Zack Snyder Batman/Catwoman Oral Sex Tweet Hit By DMCA Claim

Batman, as he appears in Batman: The Animated Series, looking surprised. It feels like we ’ ve lived with the “ Does Batman perform oral sex ? ” discussion for a million years now, because this is the internet and that ’ s how time works. It felt that way, possibly, when Justice League director Zack Snyder finally weighed in with … let ’ s say declarative artwork that Batman does indeed do what superheroes should. But now, the image the director attached to his statement is abruptly no more.

much jeer about the Dark Knight ’ s intimate proclivities with Catwoman was made survive week in the wake of a Variety interview with the Harley Quinn animated series ’ co-creator and administrator manufacturer Justin Halpern. He alleged that executives at DC and Warner ruled out a temper three sequence of Batman ( voiced by Diedrich Bader ) going down on the series ’ version of Catwoman ( Sanaa Lathan ) by saying “ heroes don ’ thymine do that. ” A few days late, Snyder weighed in with all the subtlety one would expect of a director bold enough to release a four-hour abridge of Justice League : posting art of Batman performing oral arouse on Catwoman on Twitter. “ Canon ” is all Snyder added, because in truth, a video paints a thousand words, does it not ?

Snyder’s tweet as it appeared on June 19, courtesy of the Wayback Machine... ad

The pinch sat, for all to gaze upon in shock, for the best part of a workweek. People laughed ( she ’ randomness apparently amply clothed ), people bemoaned, Motherboard ran an investigation to ascertain if Snyder himself illustrated the piece or commissioned it ( alas, the results were inconclusive ). But today, Snyder ’ s tweet was struck with a DMCA copyright claim, removing its impound image. The pinch itself has remained up, albeit with the persona replaced with Twitter ’ s standard copyright quarrel admonitory. Snyder hadn ’ thyroxine tweeted since the original post on June 17, until today ; beginning advertising the 4K home let go of of Zack Snyder ’ south Justice League, and then sharing an interview he conducted with the music podcast Straight Up .

... and Snyder’s tweet as of today, June 24. But who forced Snyder ’ s Twitter to be scrubbed of this lewd Bat-imagery ? No matchless seems to know. As Motherboard ’ s investigation concluded, ascertaining whether Snyder drew the nibble himself or just commissioned it from an artist was inconclusive, but if Snyder had either illustrated or commissioned the piece—Motherboard ’ second probe noted that reverse visualize searches on the art drew no posts from before Snyder tweeted the art—then presumably neither he nor the artist he commissioned it from would file a claim against him.
presumably, the claim comes from Warner Bros.—either from the studio apartment itself or immediately from within comics publisher DC Comics ( which of course owns the rights to both the titles and characters of Batman and Catwoman ). It ’ mho besides possible that the studio apartment hired a one-third party to perform DMCA takedowns on its behalf—as Twitter ’ sulfur policy on copyright claims states, copyright holders may use external agents and services to file claims to the platform—or that Warner Bros. uses an automated system to detect any perceive violation to take down claims.


Requests made by io9 to Zack Snyder, Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Twitter about the removal of the artwork have gone unanswered as of publication, but the director himself chimed in on his preferred social media chopine of choice, Vero, simply screenshotting the request with the comment “ If I Advance. ”

Image for article titled Zack Snyder's Declaration About Superhero Sex Has Been Mysteriously Silenced ad

We ’ ll update this post with extra comment from the parties in question if and when we receive it, but given what we know of Warner Bros. ’ squeamishness to portray Batman with any illusion of sex in the past, it would seem Snyder ’ s former collaborators at the studio apartment aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate uncoerced to let him have the last laugh this clock time about.
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