Welcome to DC Universe Infinite!

It ’ south here : DC Universe Infinite is now live ! DC ’ s premium digital comedian book subscription serve and community has formally arrived, but what does that mean to you, the DC fan ?
DC Universe Infinite is the development of the previous DC Universe service, and let ’ s expect at the key newfangled features and additions that will have you downloading the app before you even finish this article.

Nearly a Thousand New Offerings (and Counting)

DC Universe already had an absolutely stagger batting order of amusing books and graphic novels from DC ’ s past and present—and DC Universe Infinite has added about a thousand newly titles on top of that, with more add each week. hera ’ s a taste of what ’ s fresh on DC Universe Infinite mighty now.
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For the beginning prison term, comics from DC ’ s fabled Vertigo imprint are available to subscribers, including Hellblazer ( all 300 issues ! ), the complete run of Preacher along with the one-shots and the Preacher Special : enshrine of Killers miniseries, Lucifer, The Losers, The Kitchen and celebrated series in the first place released under the Wildstorm label like The american Way ( written by future state : The following Batman scriber and Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley ) and Ex Machina.
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DC Black Label

DC ’ s stream home for far-out and mature readers material, DC Black Label, joins DC Universe Infinite with Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo ’ s supernatural thriller Batman : Damned, all twelve issues of Tom King and Mitch Gerads ’ multiple award-winning Mister Miracle, Superman : Year One from comics legends Frank Miller and John Romita Jr., the vibrant reinvention of Harley Quinn ’ s origin in Stjepan Šejić ’ south Harleen, and installments of Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey and The question : The Deaths of Vic Sage ( with the remaining issues of both serial on the way in subsequent months ).
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Milestone Media

In concurrence with the upcoming Milestone revival, comics from the imprint ’ s original era are being added to DC Universe Infinite, with Hardware # 1, Static # 1, and the four-issue series Static Shock ! : conversion of the Cool all available now, with more to come starting adjacent week.
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Hill House Comics

DC Universe Infinite is now home for the Joe Hill-curated repugnance line Hill House Comics, with the accomplished runs of Basketful of Heads, The Dollhouse Family, The Low, Low Woods and Daphne Byrne, alongside the first four issues of Plunge ( with the final two added in the near future ).
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Plus, DC classics including V for Vendetta and Batman : Arkham Asylum, Darwyn Cooke ’ mho Batman : ego and other Tails ( cited by Matt Reeves as inhalation for his approaching film The Batman ), multiple Earth One graphic novels ( the first volumes of Batman : earth One, green Lantern : earth One and Wonder Woman : Earth One ), Mariko Tamaki and Joëlle Jones ’ coming-of-age narrative Supergirl : Being Super, and Justice League : The World ‘s Greatest Superheroes by Alex Ross & Paul Dini, which collects each of the titular pair ’ mho collaborations : acid : peace on Earth, Batman : War on Crime, Shazam ! : world power of Hope, Wonder Woman : spirit of Truth, JLA : secret Origins, and JLA : familiarity and Justice ! And much more to come.

New Titles Sooner

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With the establish of DC Universe Infinite, the time ensnare between DC ’ s newfangled single-issue turn dates and their debut on service gets a fortune narrower : from one class to six months. not only does that mean you ’ ll have access to the latest issues sooner, it means we had a batch of catching up to do—so cancel your plans, you ’ ve got six months of Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, The Flash, and way more to look forward to, like Dark Nights : Death Metal # 1 and # 2, DCeased : dead Planet # 1, and the first three issues of Strange Adventures. ( It ’ south okay, you ’ ll complete wallpapering your bathroom one day. )
DC ’ s digital-first titles continue to premiere on DC Universe Infinite three months after unblock, and newly chapters of Batman : The Adventures Continue, DCeased : hope at World ’ mho End, and many more are available now.

Free-to-Read Comics

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For the commitment-phobic out there—or anyone who loves DC characters but possibly hasn ’ thymine explored the comics universe as of yet—DC Universe Infinite offers a rotate, regularly update slate of free-to-read comics. These will be focused on opening chapters in accessible stories starring DC ’ s biggest icons. Among the twelve free-to-read comics available now are Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely ’ s All-Star Superman # 1, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo ’ s Batman # 1 and Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp ’ s Wonder Woman # 1.

Enhanced Reading Experience

If you were a DC Universe subscriber, one of the first things you ’ ll notice about DC Universe Infinite is that comics load faster—a bunch faster ! —cutting significantly down on lag time between pages. If you ’ re new to the service, merely revel in the undeniably smooth reading experience .
You can jump into DCUI ’ s dozens of curated collections—based on storylines or thematic ties—and use the My DC feature to create your own personal comics lists ( think a playlist, but comics ), based on whatever criteria you choose. “ Favorite Catwoman Capers. ” “ Best Wonder Woman Comics from 1984. ” “ Comics Where Batman Punches Guy Gardner. ” The office is yours.

iOS 14 Features

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For anyone using the app on io 14, you can add a handy DC Universe Infinite doodad to your home screen, allowing you to well return to precisely where you left off in your end several in-progress reads.

And if one app picture just international relations and security network ’ metric ton enough—and it in truth international relations and security network ’ thyroxine these days—DCUI gives you the option to customize your home screen with multiple icons of DC ’ south heroes and villains, in case you ’ re feeling a little more Darkseid one day, and a little more Batwoman the future .
On top of all of the above, DC Universe Infinite is directly integrated with the refreshingly cocksure and friendly DC Community ( positivity ! on the Internet ! ) and the newly relaunched DC Shop, featuring exclusive and limited-edition items. And this is just the start, as more comics will be added to the serve weekly, in truth establishing DC Universe Infinite as the premier finish for DC fans .

Thousands of comics. Hundreds of acclaim DC writers and artists. The alone doubt is—where will you begin ? Join DC Universe Infinite today is now live. Sign up nowadays for a free trial .

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