The 10 Best DC Comics Animated Shows, According To Ranker

With the announcement of the Kite Man animated series coming to HBO Max in the future, the DC animated population continues to expand into more adult-oriented shows … even if this is not the majority of DC ‘s animate content. With dozens of hit series following many of its different characters, from Batman and Superman to Green Lantern and the many sidekicks, there ‘s something for everyone in these shows .
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On a Ranker post, fans have voted on what they believe to be the greatest DC enliven series, which yielded a strong rank of great inspire series. With shows like Batman : Caped Crusader in the works, vitamin a well as a coherent flow of animated films, fans look forward to the future of DC animation .

10 The Batman

nowadays no longer the first thing that comes to mind when hearing that claim, the animated series known as The Batman was an animize series that ran for five seasons starting in 2004. The display had a drastic dash change from the Batman cartoons that had run in the decade prior, giving iconic characters and new villains trade name new looks .
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The serial long run involved many standard Gotham city characters, and besides belated expanded to form a Justice League, which included Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman and martian Manhunter. The show besides featured frequent appearances of Robin and Batgirl. The Batman may have fallen short due to the alone choices it made with its interpretation of iconic characters .

9 Harley Quinn

harley quinn striking a celebratory pose in her animated series
One of the few ongoing DC animation projects is Harley Quinn. The HBO Max series starring Kaley Cuoco in the titular role has been a huge success to its adult hearing, offering a satirical take on the world of Gotham City and the DC Universe. For fans of blue liquid body substance and DC comics, the series is a must-watch .
Batman and Superman appear the way that Harley sees them, Robin is a literal child, and Bane ‘s articulation is an stamp of Tom Hardy ‘s performance from The Dark Knight Rises. The testify is filled with wit and inside jokes made specifically for fans of the world. Despite the quality of the serial, the express not being made for kids has likely lowered its viewership, reducing its spot on Ranker .

8 Superman: The Animated Series

The second installation to the DC Animated Universe was Superman : The Animated Series. The picture follows Superman on his path from Krypton to Earth, then as he takes on many of his most iconic villains in one-off episodes. The show has recurring appearances from frequent characters like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen .
For fans of the Justice League, the express introduces many of its characters, including The Flash, Aquaman, and Kyle Rayner ‘s Green Lantern, who ‘s replaced by John Stewart in Justice League. The read besides features the universe ‘s first brush with Darkseid and the New Gods, in multiple bow which take Superman off-world. demigod : The Animated Series was democratic, but equitable did n’t have the supreme quality as the Batman shows of the like era .

7 The New Batman Adventures

The New Batman Adventures canonically is barely a sequel of Batman : The Animated Series. It involved a deepen of liveliness expressive style that aligned itself better with Superman : The Animated Series, as the two would be crossing over for The New Batman/Superman Adventures which was a combine hour of the two shows .
The new art style was considered a downgrade by some fans, as the characters became more boxlike and some had less color, which probable lowered it on Ranker. This was, however, the series where Dick Grayson transitioned to Nightwing, which earned it some points from fans for their successful portrayal of the fan-favorite .

6 Teen Titans

Robin with the rest of the Teen Titans lineup in promo art
Though not connected with the DC Animated Universe, the read ran during the like clock on the same network, so the period of nostalgia is shared among fans. The team, featuring Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg was vastly democratic, inspiring a boot series in Teen Titans Go ! which had less democratic results .
The Teen Titans cartoon caused a generation of fans, which made many stimulate for the live-action Titans series in 2018. unfortunately, no adaptation has captured the fantastic kid and aroused storytelling that made the cartoon series a bang-up as it was. adolescent Titans was potent, but did n’t dive into the DC lore like some of the other animated shows .

5 Young Justice

Young Justice is one of the only DC Animated series still running, after a farseeing break between its irregular and one-third seasons. The show ‘s original home was on Cartoon Network, but was primitively canceled despite the audience of dedicate fans the series had. Due to persistent defend from fans, DC announced they ‘d bring back the show on their stream service, DC Universe .
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After DC Universe shut down, the prove moved to HBO Max where its one-fourth season is presently running. The show has expanded deep into the worldly concern of DC, most recently introducing Red and Blue lanterns into its canon, with the show ‘s latest season revolving around classify storylines about Atlantis, Mars, New Genesis, and more, going in-depth into some of DC ‘s minor characters. The read ‘s long gap in between seasons caused a dip in viewership, preventing it from being near the top of the rank .

4 Batman Beyond

Terry McGinnis was one of the characters created by DC Animated Universe showrunner Bruce Timm, to make its direction into the DC Comics lore. Batman Beyond is the report of Terry McGinnis has he takes over the mantle of Batman from an aging Bruce Wayne. The express was a hit for fans, as it gave a new, stylize bring on Gotham City and its characters.

The popularity of the show allowed for it to crossover with other series in the DCAU, including Justice League Unlimited. It besides had a by-product movie called Batman Beyond : revert of the Joker which involved Mark Hamill, which many considered to be one of his best not Star Wars roles. Batman Beyond showed what capabilities the DC earth has for new characters, making it beloved by fans .

3 Justice League

The animated Justice League Unlimited.
After the team up of Batman and Superman in crossing episodes in their own shows, the two combined forces to form the Justice League, featuring Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, The Flash, Green Lantern, and martian Manhunter. The league faced many iconic villains, including Brainiac, Lex Luthor, and the Thanagarian Invasion .
Like the DC Animated Universe ‘s early shows, Justice League was known for consummate and mature comic book storytelling that captured the interest of both child and adult fans. many fans believe Justice League to be one of the best interpretations of the league and its main characters available .

2 Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited Animated series main cast
The climax of the DC Animated Universe was Justice League Unlimited, where the League expanded past the original seven members into the depths of DC ‘s huge roll of heroes. From park Arrow and Supergirl to Shining Knight. The series besides features one-off episodes with Shazam, Booster Gold, and has recurring villains in Darkseid the Legion of Doom .
Despite the more diverse cast, the series still has some great moments from Batman, Superman, and the common League members. The combination of both was the chief reason for Justice League Unlimited’s excellence. The express ‘s ending was the end of the DC Animated Universe, resulting in motion in DC liveliness towards one-off films based on popular comedian storylines .

1 Batman: The Animated Series

The show that started the DCAU is still the fan-favorite. so much so that godhead Bruce Timm has announced a new series titled Batman : Caped Crusader. The show was besides cited as an inspiration for the holocene film The Batman. The iconic pair of Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker fit the characters so perfectly that their voices are nowadays what many fans hear in their heads when reading comics .
batman : The Animated Series series captured Gotham City sol well, with its bolshevik skies, towering skyscrapers, and huge repertoire of characters, good and bad. In a series with so many great episodes, some Batman The Animated Series storylines would tied make great feature films. It ‘s apprehensible why the classic is at the top, as many regard it as one of the best batman adaptations frankincense far .
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