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Below is the list of all the modern DC Comics hitting shelves this week. besides be sure to check out the books that came out final week to make sure you didn ’ thyroxine miss any modern and amazing issues from DC .
For more of the latest issues hitting shelves near you, be indisputable to besides check out our complete list of New Marvel Comics This Week .

New DC Comics This Week (07/27/22)

here are the titles coming out this week ( July 27th, 2022).
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See Last Week’s DC Comics (07/20/22)

here are the titles that already came out for the week of July 20th, 2022.
AQFLS VS Cv2 00211 C1 DIGITAL 62c7c5e61a6b24.15372534Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #2
ART WANT Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 62c7c5eca7e598.86715568Artemis: Wanted #1
BMSMWF Cv5 00511 DIGITAL 62c7c5f57f63c7.35596750Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #5
BM TK Cv7 00711 DIGITAL 62c7c5fd77d523.57068017Batman: The Knight #7
BA Cv2 00211 DIGITAL 62c7c605db5f84.51224449Black Adam #2
BLDSYN S1 Cv3 00311 DIGITAL 62c7c7481fa476.45204002Blood Syndicate: Season One #3
CTW Cv45 04511 DIGITAL 62c7c62cd67065.18477339Catwoman #45
DARKCRISIS YJ Cv2 00211 DIGITAL 62c7c63b3fb450.25914973Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2
DCvV AOW Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 62c7c64a00c014.71073582DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1
DUO Cv3 00311 DIGITAL 62c7c652339750.00426217Duo #3
FABLES Cv153 15311 DIGITAL 62c7c65b00dd26.10546602Fables #153
JLVOSH Cv4 00411 DIGITAL 62c7c66672e9a7.01116720Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #4
NTW Cv94 09411 DIGITAL 62c7c67ba562d4.34550990Night Wing #94
FLS Cv784 78411 DIGITAL 62c7c68a80dec9.45077932The Flash #784
TJL Cv3 00311 DIGITAL 62c7c695d9b055.63314318The Jurassic League #3
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Previous Weeks’ Comics

New DC Comics for the Week of 07/13/22

ROGUES Cv3 00311 DIGITAL 62a7cf36eca582.27374623Rogues #3
BMUL Cv17 01711 DIGITAL 62bb809c802ca8.05819462Batman: Urban Legends #17
DCWWJL SM Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 62bb80ad0a7cb6.19593765Dark Crisis: World’s Without a Justice League: Superman #1
DCvsV COFFINed Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 62bb80b740a0d3.76445711DC vs. Vampires: Coffin Edition #1
DCvsVAMPS CRYPTed Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 62bb80c54c7661.12760722DC vs. Vampires: Crypt Edition #1
FS GOTHAM Cv15 01511 DIGITAL 62bb80d0812fb2.66269720Future State: Gotham #15
IAMBM Cv11 01111 DIGITAL 62bb80ddb3f269.27259118I Am Batman #11
NAOMI S2 Cv5 00511 DIGITAL 62bb80e6493f02.10003781Naomi: Season Two #5
SMSOKE Cv13 01311 DIGITAL 62bb80f5902b95.48985944Superman: Son of Kal-El #13
WW Cv789 78911 DIGITAL 62bb81061e3dc3.94872825Wonder Woman #789
YJTARGETS Cv2 DIGITALFIRST 62c60fe20c2aa1.16286872Young Justice: Targets #2
BGS Cv8 00811 DIGITAL 62bb809393eb94.99238628Batgirls #8
WWEVO Cv8 00811 DIGITAL 62bb8137a7eea7.24322535Wonder Woman: Evolution #8

New DC Comics for the Week of 07/06/22

New DC Comics for the Week of 06/29/22

New DC Comics for the Week of 06/22/22

AQFLS VS Cv1 C1 00111 DIGITAL 6297fa61c165a7.25563089Aquaman and the Flash: Voidsong #1
BMSMWF Cv4 00411 DIGITAL 6297fa9b44c065.07646945Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4
BM TK Cv6 00611 DIGITAL 6297faa46057f9.81229570Batman: The Knight #6
BA Cv1 00111 thumb 6272f45a5a0465.79534205Black Adam #1
CTW Cv44 04411 DIGITAL 6297faa17bf030.64141257Catowman #44
DARKCRISIS YJ Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 6297fac0d13ba6.50983913Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1
DUO Cv2 00211 DIGITAL 6297fac0db7828.74272611Duo #2
EP HTWLT Cv6 00611 DIGITAL 6297fae2371ca2.01159242Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6
FABLES Cv152 15211 DIGITAL 6297fae38c0523.58437430Fables #152
MILESTONES IH Cv1 DIGITAL 6297fafd9faf14.22403181Milestones In History #1
NTW Cv93 09311 DIGITAL 6297fb0bb29703.82775113Nightwing #93
SMPJOBPW Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 6297fb2ea96f33.70009916Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’s Boss Perry White #1
FLS Cv783 78311 DIGITAL 6297fb42ada6b1.33448771The Flash #783

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New DC Comics for the Week of 06/15/22

BM UL Cv16 01611 DIGITAL 6291210f294b33.09272371Batman: Urban Legends #16
BLDSYN S1 Cv2 00211 DIGITAL 6291211a41f9c3.63990107Blood Syndicate: Season One #2
FS GOTHAM Cv14 01411 DIGITAL 62912139c9b790.36281731Future State: Gotham #14
IAMBM Cv10 01011 DIGITAL 629121467ab765.49143491I Am Batman #10
NAOMI S2 Cv4 00411 DIGITAL 6291215ea59ef0.34947163Naomi: Season Two #4
SMSOKE Cv12 01211 DIGITAL 62912168d32f10.60913445Superman: Son of Kal-El #12
TJL Cv2 00211 DIGITAL 6291217ae303e0.28938911The Jurassic League #2
SUNC Cv3 00311 DIGITAL 629121886aa735.26304784The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #3
BGS Cv7 00711 DIGITAL 62912106610be6.21587365Batgirls #7
WW Cv788 78811 DIGITAL 62912194e74a42.39262153Wonder Woman #788
YJTARGETS Cv1 DIGITALFIRST 6291221f21ff68.29224244Young Justice: Targets #1
DCPRIDETDSP Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 6291212f203866.01355735DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1
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New DC Comics for the Week of 06/08/22

BM Cv124 12411 DIGITAL 628fb4e7284a71.22841873Batman #124
DKoS Cv7 00711 DIGITAL 628fb51bd4ee11.79909218Dark Knights of Steel #7
FPBYND Cv2 00211 DIGITAL 628fb5303e5c25.17666294Flashpoint Beyond #2
BMKT Cv4 00411 DIGITAL 628fb4fe730696.86627744Batman: Killing Time #4
PIVY Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 628fb5705f7bf9.21973997Poison Ivy #1
BMB NY Cv3 00311 DIGITAL 628fb4f06be201.51438660Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #3
AQMANDR Cv1 00111 DIGITAL C1 629672d27d9d63.50014125Aquaman: Andromeda #1
MONKEYPRINCE Cv5 00511 DIGITAL 628fb53748da70.36135995Monkey Prince #5

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New DC Comics for the Week of 06/01/22

BM 2022ANN Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 627c31adef39d8.42906487Batman 2022 Annual #1
HARDWARE S1 Cv6 00611 DIGITAL 627c31e42e1849.89897916Hardware: Season One #6
SW OMEGA Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 627c31bd276dc6.45623125Shadow War: Omega #1
TNHOTL Cv9 00911 DIGITAL 627c31f20bb670.65156972The Nice House on the Lake #9
JLROADTODARKCRISIS Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 627c31d7e0ed42.40997640Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1
ACTIONCOMICS2022ANN Cv1 00111 DIGITAL 627c31cc0e1f35.80457950Action Comics 2022 Annual #1
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New DC Comics for the Week of 05/25/22

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New DC Comics for the Week of 05/18/22

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New DC Comics for the Week of 05/11/22

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New DC Comics for the Week of 05/04/22

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