20 Strongest Female Characters In The DC Universe

Who are the strongest female DC superheroes and how do the villains compare ? These are the most potent of DC ‘s female characters. Before 2017, there was n’t a lot meaning handed out to female superheroes, and they were generally lumped together with male superheroes in team-up movies. however, enormously potent female characters have lived on in comic books for decades, and they are being given their due popularity now .
With films like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel making female superheroes mainstream name, there is no doubt the coming decades will see many more solo female-led films. DC has generally been ahead of Marvel in introducing knock-down female superheroes and villains, and that ’ s why it ’ mho worth noting the strongest female characters in the DC Universe .

Updated on June 29th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce:  There are a fortune of different versions of lastingness when it comes to comic bible characters. Both heroes and villains can have a variety of ace powers, but they can besides exhibit incredible courage and fortitude of the thinker. As more female characters are being added to DC ‘s be action slate, like Zatanna, Batgirl, and Black Canary getting their own projects for HBO Max, television and movie audiences get to see the multi-faceted female characters present in DC Comics on screen .


The DCEU version of this amusing book villain might not have been loved by fans, but she ‘s inspired by one of the most mighty women in DC amusing books. Cheetah has a long history of going up against Wonder Woman, one of the most knock-down heroes .
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cheetah does n’t precisely have super strength and travel rapidly. She ‘s besides incredibly intelligent and in some amusing reserve storylines, has the ability to communicate with and control big cats like her namesake. She ‘s able to take on some of the most potent figures in comics and alive to tell the fib .


For a while in the comics, Alice is Batwoman ‘s basal villain. The same is dependable of CW ‘s live action Batwoman series. Alice is a complicate woman who turns to villainy in the comics because she ‘s manipulated, but in the CW series, as a path toward retaliation .
In both cases, Alice does n’t typically have super powers. She is, however, fabulously skilled thanks to her discipline to become a combatant. Alice picks up new skills promptly, and she has no perturb using a kind of weapons. beyond that, however, Alice ‘s intensity comes from her being emotionally tormented during her formative years, but finding a way to deal with all of the trouble and injury of her past to push forward. She can be fabulously manipulative herself, but she besides finally becomes a hero .


Arrow Vixen Megalyn Echikunwoke Season 4

Vixen comes from a long line of women who are able to access the spirits of animals to help guide them. multiple heroines have used the identify, and the characters have appeared in both survive military action and in vivification, most famously in the CW’s Arrowverse .
Mari is a charwoman who has a potent moral compass, a desire to see justice served, and a firm connection to custom. She stands up for her convictions and commits to helping anyone who might need her. While that ‘s true of most heroes in general, Mari besides understands that not every hero in the Arrowverse needs to be in the like seat. If a city has a bomber, she goes where she ‘s needed and allows them their space. She understands that person else living the vigilante life might have a better understanding of their own city. It takes a strong hero to step back from the battle deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as it does to enter the fight .


Selina talking with Batman in The Batman

There ‘s a reason Catwoman is one of the most much adjust women in Batman mythology. It ‘s not precisely her complicate kinship with Bruce Wayne, but besides her ability to keep up with super powered heroes and villains even when she ‘s not written as a meta-human, and her own strength of character .
Catwoman lives life on her own terms, but she still has a hard moral compass. Despite often being a villain scale buildings and opening uncrackable condom, she has her own code. sometimes, she ‘s a Robin Hood calculate, stealing from the rich and giving to the inadequate. There are a lot of lines she wo n’t cross, which is why she ‘ll often team up with Batman rather of working against him – to save those she knows ca n’t save themselves .

Black Canary

Jurnee Smollett in Birds of Prey as Black Canary

One of the longest running female heroes in DC Comics is Black Canary. A blanket passed down from mother to daughter, the Black Canary sometimes uses a device to “ scream ” at her opponents. early times, the heroine is a meta-human who uses her natural canary yellow cry to fight .
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Every version of the Black Canary has led a unmanageable life. One translation of the fictional character grows up on the street before training with a martial artist and learning to use her skills to help people. Another translation of the quality has to work through addiction to become the person she ‘s meant to be. The Black Canary much becomes a team leader and rallies other heroes to do the correct thing .

Lois Lane

Lois Lane in Justice League Trailer

Her portrayal has always been then much more than to be tied to her romance with Superman. Lois has always been a boisterous and freelancer DC character who will never let up. Her frankness and indomitable attitude have made Lois a force to be reckoned with .
even when Lois has been threatened by beings of nonnatural powers, she ’ s refused to be intimidated and stuck to her guns by returning to her fact-finding abilities time and again. That ’ s more courage and strength than most since Lois doesn ’ t have the advantage of special powers .

Amanda Waller

If there ’ s one person who can give any metahuman living nightmares it would have to be Amanda Waller. Her DC storylines have always been of the farthermost quality, which she bolsters by bringing her potent presence, that can dissect any person before her .
Waller is one of the handful of people who ’ s never been intimidated by Batman ’ sulfur threats and has actually been the one to put him on the backfoot. Her sum control in all of her activities has made her the boss of beings more powerful than her on newspaper, but Waller doesn ’ t display even a tip of apprehension .


Batgirl has constantly been on wish lists for any Batman media, chiefly because her portrayal allows her to fit in any function. She ’ mho been a badass superhero in her own justly while remaining a terror from behind-the-scenes whenever a history has given her the Oracle function .
She ’ randomness got all of Batman ’ randomness abilities on the field and has shown to have carved her own efficiency where mind games and strategies are concerned. so much so, that Batman has been shown to rely on her skills in regulate to complete his detective duties .

Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

While other DC media has shown a relatively head over heels presentation of Harley, the DCEU version has portrayed the character at her most knock-down, where her mental wellbeing is concerned. This Harley has retained all her fishy qualities and been able to channel her emotions to the amelioration of others, even if that might be unintentional .
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Birds of Prey showed how she was able of standing grandiloquent after she fell to her lowest point, bringing in a new level of leadership timbre and the ability to think fast on her feet. She ’ s so far face both mystic and underworld threats, coming out on circus tent each fourth dimension .

Talia Al Ghul

Stories featuring the Al-Ghul family have always been ahead of their time, Talia ’ s involvement being the most complex for Batman. Her potency comes from her ability to manipulate anyone she wants, to the charge where Talia can string around multiple people to fit her own needs .
She ’ mho possibly the merely person that Batman has lowered his defenses for, being a villain for whom he ’ sulfur harbored genuine feelings. If Talia wanted, she could bring peace on Earth considering how incredible her powers of opinion. While she remains bad for the most part, she could bring the earth to its knees if that was her plan .


preferably than being a “ witch, ” Zatanna very is a magician. This gives her the ability to cast respective illusions and mask her true powers without revealing their genuine depth. Zatanna is one of the most herculean sorceresses, having genic powers rather of acquiring them. She can cast spells and can use her charming for larger purposes, such as defeating enemies like Parademons, or for humble tasks without talk .
Her powers are such that, by not using them, they end up increasing in force. She ’ south besides able to use divination and prevision. It ’ s not known how far her powers can go, with apparently endless potential, such as resurrecting Metropolis and tied manipulate meter and space.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy On Vines

Fans can tell that a character is pretty mighty when all she needs to do is implant a kiss on person to immediately poison them. Poison Ivy ’ south body itself can produce toxins in a assortment of forms, with their deadly likely based on how much pain she wants to inflict .
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Her own exemption reaches ace levels as she ’ second been shown to be one of the few characters who can withstand Joker ’ s fear venom. possibly the greatest flim-flam in her arsenal is her ability to control the minds of men to do her offer, and this tied extends to men with extreme mental fortitude like Batman. then again, the baron to control plant animation to do what she wants them to is reasonably alone in itself .


It would be curtains for most people if they were ever trapped in a tsunami. For DC ‘s hero Mera, though, a tsunami is like jumping into a pool. She ’ s not only completely tolerant to all water-based attacks, but Mera ’ mho powers are besides amplified with them .
She can easily breathe subaqueous and has super speed in this kingdom. Her amphetamine is so ferocious, she can use it to annihilate submarines or other kinds of weaponry submerged. The ability of Hydrokinesis comes naturally to her, and, with manipulation of water, she can effectively create mini-tsunamis of her own. Her super lastingness means it would take potent beings like Superman to beat her in a competitiveness .

Big Barda

All you need to know is that Barda is a New God, and it ’ s pretty obvious how mighty she is. She comes from the like subspecies as Darkseid ( who ’ s by and large the most potent DC character you can find ) and has genic abilities that rival Superman ’ south .
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Her godly powers easily give the super strength that allows her to lift hundreds of tons with a dim-witted gesture. She can put up with the best of them in a competitiveness thanks to her warrior-like train, and the armor she wears—forged in Apokolips—makes it near-impossible for her opponents to attack her. She ’ s besides naturally immune to most toxins produced .


She has the common powers one would expect from a extremely being – super force, lastingness, travel rapidly. however, what makes Hawkgirl truly unique is the ability to be magic-resistant. This baron can not be understated, as it allows Hawkgirl to be a cut above most of the rest .
She was able to use her macebearer ( which is made of Nth metal ) to nullify attacks from person as insanely herculean as Doctor Fate. It besides means that every other charming attack against her can be countered by Hawkgirl, making her a name for all magic-based characters to fear. There ’ sulfur besides the fact that she can swiftly fly, and use her super-strength to make her mace more knock-down .


devour, daughter of a demonic entity, makes wax consumption of her wide array of powers, which include other-worldly abilities like stellar projection, fear incentive, and dark energy. She can extract herself from her physical soundbox and use her soul to travel great distances and render herself incorporeal .
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Raven can besides absorb wounds on others, efficaciously healing them and herself. Using her person form, she can take command of a person ’ south mind and cast them into iniquity. Along with fear inducement, Raven can besides induce pain in her opponents, which means she doesn ’ t even need to be in contact with them .


popularly known as the kid cousin of Superman, Supergirl has all the powers of her older proportional, and this makes her a devastating violence to reckon with. With the powers of a chicken sun, she can possess super-strength—around the same levels as Superman—as well as fantastic focal ratio and stamina. While not arsenic fast as the Flash, her speed is distillery instantaneous and can take out most opponents .
She ’ south hush susceptible to Kryptonite, though, but can use her smart heed to evade its harmful effects on her. She does this by making use of her freeze hint, estrus sight, among many early powers that allow her to cause damage from a considerable distance .



People who underestimate Starfire due to her very innocent nature make a huge error, as she ’ s supposed to be the most herculean of the Teen Titans. Her physiology is such that not only does radiation prove useless as an fire against her, but she ‘s able to absorb it on a constant basis. This means she can have access to unbridled levels of department of energy .
She can fly at super speeds and can cross galaxies in bare seconds. Add to that, her super levels of intensity, and Starfire is pretty much powerful in any fructify. When under fits of ramp, Starfire releases enormous levels of energy that can level several cities. She can ’ metric ton be weakened by the methods of lack of food, respite, or water, as her department of energy production negates the motivation for these resources .


An even more potent translation of Supergirl, Power Girl has all the powers mentioned for her counterpart, except these are magnified and perfected. Her greatest asset is the fact that she ’ s from an understudy universe, meaning that the failing of Kryptonite doesn ’ thyroxine work on her .
This means she doesn ’ triiodothyronine even have a particular weakness—other than possibly magic—and can take out her enemies without fear of retaliation. Whenever she ’ s locked horns with Supergirl, Power Girl has been the one to emerge victoriously. In some iterations, Power Girl evening has the power of telekinesis, something neither Supergirl or Superman possess .

Wonder Woman

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is the greatest DC female superhero ever created. Her bequest is such that she stands on even footing arsenic far as cultural impact is considered. When considering her powers, she still bests all other female superheroes ; not because of physical abilities, but because of her bluff will and decision. Wonder Woman knows no get the better of, and she ’ ll keep on fighting until the end, and even against more mighty enemies like Darkseid .
Her lasso of truth enables her to bind her enemies indefinitely and influence them to reveal their secrets. Her physical powers are on equality with Superman, and she ’ s defeated him several times adenine well. Her melee abilities are impossible to top, and her warrior status means she knows all manners of battle .
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