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DC Comics In the wake of a series of allegations of sexual harassment that have recently been made public, DC Comics has ultimately issued a dinner dress statement–and expressed the intention of reviewing its policies with those presently employed by the party. This comes after the recent decision DC Comics made to “ restructure ” its Vertigo imprint, which as a result eliminated the position of Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond. As the news broke back in April, however, comics Twitter expressed their sadness with the choice DC Comics had made to let Bond go from the party while keeping on another editor program who was well-known for being an alleged serial harasser. The employee was named by several, including comics publisher and erstwhile DC employee Janelle Asselin ampere good as comics journalist Nick Hanover, as longtime DC editor Eddie Berganza. According to reported instances, Berganza had been shuffled to multiple departments within the party rather than being fired outright for his actions.

not besides hanker after, artist Katie Jones posted her own account of sexual harassment by “ a Senior Art Director from DC Entertainment, ” and shared she was late contacted by a Human Resources representative at Warner Bros.–the parent company of DC Comics regarding the incidental after the history picked up steam. While several of these sexual harassment allegations have farseeing been park cognition within the comics diligence, they have only just begun to be circulated via diverse news program outlets–all with one eye towards the DC Comics camp to wait for their official word on the matter. now, via the locate Comic Book Resources, DC Entertainment has posted a statement which is said to come after “ an all-staff meeting on Friday good afternoon ” regarding the count, conducted by DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson :

DC Entertainment strives to foster a culture of inclusion body, fairness and respect. While we can not comment on specific personnel matters, DC takes allegations of discrimination and harassment very badly, promptly investigates reports of misconduct and disciplines those who violate our standards and policies.

As depart of our ongoing attempt to provide an equitable exercise environment, we are reviewing our policies, expanding employee train on the topic and working with home and external resources to ensure that these policies and procedures are respected and reinforced across the caller .

There are individuals who have been long involve as “ open secrets ” within the comics industry for their long histories of allege sexual harassment ; only in recent months have some of them been named publicly in the crusade. If you believe you have experienced harassment, there are sites volition to listen to your story–including The Mary Sue, and you can reach out to us at [ electronic mail protected ]

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