10 Best DC Comics Heroes Of All Time, According To Ranker

DC Comics has a huge pantheon of iconic superheroes, and these are the top 10 voted characters at Ranker. Being one of the large two amusing book publishers, DC Comics has established a huge and varied pantheon of superheroes over the decades. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have farseeing since been their flagship heroes known as “ The trio, ” but others have made their direction into the mainstream to become favorites in their own proper .
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Comic books and comic book-based media have skyrocketed in popularity in more late years, which, in bombastic separate, helped these characters gain bigger exposure and sports fan bases. The voting community of Ranker compiled a number of their 10 most popular heroes made up of long-time favorites and underdog characters.



Billy Batson transforming into Shazam in the sky

DC ‘s Shazam has gradually been gaining grip in the mainstream thanks to the Shazam ! movie, where costume designers created one of the DCEU ‘s best suits. His alter ego Billy Batson is a child, but gains the ability to turn into the superhero Shazam as a grow metahuman. The superhero is a testament to what simple, more blithe characters and stories can bring to the mesa in a evocative room .
Shazam ‘s precede is a novel change of pace from the black and game, giving a cheerful and concern dynamic of a “ Superman ” that ‘s ultimately hush going through the literal mature pains of a child. All the while he ‘s inactive handling the responsibilities and level of might on a exchangeable scale to Superman .

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen as Green Arrow firing an arrow

The early goings of the Arrow television receiver series helped bolster Green Arrow ‘s popularity, but he ‘s been respectably long-familiar in DC ‘s comics. alike to Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen is a full-bodied philanthropist who used his identity to masquerade the Robin Hood-like persona of green Arrow .
But he grew to be a compel character in his own correct away from being an alternate Batman character. One of his most iconic comic book arc is as a couple with park Lantern. The premise of the report, and the background of the two superheroes ‘ respective worldviews, made for challenging social comment .


Aquaman sitting on his throne underwater and holding his trident

undeservedly sol, Aquaman was frequently on the wrong side of many jokes within superhero fanbases. The misconceptions did n’t do the champion judge in making people realize how valuable he is to the Justice League .
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More modern-age comics started fixing the misunderstandings surrounding the character, telling interesting stories displaying Aquaman ‘s true exponent and tackling issues like finding a sense of belong. He ‘s a perfect character for the latter basis, as he ‘s person caught between two different worlds and communities while feeling duty toward both .

Martian Manhunter

Split image of John Jones in his Martian Manhunter form, flowing cape, and firing eye beams

One of DC ‘s dark-horse superheroes that deserves more realization is martian Manhunter. The underestimate powerhouse character started getting more attention partially thanks to the excellent Justice League and Justice League Unlimited DCAU animated shows .
The shape-shifting martian serves as a feel for intergalactic crime fighter and is much depicted as the Justice League ‘s empathic heart and person. In terms of live-action, the most fans have gotten was the tease in Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League. With the likely the character has, many fans undoubtedly hope that he makes a rejoinder to add to the DCEU ‘s divers cast of heroes .

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan as Green Lantern wielding the Power Ring in space

The Hal Jordan iteration is arguably the most conventionally used version by DC Comics. He ‘s one of the three most iconic incarnations of Green Lantern aboard Alan Scott and John Stewart. One of the narrative benefits of the Green Lantern persona is how varied different versions can be, as the Green Lantern Corp. is an intergalactic peacekeeping power filled with them .
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It makes the possibilities endless on what kinds of characters to explore. Hal Jordan has provided some memorable stories, though, with his aforesaid ideological character study with Green Arrow as a highlight. The perspectives the two profit make for one of DC ‘s authentication friendships .

Wonder Woman

Split image of Wonder Woman in costume fighting with the Justice League

One of the most iconic superheroes in general, Wonder Woman earns her title as one of “ The trinity. ” Along with Superman and Batman, the Princess of Themyscira is one of the core pillars and founding members of the Justice League. Wonder Woman ‘s demonstrated incredible feats of ability, idolatry to her convictions, but besides shows human compassion .

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The superhero is besides partially creditworthy for breaking tire genre tropes of the “ damsel in distress, ” while bringing to life colorful, sweeping stories involving greek mythology and the different eras of humanity. The latter of which in separate told through her engagement with the Justice Society .

Flash (Barry Allen)

Barry Allen as the Flash on the cover of Flashpoint

Barry Allen is the most synonymous character to the Flash character and is besides a anchor in the DC Universe ‘s most significant events. The Flash is often the superhero first to come into fans ‘ minds when think of superspeed. He was even one of the chief superhero characters responsible for DC’s successful revival of the music genre, taking it into the Silver Age of comics .
The “ Fastest man Alive ” is a great and pivotal character for exploring the multiverse concept. undoubtedly the most noteworthy narrative arch of the Flash is his flash point crossover that presented wide-spreading ramifications for DC ‘s multiverse .


Split image of a laid-back Nightwing swinging through the city

Dick Grayson established the Dynamic Duo with Bruce Wayne ‘s Batman and has proven to be one of the most beloved and important Bat-family characters. After falling and growing out of being a buddy superhero, Dick stretched out and made an identity of his own in the form of Nightwing .
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His charismatic, kindhearted, and empathic nature made for an excellent emotional anchor for his adoptive don and being a fan-favorite on his own merits. Bruce himself has said that Dick Grayson represents a pure kind of Batman is meant to be. Fans by and large seem to agree, believing that he ‘s the one person most desirable for inheriting the Batman mantle .


Superman Comics

The Son of Krypton is one of the most celebrated characters that ‘s become synonymous with the parole “ superhero ” in general. Clark Kent ‘s narrative as Superman is a dateless one of how good humanness can jointly be. It ‘s besides a celebration of embracing people of all walks of life, as despite being a Kryptonian, Superman represents the purest form of what it means to be homo as a truthful “ man of Tomorrow. ”
He ‘s the shape of what people should strive to be, while inactive being a compel character that suffers and wallow through his trials and flaws. Superman besides completes a great friendship and dynamic with Batman in the comics, which is much the central focus in titles such as World ‘s Finest and events like Kingdom Come .


Split image of Batman perched on a Gotham City rooftop holding a Batarang and shrouded in shadows

Unsurprisingly, the Dark Knight himself endures as DC ‘s most love superhero. Batman is second gear in popularity alone to Marvel ‘s Spider-Man, with the former do up some of the amusing bible medium ‘s most applaud comics. His high benchmark of quality ranges from having some of the best rogues galleries of DC villains to gripping psychological and crime-noir stories .
In his best bow, Batman ‘s stories represent especial cases of exploring the traumatize flaws of the soul, arsenic well as how person can take moments of excruciating emotional trouble and forge them into an indomitable force for thoroughly and redemption. That evening in periods of overbearing darkness, there ‘s always a path back. redemption is another dateless message because it has to be if humanity is to persevere .
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