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DC Rebirth Comics Essential Reading Order
Following our New 52 Reading Order, I thought about doing something similar for Rebirth, but have to admit not being quite content with my work. I found it way besides massive and, in consequence, not easy to tackle. sol, for the Rebirth era, I decided to not going wide decree and choose to highlight some of the best this earned run average has to offer ( what follows does not include out-of-continuity ).

But first, what is Rebirth? We are in 2016 when DC relaunched its stallion line of ongoing monthly superhero amusing book titles. Using the end of The New 52 inaugural in May 2016 as its establish sharpen, DC Rebirth restored the DC Universe to a form much like that prior to the 2011 “ Flashpoint ” storyline while placid incorporating numerous elements of The New 52, including its continuity. Like New 52, it was besides a newly entry point. about all characters had their designs revised, some ( like Wally West ) reappeared, others were revised .
It all begins with DC Universe : rebirth ( 2016 ) # 1. DC besides issued one-shot Rebirth specials for the major characters, that are all collected in the DC Rebirth Omnibus Vol. 1, for those who want a taste and possibly choose the serial you want to read. You don ’ t have to read them, and most of them are besides collected in the first trade paperback book of each fictional character .
And now… Let ’ s research a little piece the DC Rebirth earned run average !

DC Rebirth Reading Order: The Best Runs

CD Rebirth Reading Order - Superman

Superman by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

This Superman title focuses on the pre-Flashpoint Superman ’ s family, and follows the fib through his son Jon Kent ’ s eyes. This is not an action-packed Superman, but more down-to-earth Supes, full of dear moments. The run suffers from some interruptions in the narrative in his second part, but hush one of the best titles from the DC era. And if you are interested to read it with Action Comics, we have a Superman Reading Order for that period !
You can besides find this run in Omnibus form :

  • Superman by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus
    Collects Superman #1-25, #27-28, #33-39, #42-45, Superman Annual #1, Superman: Rebirth #1, Superman Special #1, Action Comics #975-976, #1000, Super Sons #11-12, and Teen Titans #975-976.

DC Rebirth Reading Order - Super Sons

Super Sons by Peter J. Tomasi

We stay in the Superman family with the best team-up always with Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. The boys of Superman and Batman go to live their own dangerous adventures in this fun title, though it must be noticed that Adventures of the Super Sons is quite optional, and not equally good as the rest of this test. For more information, see our Super Sons Reading order !
You can besides find this rivulet in Omnibus phase :

  • Super Sons Omnibus Expanded Edition
    Collects Superman #10-11, Superman #37-38, Teen Titans #15, Super Sons #1-16, DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1, Super Sons Annual #1, Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #3, and Adventures of the Super Sons #1-12

Rebirth DC Reading Order Aquaman

Aquaman by Dan Abnett

Dan Abnett took over the Aquaman title for the survive three issues of the New 52 and stay on for Rebirth, which began with a focus on Aquaman ’ s function as king and diplomat with Arthur attempting to strengthen Atlantis-surface relationships by opening an Atlantean embassy in Amnesty Bay, with Mera appointed as ambassador. The test helps develop Arthur as a valet in service of peace and balance, a revolutionist champion of the people. This discharge is partially of our excerpt of the Best Aquaman Comics to Read .
DC Rebirth Reading Order - Deathstroke

Deathstroke by Christopher Priest

Christopher Priest gives us his imagination of Deathstroke, exploring his exploits as a mercenary and his disruptive relationship with his ex-wife and children. What follows is some rich people and building complex storylines wax of impracticability and very much in the morally grey area suited for Slade Wilson. To know more about Slade Wilson, check out our Deathstroke read club .
You can besides find this campaign in Omnibus kind :

  • Deathstroke by Christopher Priest Omnibus (october 2021)
    Collects Deathstroke: Rebirth #1; Titans #11; Teen Titans #8-29; Deathstroke #1-50; Titans: The Lazarus Contract Special #1; DC Holiday Special 2017 #1; Deathstroke Annual (Rebirth) #1

DC Rebirth Reading Order - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka

Greg Ruck make his rejoinder on Wonder Woman ( see the Wonder Woman Reading Order ) at the begin of the Rebirth era with an ambitious fib told with two timelines, jumping from one to the other with each return, confronting who is truly Wonder Woman.

besides collected in Deluxe Editions
DC Rebirth Reading Order - Hawkman

Hawkman by Robert Venditti

The real Carter Hall returns as Hawkman to the DC Universe in Dark Days : The Forge. Don ’ metric ton concern, you don ’ t have to read Dark Nights : metallic to appreciate Venditti ’ s run on the quality, where he tried to make some feel to Hawkman ’ s messy beginning and besides explored his relationship to Hawkgirl. One of those underestimate title of the Rebirth era, worth checking out .
DC Rebirth Reading Order - Nightwing

Nightwing by Tim Seeley

No doubt Tim Seeley loves Nightwing and became one of the most emblematic writers for the character. So nothing storm that most function of his run during this earned run average is besides worth reading. Seeley by and large shines in the portrayal of Dick Grayson and his dynamics with members of his family and near friends .

DC Rebirth Reading Order - New Super-Man

New Super-Man by Gene Luen Yang 

The first gear two years of DC Rebirth was actually good for the Superman family and distinctly the best of this era. It ’ south besides introduced us to New Super-Man, a chinese adolescent named Kong Kenan who gains a fortune of Superman ’ sulfur office. unfortunately, he hasn ’ thyroxine appeared much since the end of this title .

4 other DC Rebirth Runs may be worth checking out (and the Dark Nights event) …

To go further in DC Rebirth, what follows is a selection of a few runs where you could find something you like .

DC Rebirth Reading Order - Detective Comics

Detective Comics Rebirth by James Tynion IV

If you love your lone Batman, Detective Comics by James Tynion IV is not for you, as this is a Bat-team claim. Batman and Batwoman are the leaders of a group featuring Spoiler, Orphan, Clayface, and Red Robin. To know more about this footrace in the Batman Rebirth era, we invite you to consult our Batman Rebirth reading rate ( where you will find the identical dissentious Tom King ’ s run ) .
besides collected in Deluxe Hardcover

DC Rebirth Reading Order - Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark by James Tynion IV

The magic trick english of DC is not always well-treated and DC showed it some love with this title. Creatures from beyond reality have arrived to reclaim magic trick, and Wonder Woman knows she will need help from the experts to stop it. She led a team dwell of Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat, and Detective Chimp, with Constantine acting in a consult capacity. For a more detail reading order of all the Justice Leagues of the Rebirth earned run average, go to our dedicate read arrange .

DC Rebirth Reading Order - Green Arrow

Like Abnett, Benjamin Percy was already writing k Arrow during New 52, and remained the star writer for Rebirth. Percy will be more inspire during this earned run average, in which he restored Green Arrow as a politically conscious trope and revisited Green Arrow and Black Canary kinship .

Green Arrow by Benjamin Percy

DC Rebirth Reading Order - The Flash

The Flash by Joshua Williamson

Joshua Williamson had a long tenure on The Flash, possibly the longest for any writer during this earned run average. During his time, he created a batch of characters, brought back old ones, and stuck to continuity .
DC Rebirth Reading Order - Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns

Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns by Robert Venditti

Since Geoff Johns massive prevail on Green Lantern, let ’ s say it has been hard for writers to leave their marks. Venditti was already written on Green Lantern during New 52 and, like a number of authors, seems to have given better stories with Rebirth. But, you could prefer Green Lanterns .

DC Rebirth Reading Order - Dark Nights Metal

Dark Nights: Metal and Death Metal, the two most important DC events of the era

Let me begin by telling you that I haven ’ triiodothyronine finished Dark Knights : metallic and seaport ’ thyroxine learn Death Metal, as I found what I read to be convoluted and not very making sense. But I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ignore it has been a success for DC and the merely very major consequence of this era. For more information go see our Dark Nights : metal Reading Order and Dark Nights : Death Metal Reading Order, its sequel .

  • Dark Days: The Road to Metal
    Collects Dark Days: The Forge #1 and Dark Days: The Casting #1, as well as classic DC stories that built the foundations of Metal, including Final Crisis #6-7, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, Batman #38-39, Nightwing #17 and more.
  • Dark Nights: Metal
    Collects Dark Nights: Metal #1-6, and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1 and Batman Lost #1.
  • Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Knights Rising
    Collects the seven Dark Nights: Batman tie-in one-shots and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1.
  • Dark Nights: Metal: The Resistance
    Collects “Gotham Resistance” (Teen Titans #12, Nightwing #29, Suicide Squad #26, Green Arrow #32) and “Bats Out Of Hell” (The Flash #33, Justice League #32-33, Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #32), plus Batman Lost #1 and Hawkman Found #1.

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