issues. But is an matter to floor for getting to know the chemistry between the Justice League and Darkseid on a relatively little scale compared to stories to come .
separate of the enormously celebrated JLA run by Grant Morrison, Rock of Ages gives us a draw of insight into what Morrison might do with the character someday. The history finds the Justice League in a future where Darkseid has in full developed the Anti-life Equation. Taking complete control of not only Apokolips and New Genesis, but besides Earth. Causing the population to be kept in dispatch submission thanks to the constant broadcast .
The floor is heavily praised by not only fans of Morrison, but comic fans in general. The floor is fabulously well paced and impactful in how it handles its twits and turns. The plot is heavily steeped in the then current continuity, so a quick Google search may be needed to understand why Superman looks the way he does here.

The legendary writer Walt Simonson took on the challenge of taking Jack Kirby ’ s Fourth World Mythology and fleshing it out for the twenty-first century. Simonson takes a very straight focus with the series by explicitly focusing on the relationship between Orion and his forefather Darkseid. Despite orion being raised by the Highfather on New Genesis, Simonson creates these potent scenes that in truth parallel the series hero with its ultimate villain. Simonson ’ s work can be found in two volumes, but it feels like an epic on the scale of Kirby ’ s original .
Simonson both writes and attract Orion, making wax habit of both storytelling and ocular parallels. Simonson brings a beautiful sense of fidelity and expansion to Kirby ’ s creation. If there always was a successor to Kirby, it would be Simonson .
Final Crisis is the event amusing of event comics. It requires a fortune of homework to make the most out of it, with a act of link storylines released both before and during. But it is besides a quintessential report to read if you want an all-out Darkseid and Apokolips feel against the Justice League. While it does have both Countdown to Final Crisis and Death of the New Gods as baggage, both of these are ignored by the event ’ sulfur writer, Grant Morrison .
The body of Orion has been found on Earth complete with a bullet train hoist. This spires on a mangle mystery into who could possibly kill a New God. But it ’ s not equitable Orion. Darkseid and his forces have begun to reincarnate on earth after falling onto the multiverse after a battle. however, the New Gods being on ground means that Darkseid is immediately closer than always when it comes to implementing the Anti-Life Equation. Remember, “ to die on the problem is to die for Darkseid. ” The history does take some meter to piece together but if you ’ rhenium patient with it, it does make smell. Though I would recommend reading Superman Beyond, and Batman RIP along side it, or even picking up the Final Crisis bus, which is well worth the extra money .
justice league origin
These two stories are being put together on a individual entry ascribable to the fact that they basically bookend the New 52 Justice League run written by Geoff Johns. The first, Origin, sees the Justice League forming itself in this new continuity in reaction to Darkseid and his Parademons invading Earth. The narrative is largely centered upon the initiation of this New Justice League but does besides work as a abject shock initiation to Darkseid, through the minds eye of the Justice League .
The Darkseid War on the early hand sees a more seasoned Justice League take on not lone Darkseid, but his illegitimate daughter, Grail. The team sees themselves on Apokolips where they basically become Gods in their own right. The history gives the proofreader a very impregnable sense of what Darkseid means to the population, rather than just to the Justice League or an individual penis .
A late jagannath in the comics landscape, Tom King and Mitch Gerard ’ s Mister Miracle series gained critical applaud for its depicting of both mental health and revitalizing interest in the New Gods, to the compass point that the serial even won the prestigious Eisner award in 2019. While Darkseid doesn ’ thymine physically appear until the second to last write out, his impact can be felt from the identical first consequence. The issue begins with Scott Free, Mister Miracle himself, in a very low point in his biography. With the first exit seeing Scott rushed to the hospital after attempting suicide. The 12-issue series sees Scott try to figure out his place in the world while going through increasingly difficult trials, including the birth of his young son Jacob .
Darkseid can be felt through the entirety of the series. On a forcible note, we the subscriber can see the words “ Darkseid is ” frequently shown in the page layout. a good as characters such as Desaad, and Granny Goodness making appearances throughout. Darkseid ’ s reach dates back to Scott ’ s upbringing on Apokolips. originally born as the son of Highfather of New Genesis, he was traded to Apokolips as separate of a nibble treaty in exchange for Orion, the son of Darkseid. While raised on Apokolips, Scott was put under frightful agony beyond anything conceivable. If you want to see the depths of Darkseid ’ s evil, you need only see its effects on Scott Free .

Justice League Odysseyir?source=bk&t=combooher05 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=e02efaaa11803efa5ca274266be5feea& cb=1584977394327 (2018 to Present)

For those looking for something a little more modern, but outside of the core Justice League, then Justice League Odyssey is a must. Set far out in distance in the vicinity known as the Ghost Sector, Jessica Cruz, Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael are called into the Sector where they find refinement worshiping them as though they were gods. Cyborg in particular can hear a voice calling them, only to discover that it ’ mho Darkseid who has summoned them. The worlds within the Ghost Sector and citizens can be both friend or enemy, but it ’ randomness trying to unravel what Darkseid ’ south ultimate design is, specially as our heroes begin to submit one by one, that rightfully makes this a must read .
Compared to both Justice League and Justice League Dark, Odyssey has largely flown under the radar. But its creative team precisely scream saturated talent. With Joshua Williamson kicking it off, before Dan Abnett picks up the common mullein. The art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, Stejpan Sejic, Daniel Sampere and more is perplex and sincerely adds to the cosmic feel, equitable from looking at these pages, you know this international relations and security network ’ t your usual adventure on Earth.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda fight zombie hordes in DCeased

Bonus Entry: DCeasedir?source=bk&t=combooher05 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=fdca8c94a0c1649d45b2abd3f2bef9f1& cb=1584977403363 (2019)

While not a report based around Darkseid, he is the catalyst to the virus that ends up destroying the world. During his latest battle with the Justice League, Darkseid and his forces kidnap Cyborg, Victor Stone. They remove his tongue and combine a region of the Black Racer with the Anti-Life Equation. This new virus begins to tear apart Darkseid and Apokolips before using Cyborg and his technical school to send this new shape of death to Earth, where through the 6 issues, we see hero become zombified husks of who they once were. As a small isthmus of survivors do their best to carry on, even when their loved ones are falling aside at the seam .
While Darkseid is lone seen in the foremost one-half of issue one, the actual consequence of the story feels very in tone with Darkseid ’ s usual methods of rabies, however this time we see what happens when the initial plan is excessively much for even Darkseid to handle .

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