Even Darkseid Is Scared of His Father, DC’s God of Evil

By any stretch of the imagination, DC Comics ‘ Darkseid is the prototype of evil. not alone does he relish making biography vitamin a afflictive as potential for those who stand in his room, but his finish of controlling the minds of all beings in the population is something alone tyrants could find gladden in. however, despite his fascist bona fides, there are others flush more evil than him. In fact, person even Darkseid would admit to being worse than himself is a member of his own family .
Yuga Khan is the most potent of the New Gods, and he is besides Darkseid ’ s father. Introduced in Mark Evanier and Paris Cullins’ New Gods # 17, Khan was one of the first beings of the Fourth World to achieve “ godhood ” after the fall of the Old Gods. Drunk on his power and abilities, Khan ’ s focus was on becoming the most brawny being in the acknowledge universe. Understanding that it was much easier to gain power through fear, aggression, and oppression, Khan decided early on to take and rule by military unit. His instincts were not amiss. For thousands of years, Khan ruled, and expanded his rule, with an iron fist .
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The list of Khan ’ s evil deeds is long. Like his son, Khan was not one to suffer fools gladly. He much executed foes and subordinates summarily. It is no wonder that he was known as the original New God of Evil. The lone trait that surpassed his evil was his pride. After conquering excessively many worlds to count, Khan began to think that he could be more. This led him to the belief that he could become the basis of all being, and he attempted to break through the Source Wall, the merely known barrier keeping mortals from accessing the true footing of all universe. however, the Source Wall proved a formidable foe, trapping Khan in its essences for millennium, as it had sol many ambitious tyrants before him .

Yuga Khan Darkseid (2)

In a demonstration of how wickedly herculean he was, Khan finally broke loose of his captivity by the Source Wall and returned to his homeworld Apokolips. Almost immediately after freeing himself for the Source Wall, however, Khan consumed the department of energy of more than a few planets that lay on his travel homeward. These acts ended the animation of countless millions. Finding that Darkseid had taken over in his absence, Khan easily dispatched his son, in a struggle where even the mighty Darkseid turned buttocks and function .
once reinstalled to office, Khan wasted no time in restarting his original plans of seduction. Khan doubled-down on his oppressive tactics in the hope that it would help accelerate expansion. Just like ahead Khan ruled with an iron fist that he had no problem squeezing always tighter, and he was lone defeated after a foolish second attempt to breach the Source Wall. As barbarous and potent as Darkseid may be, his terror at Yuga Khan ‘s restitution proved that his father is even worse, and helps contextualize Darkseid ‘s continued attempts to control all of creation as a desperate undertake to finally move beyond the most mighty New God ‘s shadow .
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