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Yuga Khan

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God of Evil


( son, deceased )
( son )
( daughter, deceased )
( grandson )
( granddaughter )
( grandson )
( grandson )
( great-grandson )
N’Vir Free ( great-granddaughter ) Heggra (wife, deceased) Izaya (son, deceased) Uxas (son) Avia (daughter, deceased) Scot (grandson) Grail (granddaughter) Orion (grandson) Kalibak (grandson) Jacob Free (great-grandson)N’Vir Free (great-granddaughter)


Old Gods, Formerly Shazam

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Source Wall





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Old God

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God of Evil










Fourth World · Sphere of the Gods


Mark Evanier · Paris Cullins

First Appearance
Infinity Man and the Forever People #5
(January, 2015)
Quote1.png The Anti-Life reanimates the gods you murdered. I am their vengeance, and they are my army. Quote2.png

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Zonuz was the last Old God, master wielder of the Torment Sanction and the first God of Evil who adopted the name Yuga Khan. [ 1 ] He besides wielded the Anti-Life at one point in his life.

Reanimating the Old Gods his son murdered, Yuga Khan decided to eliminate the New Gods so the Old Gods could never die, but his children joined against him and was ultimately slain by the resentful, power-hungry Uxas while he was about to kill Izaya, his first-born son and Uxas ‘ older brother. [ 2 ] His soul departed to The Source, where he furiously remained bury until his executioner perished at the pass of the Anti-God, disrupting the bond between Earth ‘s mightiest person and his godly powers. Desperate, The Wizard summoned New Gods to replace the previous ones, unwittingly releasing Yuga Khan from his godhead prison.

He sought the Lightning Rod from the old Wizard in rate to channel Shazam ‘s power into his own and ravage all creation, but was faced and ultimately stopped by the real God of Gods, thwarting his schemes and once again being imprisoned for an eternity, this prison term under The Wizard ‘s notion to everlastingly serve as nothing more than a ability generator for the supporter of charming. [ 1 ]



  • Anti-Life: Yuga Khan claims to have the “Anti-Life”, a force that allows him to bring the Old Gods back to life. Even a fragment of his essence keeps the Anti-Life, allowing even him to be brought back through a host.[2]
  • Shield: It is unknown if the shield has any supernatural or superhuman properties, but Yuga Khan used a gray shield alongside his sword when in combat with his sons.[2]


  • Sword: It is unknown if the sword has any supernatural or superhuman properties, but Yuga Khan used a broadsword alongside his shield when in combat with his sons.[2]


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