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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth [ 1 ]

Main Alias

Alfred Pennyworth

Other Aliases

The Nest,
Alfred J. Pennyworth [ 2 ]

Penny-One,Alfred J. Pennyworth


( founder, deceased )
( daughter )
( clone )

unnamed mother (deceased) Jarvis Pennyworth (father, deceased) Julia Pennyworth (daughter) Dark Knight (clone)


Batman Incorporated,
Nemesis Program

Formerly Batman Family

Base Of Operations

Gotham City





Public Identity



Marital Status



Butler · Caretaker









Black · Balding



Prime Earth


Don Cameron · Bob Kane

First Appearance Appearance of Death
Detective Comics Vol 2 #1
(November, 2011)
Batman Vol 3 #77
(October, 2019)

Alfred Pennyworth was the polite, kind, and patriotic butler to the Wayne kin. After the Waynes ‘ tragic death at the hands of an armed mugger, Alfred continued to raise young Bruce who by and by became the vigilante Batman. He assisted Bruce as the Batman in his apparently endless war on crime, and acted as a don figure to him, and his respective compatriots, on several occasions.

early biography

Alfred Pennyworth considered himself to be a disaffected adolescent, having run away from his home in London numerous times. He was never close to his founder, who was a butler for the Wayne Family oversea. When Alfred was 18 years honest-to-god, he joined the british army and had a daughter. however, finally, he got discharged and quit being a soldier. Alfred would then met Briar, who led an ancient celtic organization absorbed by MI-5 sleep together as Nemesis Program. Alfred was trained to be the new Dark Knight, a title in the first place held by Gaweyne de Weyne. Alfred soon discovered that Briar had in fact gone brainsick after the death of his son, and Alfred was forced to apparently kill him. however, Briar would actually survive and use a sample of Alfred ‘s blood to secretly create a knockoff of him. Alfred returned to London and began a stage-acting career, where he quickly rose in prominence and performed at the Globe Theatre. [ 3 ] however, during his time hera, he received the news of his father ‘s death under mysterious circumstances. Though Jarvis Pennyworth had attempted to write a letter dissuading his son from taking his place at Wayne Manor, he was never able to deliver the letter, and Alfred dutifully accepted his founder ‘s vacant position in Gotham City .

Raising Bruce Wayne

Alfred relocated to the United States and became the Wayne ‘s butler when their son Bruce was four years erstwhile. A few years by and by, when Bruce was 8, Thomas and Martha Wayne were tragically shot in an bowling alley by a mugger. Alfred rushed to the crime scene a soon as he heard the news program and took Bruce home, taking on the responsibilities as the boy ‘s legal defender as he aged. Bruce would handle the death of his parents very gratingly, making him a handful for Alfred to raise by himself. Bruce would search for answers about his parents ‘ murderer relentlessly. While researching the fabled Court of Owls and their potential connection, Bruce would become trapped in an abandon build for days, forcing Alfred to feverishly track him down before the boy succumbed to dehydration. [ 4 ] Bruce ‘s decision would n’t stop there though, and he developed a captivation with guns and killing the man who murdered his parents. As a final recourse, Alfred was forced to send him to an Arkham rehabilitation family for son upstate for a clock until he was comfortable to return. Though raising him was difficult at times, Alfred and Bruce developed a deep bond and appreciation for one another .

Bruce ‘s education

When Bruce was 18 years old, he disappeared in order to travel around the worldly concern and gearing to fight crime, leaving Alfred in charge of Wayne Manor. Alfred was disappointed in Bruce ‘s decision and tried to contact him during the years he was aside. One of Alfred ‘s messages finally reached Bruce in a distant localization in Norway when he was 24 in the mannequin of a call call. Though Alfred begged Bruce to come family on his side of the transceiver, Bruce could n’t bring himself to answer. [ 5 ]

Zero class

When Bruce was 25 years old, he ultimately returned to Gotham to Alfred ‘s enchant. Bruce had made the decision to become a vigilante, finally choosing to take the form of a bat, which Alfred hesitantly agreed to aid with .
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Night of the Owls

Years former, Batman began investigating a murder that seemed to be linked to the greenhouse rhyme about the mysterious Court of Owls. Alfred, from the Batcave, provided aid, but, during his adventure, Batman was kidnapped by the Court ‘s Talon and kept in their metro inner ear for days. When Bruce last escaped the Court ‘s clutches, Alfred discovered him, dehydrated, starving and revived with a car barrage as he staggered to the Batcave ‘s secret entrance. They were not able to rest for long as the Court of Owls launched a crusade against Gotham, sending all their revived Talons to assassinate Gotham ‘s leaders to regain arrange over their city. The Court, knowing Batman was Bruce Wayne, sent multiple Talons to Wayne Manor, and Bruce and Alfred were forced to retreat to the Batcave. From the cave ‘s security system bunker, as Talon ‘s tried to break it, Alfred put out a distress call to all of the Bat ‘s allies to assist in stopping the assassins across the city. many, but not all, were captured, and Alfred survived the Talons that were after him by exploiting their weakness to the cold and lowering the Batcave ‘s temperature to below freezing from his blemish in the bunker. When the night was complete, Batman went after the Court of Owls but only discovered many of their corpses, having apparently drink in poison as a mass suicide. Upon regrouping, Alfred offered that possibly this miss of termination was the stopping point, but he was prove wrong when Lincoln March revealed that he killed the Court and that he believed himself to be Bruce Wayne ‘s long lost buddy .

end of the Family

Main article: Batman: Death of the Family When the Joker returned to Gotham after a yearlong absence wearing his own confront as a mask, he initiated a plan to take out all of Batman ‘s allies to return to a dim-witted clock when it was precisely Batman vs. Joker. Among his beginning attacks, Joker went to Wayne Manor and ambushed Alfred, beating him mindless with a hammer before abducting him for a “ party ” he was throwing. In a commemorate he left at the scenery, Joker claimed to have blinded Alfred with chemicals directly to the eyes.

Though the Joker claimed to know the entire Bat family ‘s mysterious identities, Batman believed it was a bluff and that Joker had only targeted Alfred ascribable to his promotion as Bruce Wayne ‘s butler and connection to Batman Incorporated .
After the Joker defeated and kidnapped the remainder of the Bat family, he brought Batman to his “ party ”, where he revealed Alfred was not actually blinded but had been Jokerized with Joker Venom. As Batman broke detached from his constraints and defeated the Joker – unwrap that the claim about their identities was a bluff – Alfred forcibly overcame his Jokerization and tried to keep the class in concert as they themselves succumbed to the Joker Gas. When Batman returned to them, he was able to properly cure them, and Alfred returned to Wayne Manor, though a hacek had been placed within the Bat family from the whole ordeal .

Batman Eternal

As a cryptic criminal orchestrated a yearlong attack against Batman, Alfred aided from the Batcave. To his surprise, his adult daughter Julia Pennyworth surfaced in Gotham, eager to meet her don and aiding Batman ‘s quest for justice. however, upon working with Batman on a mission to Hong Kong, Julia was badly injured, and Alfred nursed his daughter back to health from the Batcave. however, the conspiracy against Batman went deeper than expected, as the villain Hush, revealing himself to be a sub-conspirator, infiltrated Wayne Manor and injected Alfred with the Scarecrow ‘s Fear Toxin. [ 6 ] then, in his hidden identity as Dr. Thomas Elliot, Hush had Alfred condemned to Arkham Asylum for the mental strain he himself caused as another approach on the Bat family .
Though Alfred was detained in Arkham, the villains there were working on their end of the conspiracy, trying to resurrect the villain Deacon Blackfire with charming. however, due to the resurrection clashing with the Spectre under the mental hospital, the build up was sucked into a charming whirlpool and destroyed, with inmates fleeing en masse to escape death. Alfred managed to survive the calamity and actually partnered with the villain Bane to escape the wreckage. Though they worked good together, when Alfred and Bane last arrived at a outback Batcave placement that Alfred could use to signal for help oneself, he betrayed Bane and activated the location ‘s defense system to knock him out so as not to reveal his true connection with Batman. Gotham continued to get worse and worse until Batman and his allies finally gained control of the city and defeated the serviceman behind it all .

Joker ‘s endgame

Main article: Batman: Endgame
When the Joker came out of hiding even again, having pretended to be the Arkham doctor Eric Border for a year, he had decided to initiate one final fight with Batman to ultimately end their battle. Having known his privy identity for some time and finally deciding to use it, the Joker attacked Bruce ‘s most sensitive weakness and even managed to infiltrate the Batcave. Though Alfred tried to fend the lunatic off with a shotgun, the Joker was able to heal from the blasts due to the Dionesium in his spine and counterattacked by chopping off Alfred ‘s right pass with a kernel cagey. [ 7 ] Batman managed to defeat the Joker, but the two perished together in the caves beneath Gotham. The city celebrated the life of Batman and attempted to heal from the attack but, even two weeks late, Alfred could n’t accept Bruce ‘s death and refused to have his hand reattached in the hospital, saying there was cipher to mend anymore. [ 8 ]

Bruce Without Batman

however, Bruce was resurrected by a small pool of Dionesium, that revived him without his memories of being Batman. Upon seeing Bruce again, Alfred was overjoyed and took advantage of the opportunity for Bruce to live a normal liveliness without the try of his parents ‘ murder or the burden of being Batman. Whenever anyone from the Bat family or Justice League would try to reintroduce Bruce to his old life, Alfred would shoo them off, determined to let Bruce live the life he deserved. Besides, there was a modern Batman that filled the mantel. [ 9 ] Alfred ‘s charade could n’t go on forever though as Bruce discovered more and more clues about his past life, tied discovering the Batcave. Bruce decided that Gotham needed him as Batman again and used a machine he had previously built to give him all his erstwhile memories of being Batman again against Alfred ‘s wishes. [ 10 ] Bruce returned to the function, and Alfred, disappointingly, returned to Bruce ‘s side as his Penny-One. Alfred was grafted a new correctly hand using advanced aesculapian technologies in order to return to the status quo. [ 11 ]


After a months-long campaign against Batman orchestrated by Bane and an alternate-reality adaptation of Thomas Wayne, Bane had gained control of Gotham City and turned it into a city of Bane. Bane took Alfred as a hostage, having known Batman ‘s secret identity, and threatened the Bat family to stay away. Robin, not content with letting Bane have the victory, infiltrated the city and tried to take Bane down himself but was himself captured. Bane, making thoroughly on his threat, snapped Alfred ‘s neck, killing him. Though Batman had incorrectly assumed that Alfred had already escaped Bane ‘s clutches before Robin made his assault, he subsequently found out of Alfred ‘s demise and was crushed by the passing of his father number. [ 12 ]


When Superman publicly revealed his identity, the Joker decided to go to a war with Batman and last end their competition. Having relearned Batman ‘s unavowed identity, the Joker dug up Alfred ‘s cadaver and, using the Designer ‘s extra cadaver formula, revived Alfred ‘s body into a zombie-like department of state. Joker then forced the living-corpse to do his bidding as another psychological weapon against Batman. The plan worked as he hoped, and the Joker was able to repeatedly wound Bruce during their climactic fight, as the latter was distracted by the cadaver berating him for letting him die. [ 13 ] Harley Quinn, joining the fight, distracted Joker long enough to strap bombs to Joker and herself. As Batman rushed to save Harley, the Ace Chemicals building exploded, and Alfred ‘s cadaver ceased functioning again. Alfred was reburied by Bruce and the Bat-Family when the fight was over. [ 13 ]


  • Zombie Physiology (Formerly): Alfred’s corpse was resurrected by the Joker, using Designer’s resurrection formula. In his zombified state he did what the Joker wanted: taunt Batman in order to psychologically weaken him. He however did show some sentience, as seen by him mocking Joker when Batman left him to die against his expectations.[13]


other Characteristics

  • Missing Hand (Formerly): Alfred’s hand was temporarily separated from his body when it was chopped off by the Joker during his endgame plot. Though Alfred wasn’t quick to reattach it, he eventually would and would gain full motion with it again, like it never even happened.

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  • Alfred was 22 years older than Bruce.[22]
  • He was a billionaire and had been since at least by the time Bruce took in Dick.[23]


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