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This read regulate is designed to give an delineate of major storylines featuring Arsenal ( Roy Harper ) throughout DC Comics. It may not encompass every one of his appearances, but is an draft of the major ones and the stories that affect them. The continuity details relating to each specific storyline are explained in the “ Review ” of each storyline. Every “ Review ” yoke will provide a detail continuity breakdown of that narrative and will explain any reference the report makes to other aspects of the DC Universe. All of this can be found under the “ Continuity ” section of each liaison. derail to : New 52 – Rebirth – Universe

New 52

With the begin of the New 52, the DC Universe ’ s continuity was reset and Arsenal effectively had the huge majority of his history wiped out. The only pieces of his pre-New 52 history to remain are a obscure connection to Green Arrow, which is explored as this earned run average progresses ; a history of meaning abuse, though the message abuse is retconned to alcohol rather of drugs ; and a association to the Titans ( Reading Order ), which is unclear until the Titans Hunt series.

Arsenal is introduced through Red Hood and the Outlaws. This comedian has Roy as one of its independent characters and importantly explores his past and his salute. After red Hood and the Outlaws, Roy ’ s character from that comedian continued on in the Red Hood/Arsenal series, which he co-starred in. ultimately, the Titans Hunt series brought back elements of Roy ’ s pre-New 52 past and helped to set up his primary character in the future era. See our Arsenal Timeline for summaries of each fib arch in this reading order.

RHatO = Red Hood and the Outlaws
Red Hood and the Outlaws issues are from the Vol. 1 series.
adolescent Titans issues are from the Vol. 4 series

  1. Titans Hunt (Review) does not have much of an impact on Roy’s life throughout the New 52. However, it has a huge effect on his standing in DC’s Rebirth, which is why we have labeled it as essential. It terms of reading order though, it can theoretically be read at any point before DC Universe: Rebirth. The only reason we placed it at this position in the timeline is because of an extremely small Titans Hunt reference that Roy makes in Dancing with the Devil’s Daughter (Review).


The transition from the New 52 to the Rebirth era introduces identical few continuity changes for Arsenal. The most meaning change is that Arsenal ‘s addiction is changed from alcohol to general substance misuse, like it was before the New 52 change-up. other than that, Arsenal ‘s narrative picks up immediately where it left off in the former era. Arsenal ‘s narrative chiefly plays out in the Titans serial. There, the events of Titans Hunt led to the Titans ( Reading Order ) reform and the resumption of Arsenal ‘s adventures with the team. The majority of Arsenal ‘s appearances are alongside the Titans but he besides makes a few important appearances aboard Green Arrow ( Reading Order ) angstrom well .

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