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Kaci Walfall

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Do n’t Believe Everything You Think “ [ Source ]

Even if you’re right, even if there are… aliens and superheroes, why does it have to be me? […] I’m adopted. I was always moving around because of my dad’s job. Most of the time I was the only Black girl in my town or in my school. My whole life has been about being different and now I’m supposed to… accept the fact that I’m literally an alien from outer space. I just want to be normal.
—Naomi to Annabelle[src]

Naomi McDuffie is the titular quality on The CW ‘s superhero play Naomi. She is portrayed by Kaci Walfall. Naomi is an effortlessly cool and confident 16-years-old high school student. popular throughout her military town, Naomi is secure to embrace her AP-student, six classes in entire, [ 1 ] comedian book–loving nerdiness. She runs the one-third most popular Superman fan locate in the universe, [ 1 ] and when a supernatural event leads to the discovery of her shroud powers, Naomi pursues her mysterious destiny .


early life

Naomi was born on Earth-29, and her parents were both members of The Twenty-Nine, who gained their powers during a purple meteoroid shower that had hit earth. It was Naomi ‘s concept that led to her being sent to another universe, as a man named Brutus feared that her power could mean the end of his predominate on Earth-29. [ 2 ] She was found on another earth by Jennifer and Greg McDuffie, who adopted Naomi and raised her as their own, listing her official adoption date as March 14, 2004. [ 3 ]

Discovering her powers

Naomi attends a party at Nathan ‘s with Annabelle, where they discuss her obsession with Superman and how she dumped Nathan after five dates. The trace day, she skateboards to school and greets Anthony in the hall, who reveals that he did n’t attend the party because Nathan sent him the wrong address due to the tension between military brats and townies. Naomi excuses herself from consider golf club after getting news from Annabelle that there was a stunt afoot in the Square involving Superman. however, she starts to hear a faint buzzing reasoned before becoming airheaded and collapsing to the prime. She lays there, scantily conscious enough to see Superman flying above her. Naomi awakens to the audio of sirens and delirious town, who all claim that the Man of Steel was fighting a blue villain in the sky. however, the consensus is that the attack was merely a stunt. After visiting Lourdes at the shop, who unfortunately did n’t know anything about the stunt, Naomi returns home plate to have dinner with her parents, where they discuss the stunt in the Square angstrom well as Naomi ‘s assorted suitors, from Nathan, to Anthony, to Lourdes. After dinner, Naomi rides to the Square and begins taking photos of the consequence of the allege stunt, during which she discovers that at least one of the security cameras have been damaged. Naomi becomes more determined to get to the bottom of the stunt and suspects that something bigger is amidst, as she has been feeling different since the stunt. Naomi goes to Nathan, who helps her clip the versatile video in concert, which details a reasonably realistic account of Superman ‘s conflict. They notice Dee exchange looks with Superman. The video seems to indicate that they know each other, which Naomi decides to farther investigate, but she is surprise when Dee makes address to her glasses and adoption date, before revealing that he was behind the stunt for promotion for his workshop, which Naomi reports to the followers of her sight .
Naomi is chosen as one of two participants in the debate before the dignitaries. Her parents are then gallant of her that they allow her to drive the car, but she ca n’t get pass her interaction with Dee and asks her parents if they know him, as he acted as if he knew her, referencing her glasses and adoption date, but they insist they do n’t. And so, Naomi goes to the debate as planned, where she once again hears the hum sound and faints. When she awakens, she discovers a new-found ability, enhanced vision, which allows her to see the words written on a slip of composition being passed around between military personnel several feet away. It reads : “ evidence of Superman landing discovered in Red River Forest. ” so, Naomi heads to the afforest, where she finds an ancient harrow and has an meet with Zumbado, which causes her abilities to briefly manifest. Naomi plots with her friends to break into Zumbado ‘s franchise. Inside, she finds a news program article from March 14, 2004, the day of her adoption, detailing a mysterious flying aim appearing over Port Oswego. One of the photos capture Dee, who does n’t seem to have aged a day since then. meanwhile, the others discover a interlock safe, however, Zumbado returns and they escape. With this data, she returns to Dee ‘s shop and asks him what he meant when he said she was n’t asking the right questions. She now realizes that he was n’t behind the Superman stunt and wants to know why he lied. He admits to being there on the sidereal day she was adopted and that there was another cryptic meet. Naomi recalls hearing abuzz, which Dee suspects may have something to do with people like them. When Naomi inquires further, he sprouts a large bent of metal wings from his back. [ 3 ]

The UFO crash of 2004

After learning from Dee that they ‘re both aliens, Naomi asks her adoptive parents about the details regarding the death of her parturition parents, but given that it was a close up borrowing, they have little to offer in terms of data. And sol, Naomi heads to school, where she unwittingly agrees to go out on a date with Anthony. After school, Naomi meets Dee by the old bridge, from which he instructs her to jump, assuring Naomi that she ‘ll defy gravity and wo n’t even make a splash. however, she is hesitant, even as Dee points out that she ‘s never been injured a single day in her life. still, she is reluctant to believe that she ‘s an alien and unwilling to jump down into the river. She far denounces the being of superheroes and aliens. rather of alternate, she declares that she ‘ll find the crash locate and figure out what in truth happened that day. Dee jumps off the bridge rather and spreads his alloy wings. As he hovers above the bridge, he tells Naomi that she is an alien and that finding the clang site wo n’t change that. With help oneself from Annabelle and Jacob, Naomi begins to dig far into the UFO crash that happened on the same day she was adopted. They head out to Falls Creek, where they believed the UFO crashed. however, quite than finding any testify of an estrange confrontation, Naomi ‘s listen amplifies without warning, and she can hear everything around her, from the snakes in the grass to the spider crawling its web, which she reveals to Annabelle entirely .
Having gained a moment more penetration on the clang from Steve O’Brien, a local anesthetic world who witnessed the 2004 event, Naomi and her friends return home, where after a snatch of reasoning from Annabelle in involve to accepting her truth, Naomi discovers the mill on a Pacific Logging map, previously mentioned by Steve. They get a ride from Lourdes, and together, they investigate the mill, where they find stranger markings on the wall until being confronted by Zumbado. Naomi conjures her powers, but Zumbado knocks her polish and warns Naomi to stop what she ‘s doing. Naomi authentically wanted Dee to be wrong, and she told herself that if she could prove that something else happened on March 14th, then her life could go back to convention, but she realizes that will never happen. now that she ‘s accepted her accuracy, Naomi returns to Dee ‘s denounce in search of guidance, and he proceeds to train her, starting back at the bridge, from which she jumps this clock time round. [ 4 ]

Stealing the magnetic disk from Zumbado

Naomi does a bit of training with Dee before heading to school and merging with a Hartford College rep to discuss her potentially attending the university. Afterward, with Zumbado distracted by a customer and Annabelle as lookout, Naomi uses her abilities to break into Zumbado ‘s condom and steal rear the phonograph record. With the magnetic disk in her self-control, Naomi and her friends decide to sneak away from the go at Central Oregon and break into their geology lab to test the disk, but their plan goes askew, the disk vanishes, and they are taken to the chief ‘s position, where Naomi is scolded by her beget for her holocene demeanor. Naomi meets rear up with Dee, who introduces her to Adam Blake, an old friend of Dee ‘s who ‘s besides an alien and reveals to Naomi that the disk is an ancient form of code communication. Adam can read energy signatures and grabs Naomi ‘s hands. He discovers that Naomi is connected to the disk, as it matches her energy, about as if she ‘s its key, but the disk she had today was a imposter and made of different energy. Naomi, however, still ca n’t read the magnetic disk because the terminology is alone one of the harrow ‘s secrets, but every language can be translated. suddenly, Naomi ‘s ace hearing alerts her of a particular ops team moving in on Adam ‘s hideout. Adam distracts the intruders whilst Naomi and Dee slip out.

Naomi returns home, where her telephone is taken away and she is grounded by her parents for lying to them. however, this does n’t stop Lourdes from sneaking into Naomi ‘s room and helping her gain that the translation key for the harrow may be buried somewhere in the underground bomb protection, which Naomi decides to investigate along with Annabelle. As expected, they find the transformation key, but it is buried below rocks, and therefore naomi uses her powers in an already mentally ill burrow, forcing her and Annabelle to flee before the build falls down on clear of them. Naomi then reports to Dee about her findings. She was able to translate the markings on the disk, it said “ The Twenty-Nine. ” Naomi sneaks binding into her room and begins writing her admissions essay. And the comply day, her parents take her out to the localization where they found her, in a clear in the woods, where embedded within the ground, is a large alien object that resembles the disk, even more so when it glows as Naomi places her hand on it. [ 5 ]

Transcribing the disk

While she remains slightly upset, Naomi ultimately forgives her parents for hiding from her the fact that she ‘s an stranger. The postdate day, when she arrives at school, she is pressured by her friends to run for Class President. After school, she resumes her aim with Dee, during which she displays an impressive sum of intensity when she hits the punch bulge thus difficult that it slams against the wall and cracks the tile. After recovering the harrow from Zumbado, who simply handed it over, Naomi begins to study the markings, which she suspects to be some kind of binary cipher. however, before she can crack the code, she first has dinner with her parents and Dee, who basically interrogate him throughout the dinner. Afterward, she meets up with her friends and they find a Turing car, which in bend leads Naomi to Akira, who reveals that they ‘re from Earth-29 and not much else, save for the fact that their home world was ruined by Zumbado. Following the open mic at school, Naomi is attacked by a Bounty Hunter named Jaeger, who is seeking to take her back to Earth-29. fortunately, Dee comes to her rescue and forces her attacker to flee. however, he fears that the demonstration of her powers will lead to more people coming after her and advises Naomi to cherish the animation that she has. therefore, Naomi takes Dee ‘s advice and kisses Nathan. [ 6 ]

Camp Shadow Ridge

After going on her beginning date with Nathan, during which they got to know each other better, and resuming train with Dee, Naomi and the junior class go on a camp trip to Camp Shadow Ridge, where she and Nathan sneak off into the woods to talk about their relationship but are interrupted by a delirious Anthony, who is suffering from some kind of fade ailment. obviously, Anthony is not the inaugural person to suffer these effects. They learn of a research worker named Belinda who used to work at the camp and decide to further investigate, which leads to them getting put on job duty after they are overtake sneaking approximately at night. however, they do uncover a camcorder and a video recording of Belinda being attacked in the woods after coming across a blue message .
After a bite of advice from Annabelle and some trouble dormant, Naomi decides to investigate the mystery at camp on her own, starting at the main cabin, where she runs into Anthony, who is besides investigating the case. They decide to work together and discover that the aristocratic substance comes from a bioluminescent rock called “ Dilustel, ” which only seems to affect humans. This is when they are attacked by Counselor Jeff, who much like Naomi, is besides an foreigner, but Naomi manages to fend him off with her powers before calling the patrol. Once home, she arranges a cinch for her and Nathan, where she tells him the very reason she broke up with him, because she was scared, and while she ‘s still scared, she wants to be with him. [ 7 ]

Seeking serve at S.T.A.R Labs

Naomi goes to the skate park with her parents, where they run reminisce over erstwhile times before running into Zumbado. The be day, after hosting the Homecoming committee meet, Naomi trains with Dee, who will be out of town for a few days to handle some business but wants Naomi to continue her train, as he does n’t want her powers to become a crutch. Nathan then arrives to walk Naomi home, during which they discuss Homecoming and how they ‘ve both moved around a fortune. Naomi then meets up with Annabelle, and the two of them return to the erstwhile mill, where Naomi ‘s x-ray vision, a new ability, manifests, therefore revealing the starship she crashed in hidden behind the wall, where the alien markings were once printed on .
With a scrap nibble of her ship, Naomi visits Dr. Bell at S.T.A.R. Labs, who confronts Naomi for being an alien, as her machine automatically scans anyone who steps into the room. Dr. Bell then initiates a concept called resonance, to allow Naomi to temporarily focus her powers and use her x-ray sight with ease. Naomi then hands over the fight from her starship and asks Dr. Bell to find Earth-29. unfortunately, Dr. Bell ‘s tests results are without achiever, leading her to suspect that Naomi is from an entirely different universe. however, she can do any far tests as one of her devices was stolen by Zumbado, who Naomi confronts on her way home. Zumbado warns her to stay away from S.T.A.R Labs and Dr. Bell, both are dangerous, as is the device he stole, which could be used to ruin their planet. Naomi insists that he ‘s faulty and uses her abilities against Zumbado, who deflects her attacks. After being gifted a scrapbook by her parents of all their travels, Naomi returns to S.T.A.R Labs, where Dr. Bell tries to use one of her machines to steal Naomi ‘s energy. Naomi manages to temporarily disrupt the machine with her powers long adequate for Zumbado to break into S.T.A.R Labs and rescue her. [ 8 ] Naomi is rescued by Zumbado from Dr. Bell, but they are not free equitable yet, as their powers have been suppressed and they ‘re trapped inside the build up. Naomi takes this time to get to know Zumbado better and get some answers in involve to Earth-29, which he reveals to her was unlike in many ways. however, the planet started to die, resulting in a purple meteor shower that gave choice individuals, 29 in entire, powers. Using her thermal vision, Naomi is able to lead the way to the exit, however, Zumbado stays behind to give Naomi adequate fourth dimension to escape, which results in his capture .
Naomi concisely considers escaping but returns to save Zumbado, who is strapped to a chair directly under Dr. Bell ‘s machine. Naomi intervenes, shutting down the world power and attacking Dr. Bell ‘s machine question on, this time approximately, over powering the machine and helping Zumbado escape good in time for Dee to arrive and take her dwelling. The follow day, Naomi heads over to Zumbado ‘s franchise, where Zumbado reveals that Naomi ‘s birth parents were two among the Twenty Nine and it was because they gave birth to Naomi that he were hunted by a valet named Brutus, who feared that Naomi ‘s powers would mean his end. It was then that Zumbado made a promise to her parents to protect her, which is why he followed her to this earth and watched over her from afar all these years. [ 2 ]

Tracking down the alien

After a round of miniskirt golf, Naomi prepares a french stylus breakfast for her parents ‘ twentieth anniversary and convinces them to go through with the anniversary party despite holocene events. When Naomi overhears her parents discuss possibly moving away from Port Oswego, she begins to contemplate if this would be best for everyone. After Dee and Zumbado bump heads over the best train methods for Naomi, she returns home plate and discovers that person stole the magnetic disk from under her bed, which leads her to S.T.A.R. Labs, where she finds Dr. Bell ‘s hard drive and saves Jacob from being crushed, frankincense outing herself as an stranger, which he takes reasonably well, though he does bombard her with questions. Naomi then partners with Nathan to configure a new alien tracker prototype, which leads them to her parents ‘ hidden storage unit, which contains a bag filled with money and juke IDs. naomi confronts her parents over their unavowed storage unit, which they explain they ‘ve always had in case they always needed to run. The follow day, Naomi gets into a competitiveness with Annabelle, who has learned that Naomi has been keeping secrets from her, though Naomi reasons that she was plainly trying to protect Annabelle. Later that night, at her parents ‘ anniversary party, she makes up with Annabelle and learns from Jacob that there ‘s another alien at the party. [ 9 ] Naomi refuses to believe that there ‘s another estrange at the party, as that would mean person has been lying to her. however, she is forced to put her alien hunt on hold to give her parents a toast. Afterward, she reconvenes with Annabelle and Jacob to discuss the best method acting to narrow down the search. ultimately, they decide to hack everyone ‘s social media to triangulate their location three nights ago to determine who was on her obstruct when the disk was stolen, which leads them to Anthony, Nathan, and Lourdes. With Naomi acting as a human lie detector, using her extremely senses to determine which of her friends are lying, they play “ Never Have I ever, ” though this does n’t in truth lead them anywhere, but Naomi does suspect that Nathan is lying .
Naomi apologizes to Nathan for the game and explains that if felt like an interrogation because weird things have been happening recently and she does n’t know who to trust. She tells him to be honest and not keep any secrets from her, but she is n’t being all the way honest with him either. Naomi then learns from Jacob that he ‘s discovered a way to identify an estrange through photography, using a special solution, which Naomi first has to get from the educate. Lourdes accompanies her and they discuss the stolen disk and how people are n’t who they think they are. After finding the solution, Naomi spots Nathan breaking into her cabinet at school and confronts him, but as it turns out, he was plainly arranging a surprise promenade invitation for her. After Nathan leaves, Naomi is confronted by Commander Steel, who threatens to expose her for being an foreigner until her parents arrive and render Steel unconscious mind with dilustel, revealing that they ‘re aliens, excessively. [ 10 ]

Leaving home

Upon discovering the truth that her parents are aliens and that they ‘ve been lying to her, Naomi decides to stay at Annabelle ‘s for a few days. After getting settled in, she shares this discovery with Dee and Zumbado, the latter of the two having already been aware. Naomi then begins thinking about her birth rock candy and how her parents claimed that there was no energy informant coming from it, despite Dee suspecting there was. All things considered, Naomi is beginning to think they lied approximately this arsenic well and decides to go investigate with Annabelle. She finds her parentage rock in the woods, and when she touches the rock, it glows with estrange sigils. When she uses her roentgenogram imagination and discovers that something is hidden within, she blasts the rock candy, unearthing another stranger artifact in the shape of a cube .
Looking for answers, Naomi gets a ride from Lourdes to the extraterrestrial being measure Dee told her approximately. however, when she ‘s met with trouble by the front door, Akira comes to her rescue and reveals that she created the block and that it allows for travel between worlds and dimensions. After getting catch by her principal for skipping school, Naomi is confronted by her parents, who demand she comes home, but she refuses and goes to meet with Dee for education. Afterward, Naomi is invited by Lourdes to a party at the old shipyard, where Lourdes tries to kiss her, but Naomi pulls away. At odds with Lourdes, Naomi sits alone at the party until being approached by Mac, one of Brutus ‘ associates. Naomi follows her outside and a fight ensues when Naomi refuses to join her. Naomi holds her off long enough for Zumbado and Akira to arrive. Naomi has now decided to return home, though she tells her parents that she still has n’t forgiven them. [ 11 ]


After learning more about her home-world and birth parents from her ma and dad, Naomi attends promenade with Nathan, Annabelle, and Jacob. however, not long after their arrival, there ‘s a amnesia and Naomi begins hearing a hum healthy, which she follows to an breeze vent in the girls ‘ toilet to discover that there ‘s a force field trapping everyone in the school. And sol, she Annabelle, and Jacob devise a design to make contact with Dee through a CB radio, which is disrupted by Naomi ‘s attacker and Brutus ‘ hatchet man, Julian, who tells Naomi to meet him in the east annex alone. however, before she can deal with him, she must first deal with Nathan, who is on the brink of breaking up with Naomi until she reveals to him that she ‘s an stranger.

With Nathan now on her side, Naomi, Nathan, Annabelle, and Jacob plot to get all the students in one room until the adults arrive. however, Naomi plainly uses this as a distraction to sneak away to the east wing to confront Julian, who has trapped her friends in a disjoined room from the rest of the junior class, and now, Naomi must pick who to save and who to let die. fortunately, with some words of advice from Jacob and some words of encouragement from Annabelle, Naomi manages to save everyone with her newly found ability of superintendent amphetamine. Afterward, she and Nathan share a concluding dance before breaking up, as being with him means putting him in danger. [ 12 ]

Becoming a hero

After a quarrel with her guardians regarding their decision to get Naomi out of town, she visits Akira, where she discovers that she has psionic and psychic powers. Like Naomi, Akira besides wants her to stay and reveals that there ‘s a rumor energy reservoir on earth that will amplify Naomi ‘s powers. She then gives Naomi a locket, which is said to lead her to the energy source. In touching the locket, Naomi sees a field in Nevada, leading to a road trip with Annabelle, during which Naomi begins having premonitions of the same alien assassin that tried to take her when she was a child. After escaping his grip at the diner and the motel, Naomi and Annabelle ultimately arrive at the playing field, where Naomi is forced to confront her tracker head on. A battle ensues, but the Assassin flees when he discovers Naomi ca n’t be killed. With the magnetic disk and the locket, Naomi creates a door to Earth-29, where she meets her parents and they warn her to trust no one. [ 13 ] Naomi decides with her parents that it would be in her best matter to to leave town, however, their path is blocked by julian and the Assassin, who flip the cable car and take Naomi ‘s parents. When Naomi and Annabelle realize that Dee and Zumbado are gone excessively, she comes to the conclusion that her love ones are the targets and goes searching for her friends. She finds them unharmed and brings them back to Dee ‘s patronize, where Jacob uses his tracking device to find the placement of her guardians. And then, Naomi goes to the warehouse, where a portal site to Earth-29 awaits, along with julian and the Assassin. With avail from her friends, Naomi is able to defeat her enemies and unblock her guardians. however, she still has to face Brutus and travels through the portal vein to confront him face-to-face. There, she bleeds for the first prison term from a cut from his blade, and he tries to show her the accuracy about her past, but Naomi denies his offers and uses her powers to defeat him, a well as partially restore life to the planet prior to the Tear. She is then rescued by Zumbado and Akira and taken home, where she discovers that Greg and Jen killed her birth parents and took her aside from them. [ 14 ]

Powers and Abilities


  • Alien Physiology: Due to her alien physiology, Naomi has demonstrated several abilities.
    • Ergogenesis: Naomi is able to generate energy and use the energy in her body for various purposes such as destroying the safe lock in Zumbado’s office or making objects move around her, such as when she was confronted by Zumbado in the woods.[5] Naomi is capable of releasing powerful energy blasts from both of her hands, which she has demonstrated on numerous occasions, including her fight with Counselor Jeff at Camp Shadow Ridge[7] and with Zumbado at his dealership.[8]
    • Super strength: During her training with Dee, Naomi was able to punch the boxing bag across the room and damage the tile wall.[6] She also managed to effortlessly break the chain on a door at Camp Shadow Ridge.[7] Naomi was also able to catch a piece of debris that nearly fell on Jacob.[9]
    • Invulnerability: Naomi is extremely durable, as she’s never suffered in injury in her life.[4]
    • Super senses: Naomi senses are immensely heightened, able to perceive virtually everything around her as well as allowing vast control to grant her selective perception and focus.
    • Electrokinesis: McDuffie unintentionally create a flicker in the lights in Dee’s Tattoo Parlor.
    • Memory Manifestation: McDuffie possesses the power to manifest objects from one’s memories, as shown when she created leaves from Zumbado’s memory.
      • Super hearing: Naomi has super-sensitive ears, able to hear virtually any sound in the distance, as she was able to hear the military before they breached Adam’s hideout.[5] More impressively, when she and Annabelle, were in the forest, Naomi was able to hear everything in her immediate surrounding, from the snakes in the grass to the spider crawling its web.[4]
      • Enhanced vision: The first of Naomi’s manifesting abilities. Her enhanced vision grants her a sense of sight beyond that of any human and allows her to perceive things with greater acuity, such as the message regarding Superman that was written on a piece of paper and being passed around by military personnel.
      • Aerokinesis: McDuffie was able to create a breeze that lifts the leaves next to her up, later even creating a concussive blast on herself that knocked her on the ground.
      • X-ray vision: Naomi is able to see through solid objects, as if they were naturally transparent. This ability first manifested when she was in the old mill with Annabelle.[8]
      • Thermal vision: Naomi is able to see the heat signatures radiated off of individuals. She used this power to detect the bodies of the Star Lab Guards while trying to escape.[2]
    • Levitation: During her earlier demonstrations of her powers, Naomi was able to jump of a bridge and levitate over the water underneath her.
    • Restoration: McDuffie was able to restore the environment of Earth-29.
    • Flight: Naomi is able to levitate. Eventually, it has evolved into flying.
    • Super speed: Naomi is capable of running at accelerated speeds, first demonstrated at prom when she deactivated both force fields.[12]


  • Genius-level intellect: Naomi is a very advanced and methodical thinker.
    • Multilingual: Naomi speaks nine languages, including French, Japanese and German, etc.[1]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Since starting training with Dee, Naomi has been taught how to better handle herself in battle against opponents with formidable powers of their own. Her fighting style incorporates boxing.
    • Skilled stick-fighter: After receiving training from Dee, Naomi has begun learning how to fight with batons during their training sessions.[2]
  • Skateboarding: Naomi is a skilled skateboarder.


  • Power instability: Naomi didn’t seem to really understand the upper limits of her power and still lacks control over her superhuman abilities as well.[5]
  • Emotions: While she is new to her powers, Naomi powers are connected to her emotions and will lose control of them if she loses control of her emotions.[6]
  • Power-dampening tech: Just like with any other alien, Naomi powers can be dampened by technology specifically designed to weaken her powers but even though it’s dampening her powers she can still use her powers but at a much weaker degree as shown when Zumbado and her powers were negated in S.T.A.R. Labs.[2]



  • Naomi is based on the DC Comics character and eponymous comic book series of the same name. Naomi made her first appearance in the DC Comics in 2019, in “Naomi (Volume 1)” by Wonder Comics, originally created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell.
  • Her last name, “McDuffie,” is in honor of and tribute to the late comic book writer and creator Dwayne McDuffie.
  • Naomi was adopted on March 14, 2004.
  • Naomi is also a huge fan of Superman.
  • Naomi’s favortie place to live was Tokyo.[7]


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