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Official Name



Mark Waid · Mike Zeck

First Appearance
The Kingdom #2
(February, 1999)

It was an early try to restore the DC Multiverse that did not take defend with other creators, presenting it as a multitude of alternate realities that somehow diverge from the “ main timestream ” in one direction or another and sometimes reconnect with the “ chief timestream ” concisely. In The Kingdom’

Hypertime is an complect flow of realities, where time diverged at a certain compass point from the main universe .


It was an early undertake to restore the DC Multiverse that did not take hold with other creators, presenting it as a battalion of alternate realities that somehow diverge from the “ independent timestream ” in one way or another and sometimes reconnect with the “ main timestream ” concisely. In The Kingdom, the villain named Gog was believed to be traveling through time from a point after the Kingdom Come future era to destroy Superman, but was found to be actually traveling through Hypertime as his multiple destructions of Superman through time were discovered to have no effect on the chief timestream or Kingdom Come reality. Hypertime, the overarch and interconnected web of timelines and realities, presumably existed for about vitamin a long as initiation itself. Events in the Central Timeline frequently create temporal ripples, creating divergent paths of history that exist on their own disjoined timelines. These timelines occasionally intersect, resulting in changes to history that are normally not even noticed by the inhabitants of a timeline. These changes range from minor ( a fleeting difference in a person ‘s clothe or costume ) to major ( a dispatch rewriting of a person ‘s history ). If a being from one Hypertimeline spends besides retentive in another, it can cause ghost-like “ echoes ” of other worlds to bleed through, as witnessed by Rose D’Angelo and Batman in The Kingdom: Planet Krypton. It is besides possible to enter the space between Hypertimelines, where all potential worlds are visible through an endless series of dimensional “ windows. ” Hypertime first came to the attention of the DC Universe when it was discovered by Rip Hunter of the Linear Men. Fearing that his fellow Linear Men would destroy it in an try to preserve the “ one truthful ” timeline, Hunter kept his discovery a clandestine.

however, when the villain Gog began traveling through Hypertime killing assorted versions of Superman, his actions brought together the heroes of two Hypertimelines—those of the Central Timeline ( the DC Universe ) and a universe known as The Kingdom. At the decision of this conflict, Hypertime was revealed to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman of the Central Timeline. Following this revelation, diverse other heroes had brushes with Hypertime, such as Superboy, the Challengers of the Unknown and The Flash, who was for a time replaced by a Hypertime double called Walter West. After the event known as the Infinite Crisis, a 52-Earth Multiverse latitude to the Central Timeline was brought into universe. Contact with all early timelines and worlds was cut off by the event and few inhabitants of the DC Universe flush remember Hypertime. Mister Mind, while using the robotic Skeets as a host, referred to Waverider as “ the visionary of Hypertime, ” which indicates that Hypertime may still exist beyond the fringes of the Multiverse. It is potential that it accounts for the being of other Multiverses, such as those parallel to the Marvel Universe and the WildStorm Universe. It may besides encompass the mysterious “ Megaverse ” mentioned by Booster Gold. It was late revealed that Alexander Luthor ‘s creation of the 52 Multiverse was merely creating raw Hypertime branches, [ 1 ] which along with the revelation of the New 52 post-Flashpoint Earths being just the ‘local ‘ Multiverse, the conversion of all once destroyed worlds by the events of Convergence, the being of the “ Multi-Multiverse ”, and the Prime Earth ‘s Flash cognition of it shows that Hypertime however exists .

In-Universe history

The Hypertime was created by the World Forger [ 2 ] and is a web of timestreams outside the Multiverse. [ 3 ] It is consisted of an space act of realities that continually diverged and converged where they overlapped and circled back to connect to each other. Thus, everything and anything that could be imaged existed. [ 4 ] It was described as the cosmic menstruation of timelines and histories that govern reality. [ 5 ] During the fight with the Dark Knights, Cyborg managed to free his Justice League team mates and shunted them into Hypertime to evade Barbatos. [ 6 ]

During the Justice/Doom War, Hypertime was dying due to the end of the Source Wall. [ 7 ] however, it was stabilized by Perpetua who had Hypertime within her compass, allowing the Legion of Doom to affect the past and future timelines without affecting the present. [ 8 ] Brainiac bottled hundreds of option futures from Hypertime, with the purpose to assimilate and destroy them. [ 9 ] At the end of the Justice/Doom War, the Hypertime was left violate according to Rip Hunter. [ 10 ] however. it was restored after the renovation of the Multiverse. [ 11 ]



  • Something similar to hypertime has been used by a handful of people to explain the real world “Mandela Effect”.[18]

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