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Real Name

Helena Rosa Bertinelli

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Helena Janice Bertinelli, Batgirl, Iron Owl [ 1 ]


( biological founder, deceased )
( legal father, deceased )
Pino Bertinelli ( stepbrother, deceased )
James Cooper ( adopted son ) [ 2 ]
See Maria Panessa Bertinelli (mother, deceased) Santo Cassamento (biological father, deceased) Franco Bertinelli (legal father, deceased)Pino Bertinelli (half-brother, deceased)James Cooper (adopted son)See Bertinelli Family for more


Batman Family, Justice League of America, Outsiders Birds of Prey, formerly Checkmate

Base Of Operations

Gotham City · Formerly Platinum Flats and Metropolis and New York City





Secret Identity


american english

Marital Status















New Earth


Joey Cavalieri · Joe Staton

First Appearance
Huntress #1
(April, 1989)
Quote1.png Every hero has a story, not that I’m some kind of hero. But there comes a point when to survive, the hunted must become the Huntress. Quote2.png

Helena Bertinelli src

The Huntress is a vigilante operating out of Gotham City, and a member of the Batman Family. She is besides a devout Catholic, and is very in partake with her italian inheritance. Her career is inspired by a personal vendetta against organized crime, responsible for killing her integral family. At first gear, her pitiless methods and willingness to kill made her an outcast from the heroic verse community, but in meter she learned to temper her methods and became accepted by her peers. She has besides been a penis of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey.


Maria Bertinelli, the wife of Franco Bertinelli of the Mafia family in Gotham City, was the subject of frequent beatings from her husband, though he was careful never to hit her in the face. Maria began an affair with a man named Santo Cassamento and finally became fraught by him. Knowing the unborn child was n’t his, Franco continued to beat his wife throughout her pregnancy. When Maria gave birth to this child of her illegitimate union, she chose the list Helena Rosa Bertinelli. During the first eight years of Helena ‘s life, she lived in the family of a Mafioso without ever being mindful of the criminal dealing which took place there. When Helena was eight years old, a man barged in to the Bertinelli family during dinner and dart Franco, Maria and Pino Bertinelli, sparing Helena. The collision came from Stefano Mandragora who wished for no vendettas against him. Helena ‘s biological church father passed the arrange along with a modification that “ the sister ” be spared. Santo was referring to Maria, but the gunman confused Maria with Helena and so Helena was spared, though she was not supposed to be. Helena was placed under the care of her Uncle Tomasso ‘s nephew, Salvatore Asaro. She was taken back to the erstwhile nation, sicily, where she would be kept safe and where the family was even impregnable. When arrive, she was terrified. Helena remained there for a number of years. Watching her cousin and uncle train and drill with weapons and hand-to-hand fight. however, the nightmares stayed with her. One night, her cousin showed her that entirely she could stop the nightmare by putting an end to those who murdered her class : blood cries for blood. When taken into the barn, she asked her cousin to teach her how, picking up a crossbow on the wall. She trained until the age of fifteen when she was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland to protect her from the italian authorities who were cracking down on the Mafia. When recitation and seeing what was happening, she realized that everything she had been told was a lie about the Mafia. She realized that the Mafia was a force of corruptness and evil, and it had been headed by her own kin in Gotham City. At age sixteen, she last returned to Gotham City to spend Christmas with her uncle. however, she hated everyone there. During the party, Helena witnessed her class ultimately was frightened of something. Batman had crashed the party and crusade with them. Inspired by the way Batman frightened and defeated the people she hated, Helena realized that she could fight them excessively by following his model. Helena returned to Switzerland for school where she plotted her vengeance. She went to her old firm in Sicily ( which had since been abandoned as a leave of her uncle and cousin being arrested ), and took a crossbow and a number of items for her crusade. Enrolling at the university in Palermo, she learned all about the Mafia. She constructed her costume and a number of weapons. She thought herself as a nun, wholly devote to her quest. She returned to Gotham in pursuit of vengeance as the Huntress. [ 3 ] shortly after beginning her days as a Gotham vigilante, she busted some of Riddler ‘s former henchmen after they stole a large sum of money. [ 4 ] huntress ended the lives of Mandragora and the assassin who murdered her family. erstwhile late, Nightwing and she began a brief romantic relationship while working together on a murder case of a patrol officeholder with connections to the Mafia .

No Man ‘s Land

I’m the Bat. And I’m your worst nightmare.

Helena Bertinelli

During the No Man’s Land declaration in Gotham City, she briefly donned the guise of Batgirl to better cheer fear into the criminals of Gotham City, though she would besides work in the guise of the Huntress. She began the habit of marking territories in No Man ‘s Land, all of which would be adopted by the criminals and GCPD. Though Batman knew the integral time that it was Huntress under the cape and hood, he finally ordered her to give it up. Batman would give Huntress ‘ Batgirl outfit to Cassandra Cain. Helena continued to be Huntress in No Man ‘s Land, allying herself with a deserter police officer to the point where she assisted in capturing Nightwing and Oracle ( though in the end, she helped them escape ). On Christmas Eve, the Joker attacked her. Joker shot the Huntress five times that night, but she survived the meeting and amply recovered. In doing sol, Helena earned Batman ‘s respect .
To curb Helena ‘s violent attitude, Batman nominated her for a military position in the Justice League. however, Batman revoked her membership when she was about to kill Prometheus. After a series of murders which apparently pointed to her as the cause of death, Huntress became wanted by Batman and Nightwing. fortunately for her, she tumbled into the alcove where she was picked up and rescued by the question. She was taken to Canada where she was trained by the Question ‘s sensei for three months. The two then traveled back to Gotham where she shared the narrative of her becoming the Huntress. The time Question and Huntress spent together sparked a relationship. however, when Huntress discovered who had been framing her, she discovered more than she bargained for. She discovered her true father as being Santo Cassamento and he was creditworthy for the death of her family. As a result, Helena asked a favor of her Uncle Tomasso. Santo was lured to the docks and was killed by Tomasso ‘s men. The question did not approve of what Helena had asked, and inquired when the kill would stop. He left her as she threw her golden cross into the water, ending the relationship. [ 5 ] Batman finally supplied Helena with a new uniform and bicycle. She would late return the party favor by saving his liveliness when he took a hang in Crime Alley by fighting off attackers and putting him into the Batmobile. Huntress remarked in hindsight that he ‘d never thanked her for her heroism. A light time late, the Scarecrow, working with the mysterious Hush, drugged her, and manipulated Helena into attacking Catwoman, who she perceived as her old self. With the care of Batman, the Scarecrow ‘s drugs wore off and Helena made a wide recovery. The Huntress soon found herself allied with Oracle and Black Canary and continued to fight crime in both Gotham City and Metropolis as an official member of the Birds of Prey.

While with the Birds of Prey, Huntress once served with the Outsiders when Arsenal ( Roy Harper ) was shot five times in the chest and was put out of the line of duty for three months. however, she was at constant odds with Nightwing, despite their by kinship. immediately after Arsenal was able to serve again, Huntress left the Outsiders .

Infiltrating the Mob

Fearing that Oracle was manipulating her merely like Batman and feeling guilt over her past, Huntress abruptly left the group and returned to Gotham. Using Creote and Savant as backup, she gave an propose to the Mafia saying she wanted in and would eliminate the competition. barely accepted, she set her plan by setting the syndicate against each early. In truth she was gathering information on the syndicate for Batman to use. Batman confronted her but was pleasantly surprised when Huntress handed her “ atlas ” to him .
One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Huntress became the Birds of Prey ‘s plain drawing card following Black Canary ‘s departure from the group. Her substitution heroines include Big Barda and Manhunter. During this meter, Huntress redesigned her costume to fully cover her soundbox. She was among those who went with the team to its newly base in Platinum Flats, California. After the team was disbanded, Huntress returned to Gotham and aided the rest of the Batman Family in containing the outbreak of violence in Gotham City. Huntress was put in temp charge of the net while Nightwing searched for Tim Drake. After Dick became Batman she continued to aid him against Black Mask .
After the apparent death of Bruce Wayne, Helena joined the Network, an alliance composed of most members of the Batman Family, the Birds of Prey, and a handful of their other allies, such as Knight & Squire. As partially of the group, she helped Knight and Nightwing against the street gangs of the city. [ 6 ] then, she teamed up with Black Canary to aid Nightwing against I-Am-Batman. [ 6 ] She worked with Batgirl and Oracle to break up a deadly gamble game being run by Hugo Strange. [ 7 ] Later, she was left in charge of the Network ‘s ground forces by Nightwing when he went to confront I-Am-Batman. [ 8 ] After Dick Grayson became Batman, Huntress continued in her vigilante activities. One day, she ran into a madden Man-Bat, and pursued him in an attack to stop him from harming any civilians. She had resolved to kill him before his actions caused greater havoc, but discovered that Man-Bat was hunting a killer whale, and was not good going on a rampage. She finally wound up teaming with him and Batman to take down this cause of death, who had the ability to turn invisible. The timely actions of a shotgun toting priest allowed them to capture the cause of death. [ 9 ] Huntress besides had an confrontation with Azrael around this fourth dimension. [ 10 ] prophet gathered the Birds of Prey back together in Gotham. Helena initially displayed anger towards Oracle over her sensed abandonment of the team in rate to help train the fresh Batgirl, but however tearfully accepted her offer. Huntress then aided Black Canary ( who had nowadays left the Justice League ) in a struggle against a new villainess calling herself the White Canary. [ 11 ]


  • Archery: Huntress carries her trademark crossbows on her at all times. Whether they’re dual mounted mini-crossbows or one large crossbow is up to her as she has proficiency to use both. She’s once used a single bolt to split a bullet in two.
  • Criminology: Huntress grew up in a criminal environment and later spent a few years surrounded by gangs and criminals. If there ever was a street-wise hero who stayed on the straight and narrow it would be the Huntress.
  • Driving: Huntress is an effective driver, able to pilot the Batmobile in high stress and combat situations as well as her own motorcycle at varying degrees of above-average driving situations (being shot at, accelerating to high speeds and over semi-separated bridges).
  • Firearms: Over the years Huntress realized that firing and reloading bolts at armed individuals may not be the most effective even if they were the most non-lethal. She’s adapted her arsenal over time to include various firearms.
  • Investigation: Batman, himself, has mentioned Huntress’s prowess during investigation situations. She is credited as the “Batman” of the Birds of Prey team and regularly spends her free-time solving cold cases especially when the Mafia is involved. Batman stated that Helena’s Atlas of Organized Crime in Gotham, is outstanding work. [12]
  • Martial Arts: Huntress was very much a street fighter before honing her skills in martial arts. She spent many years getting into intentional fights just to prove and test her mettle. She has since fine-tuned her skill after years of work with Black Canary. She learned various disciplines of martial arts, enough to challenge even Lady Shiva. She prefers to use a specific kind of Kung Fu learned from Richard Dragon.[13]
    • Boxing[1]
    • Dragon Style Kung Fu: One of the many disciplines she has learned is Dragon Style Kung Fu.
    • Karate[14]
    • Muay Thai[1]
    • Stick Fighting: Although she prefers to use her martial arts and hand-to-hand combat when it comes to close quarters, there have been many occasions where Huntress has used her Battle-Staff to take on multiple enemies.
  • Multilingualism: She can speak both English and Italian fluently.
  • Peak Human Condition: Huntress works hard to keep her body in peak physical condition. She stated her costume change to include more skin was a result of her 300 ab crunches a day.
  • Pedagogy: Before and sometimes during her career she has taught at various schools and varying people the complicated language of English. She has cited her skill as a teacher on a few occasions but prefers to leave her civilian life out of sight.
  • Stealth: Huntress can be very stealthy when she needs to. With her specially outfitted suit and various toys in her utility belt she can sneak into a facility and learn whatever information she desires although she sometimes prefers to fight her way in.
  • Throwing: Helena learned the art of throwing from her cousin Salvatore Asaro.[15]

department of transportation


  • Huntress’ Crossbow: A small sized crossbow mounted on either or both of her forearms.
  • Huntress Battle-Staff: A collapsible, combat metallic staff that she has used since the very beginning of her adventures.
  • Utility Belt

  • Her first costume was modeled after that of the heroic Earth-Two version.
  • When she was first introduced, Helena Bertinelli middle name was Janice. After the reality-altering Zero Hour event, it was changed to Rosa.
  • Helena has had a one night stand with Nightwing,[16] a fling with Arsenal,[17] and a one night stand and short-term relationship with the Question.[15]
  • While a rumor circulated implying that she had a threesome with Lady Blackhawk and Hal Jordan [18], this was later revealed to be false.[19]
  • Helena has a lot of similarities with Marvel’s The Punisher: both lost their loved ones and have an Italian descent. Also Castle and Bertinelli were both devouted catholics (Castle was a semenarian before joining the army). And both vow to destroy every organized crime unit they encounter. But Huntress is a current member of the Justice League while Punisher still remains a murderous lone anti-hero.
  • Alexander Luthor revealed that if the Crisis on Infinite Earths had not occurred, Helena Bertinelli would have originally been a resident of Earth-Eight.


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