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Official Team Name

Teen Titans

Team Aliases

[ 1 ], New Teen Titans, New Titans, Titans

Teen Titans East






Earth-One · New Earth ·

Base of Operations

Titans Tower


Team Leader(s)

Wonder Girl ( Cassie Sandsmark )

Current Members

Beast Boy ( Gar Logan ), Raven, Red Robin ( Tim Drake ), Solstice ( Kiran ), Superboy ( Kon-El )

Former Members

Teen Titans
Aquagirl I (deceased), Aquagirl II, Aqualad/Tempest (deceased), Blue Beetle, Bombshell, Bumblebee, Cyborg, Dove I, Dove II, Flamebird, Gnarkk (deceased), Golden Eagle, Hawk I, Hawk III (deceased), Hornblower/Guardian/Herald, Kid Devil (deceased), Kid Eternity (deceased), Kid Flash I, Kid Flash (Bart Allen) (deceased), Little Barda, Mas y Menos, Miss Martian, Molecule (deceased), Offspring, Omen (deceased), Osiris, Power Boy (deceased), Riddler’s Daughter (deceased), Robin I/Nightwing, Robin V, Speedy/Arsenal, Speedy II, Starfire, Static, Supergirl, Talon, Wonder Girl I/Troia, Young Frankenstein, Zatara

New Teen Titans
Danny Chase/Phantasm (deceased), Jericho, Kole (deceased), Terra I (deceased)

New Titans
Baby Wildebeest/Wildebeest (deceased), Damage, Green Lantern, Killowatt (wiped out of existence), Matrix, Minion, Mirage, Nightrider (wiped out of existence), Pantha (deceased), Prestor Jon (wiped out of existence), Ravager, Red Star, Redwing, Terra II (deceased)

Atom’s Teen Titans
Atom II, Argent, Captain Marvel, Jr., Joto/Hotspot, Fringe, Prysm, Risk


Jesse Quick, Bushido (deceased), Hero, Dark Flash


Doom Patrol, JLA, JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes, Outsiders, Chris King, Titans West, Team Titans Wendy/Proxy and Marvin


Ant, Anthony Scarapelli, Anti-Monitor, Auron, Blackfire, Bookworm, Brains Beldon, Branx, Brotherhood of Evil, Captain Calamity, Catalyst, Cheshire, Church of Blood, Citadel, Darklight, Dark Nemesis, Deathstroke, Demons, Diamond, Ding-Dong Daddy, Disruptor, Doctor Light, Doctor Polaris, Eric Forrester, Fearsome Five, Fiddler, Flamesplasher, Gargoyle, General Zahl, Gentleman Ghost, Giants, Godiva, Gordanians, H’San Natall, H.I.V.E., Hammer, Haze, Headmaster Mind, Hybrid, I.Q, Jugular, Klaus Cornelius, Mad Mod, Madame Rogue, Mammoth, Mento, Motalla, Ocean Master, Pom Pom Girl, Prom Queen, Psions, Punch, Puppeteer, Pylon, Royal Flush Gang, Scorcher, Scourge, Sickle, Silver Fog, Sizematic, Sparta, Sunburst, Sweet Sixteen, Terra, The Veil, Thia, Titans of Myth, Trickster, Trigon, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Twister, Two-Face, Ultra-Humanite, Wildebeest Society


Place of Formation

Hatton Corners


Bob Haney · Bruno Premiani

First appearance
The Brave and the Bold #54
(July, 1964)
Quote1.png And that’s what we are– not just a team, but a family. One day we might be the Justice League— But for today, we’re Teen Titans.Quote2.png

Red Robinsrc

The Teen Titans are an organization of unseasoned vigilantes banded together to fight crime. Beginning as a group of sidekicks looking to distinguish themselves from their mentors, they would go on to expand into a global constitution .



The Teen Titans are a team of young super-heroes who are the early sidekicks of older, and more have heroes. They first came together when Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash responded to an emergency taking place in the hamlet village known as Hatton Corners. There they fought a cryptic villain calling himself Mister Twister. After defeating Mister Twister and robbing him of his elementary powers, the three young heroes decided to band together as the Teen Titans. [ 2 ] This decision was supported by their respective mentors, Batman, Aquaman and the Flash. Their first base actual deputation as the Teen Titans besides yielded the team ‘s first recruit – Wonder Girl. Donna Troy was a young heroine raised on Paradise Island under the care of her mentor Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman ‘s mother, Queen Hippolyta. Another charter extremity was the sagittarius, Roy Harper, more normally known as Speedy. Though present since the team ‘s origin, Speedy did not regularly attend team meetings or partake in all of the team ‘s endeavors. The team ‘s first gamble brought them to the town of Midville, where they fought against Jake Trask – the Separated Man, who had been terrorizing the town ‘s “ adolescent Government for a Day ” undertaking. [ 3 ] Subsequent adventures brought them into conflict with a dance band of criminals impersonating a pop band named, “ the Flips ” [ 4 ] american samoa well as a giant automaton known as, “ El Conquistadore ”. [ 5 ] After unveiling the mystery behind the alleged “ Beast-God of Xochatan ”, the Titans established their first base headquarters – Titans Lair. [ 6 ] The Lair had once been an clandestine facility that served as a records storage warehouse for Wayne Enterprises. The team prospered and went on to encounter several foreign villains such as car-club hot-rodder, Ding Dong Daddy and Carnaby Street fashion designer, the Mad Mod. The Teen Titans then tried to help Richard ( Dick ) reform Bruce Wayne ‘s modern cellblock and found themselves on a deputation to capture a criminal organization that hijacked oil operations in Gotham. [ 7 ] In time, the Teen Titans met a millionaire industrialist named Loren Jupiter. [ 8 ] Jupiter was putting together a training plan designed to help young heroes work within a team dynamic. The Titans agreed to work under Jupiter ‘s tutelage and met respective more heroes who would finally become character of the team. While pursuing criminals linked to the NG3 organization ( secretly backed by aliens from Dimension X ), the Titans met the heroes Hawk and Dove who had similarly been on the trail of NG3 leader “ The Fat Man ”. Hawk and Dove would soon become close allies vitamin a well as team members. besides at this time, the orphan empath Lilith Clay joined Loren Jupiter ‘s organization deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the amateur boxer Mal Duncan. One of the more bizarre heroes to join the Teen Titans was the time-lost cave male child Gnarrk. Gnarrk formed an empathic alliance with Lilith Clay and the two belated became lovers .

New Teen Titans

When a being known as Raven sends out a distress call for Robin ( Dick Grayson ), Kid Flash ( Wally West ), Wonder Girl ( Donna Troy ), Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire, the teens band together as the New Teen Titans to fight Trigon, Raven ‘s devil don. After defeating Trigon, the teens banded together as the official second Teen Titans team .

team Titans

The Team Titans hailed from a near-distant interchange future where they functioned as an analogue to the mod day Teen Titans. When a villain known as Lord Chaos became the sovereign sovereign of the future, the Titans discovered that the only way to stop him was to travel backwards in time and prevent the circumstances which led to his give birth. They discovered that Lord Chaos was the son of Donna Troy and her conserve Terry Long. Donna Troy, naturally refused to take any run of legal action that would lead to her child ‘s death, and elected rather to excise her own powers, so that the child would not inherit any superhuman abilities of his own. With the exception of Mirage and Terra, the future timeline of the Team Titans was erased from universe following the events of “ Zero Hour “ .

New Titans

Following Zero Hour, Nightwing stepped down deoxyadenosine monophosphate team leader, and the function was given to Arsenal. He agreed that the Titans would work for the United States Government in switch over for having their pending lawsuits thrown out. While they retained a satellite base, they besides took up residency in the Titans Liberty Island Base in New Jersey with a roll of Changeling, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Damage, Impulse, Mirage, Terra, Supergirl, and Minion. The team disbanded when Sarge Steel cut their government support. It was besides during Zero Hour that long-time Justice League member, the Atom, was regressed in old age to the physical senesce of seventeen. This chronal change would soon after draw the Atom into the Teen Titans bequest .

Titan ‘s Children

Main article: Titan’s Children A humble contingent of Psions were captured and enslaved by an alien race known as the H’San Natall. It was the H’San Natall ‘s intention to seed the planet earth with respective sleeper agents whose bodies would be genetically modified to harness great baron and fight against Earth ‘s superhuman populace. The H’San Natall enslaved a number of Psions and put them to work bringing their plans to realization from a testing ground on the moonlight of Titan. For sixteen years, the Psions monitored the advance of eight genetically altered humans, one of whom, Audrey Spears, was raised in a virtual reality chamber on Titan. Audrey, and three other of her mate seeds escaped Titan with the aid of the ( now teenaged ) hero known as the Atom. Kidnapping a Psion scientist named Dorek, they returned to the world of their birth and became the second group of young heroes to call themselves the Teen Titans. [ 9 ] This group of Titans consisted of five initial members :

  • The Atom (Ray Palmer): Former Justice League member with the ability to shrink to subatomic size; now regressed to a teenager
  • Argent (Toni Monetti): Spoiled Jersey Girl who could generate blasts of silver plasma and form simple geometric shapes.
  • Joto (Isaiah Crockett): Whiz kid who could generate concentrated thermal energy from his hands and use that energy to absorb information from objects.
  • Prysm (Audrey Spears): Raised on Titan, Prysm could absorb and refract ultraviolet radiation for a variety of effects.
  • Risk (Cody Driscoll): The ultimate risk-taker, Cody possessed superhuman strength, stamina and endurance.

The Titans initially lived at the Solar Tower in Metropolis where they were chaperoned by billionaire philanthropist Loren Jupiter, reformed criminal Neil Richards and the cryptic Omen. Their first mission as a team pitted them against Pylon and his organization, the The Veil. Pylon ‘s goal was to study and eradicate all alien lifeforms from the planet Earth, regardless as to whether or not they posed a viable terror. He had managed to capture the stranger beast known as Fringe, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Supergirl. The Teen Titans teamed up with Nightwing, Robin and Captain Marvel, Jr. to rescue them. Through this, the Titans learned that Fringe was an experiment of the H’San Natall equally well. [ 10 ] A few weeks following this deputation, the Titans moved out of the Solar Tower and relocated to a state-of-the-art apartment above Knock Out Video in business district Metropolis. [ 11 ] soon after, the Titans encountered their first super-villain, Dark Nemesis. Dark Nemesis had been hired by Pylon to capture the Titans therefore that he could study their powers. The villains baited the Titans into a trap at the Mall of the Universe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Titans lost their first gear battle against Dark Nemesis and they were captured and imprisoned inside containment cubes designed to negate their powers. The Atom, however, succeeded in freeing them, and the Titans fought back, ultimately defeating their adversaries. [ 12 ] This event immediately led the Titans on a travel to the lost world of Skartaris to rescue their missing teammate, Prysm. During this adventure, the Titans teamed up with Warlord Travis Morgan and his wife Queen Tara against the forces of the evil sorceress, Motalla. They succeeded in rescuing Prysm ampere well as Warlord ‘s daughter, Jennifer Morgan. [ 13 ] On their way home from Skartaris, the Titans made an impromptu arrest at Lost Junction, Canada, where they were forced to contend with a community of cannibals. [ 14 ]


The Titans is made up of ex-members of the Teen Titans who have passed the utmost age limit to be able to join the Teen Titans. Dick Grayson was a adolescent Titan member as Robin, wally West as Kid Flash, Roy Harper as Speedy. The early members have remained with the same identity from childhood to adulthood .

Graduation Day

Main article: Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day The Titans and Young Justice are offered corporate sponsorship by Optitron as a tax write-off, but Nightwing angrily refuses and they ‘re attacked by an android outside. [ 15 ] Both teams are left hospitalize and doubting themselves, but they ‘re forced to go after a rogue Superman Robot the android releases and Omen is killed. [ 16 ] They take down this automaton but Donna Troy is killed in combat, and both teams disband over the tragedy find that it ‘s not deserving having to see their loved ones keep getting killed. [ 17 ] Arsenal and Nightwing go on to accept Optitron ‘s sponsorship and form the Outsiders as a team they can lead without emotional attachments. [ 18 ]

A Kid ‘s game

Main article: Teen Titans: A Kid’s Game Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire decide to mentor the future generation by establishing a new weekends-only Titans Tower in San Francisco and sending invitations to Impulse, Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl. [ 19 ] Deathstroke kills his acquaintance Wintergreen and then ambushes the Titans on Alcatraz island, where he kneecaps Impulse and tells him that kids should n’t wear costumes. [ 20 ] The team are shown statues of dead Titans to understand the risks they take, and Deathstroke reveals that he is actually possessed by his son Jericho who was believed dead. [ 21 ] Jericho battles them while Wonder Girl receives her own magic trick lasso from Ares and Impulse spends a relative class in the library becoming Kid Flash. [ 22 ] Raven appears through a portal then vanishes again when Jericho possesses her, and the Titans are able to relax the adjacent day with Superboy and Wonder Girl sharing a first snog. [ 23 ] The Justice League arrive to check on the Titans and they battle over a misconstrue, until Nightwing arrives to explain that they need to trust the younger genesis. [ 24 ] Deathstroke swears revenge but the Titans relax more happily well-adjusted in their lives once this first weekend is over. [ 25 ]

family Lost

Main article: Teen Titans: Family Lost The Titans get involved when Rose Wilson ‘s foster parents are killed by Wade LaFarge, although they assume this was a gambit by Deathstroke to get his daughter back. [ 26 ] Alcatraz Island reopens in San Francisco, and the Titans are tasked with escorting metahuman prisoners. While they ‘re dealing with Gizmo and Mammoth, Deathstroke hunts Raven with Rose at his side as Ravager. [ 27 ] While Robin is taking them on a joyride in the stolen Batmobile, they receive empathic cries for help oneself from Raven. [ 28 ] The newly Brother Blood intends to marry her, and they infiltrate the Church of Blood to stop him. [ 29 ] This Blood is a Trigon -worshipper, and they wake Raven to stop his apocalyptic prophecy. [ 30 ] Blood is defeated and sent to a Hell-like dimension. raven releases Jericho, but Cyborg is able to trap him on a floppy magnetic disk. Beast Boy convinces Raven to trust her friends and rejoin the team. [ 31 ]

Beast Boys and Girls

Main article: Teen Titans: Beast Boys and Girls The Titans enjoy a weekend off. Superboy travels to Gotham when Robin does n’t show, and finds that Stephanie Brown has replaced him. Beast Boy is cured of his Sakutia, but the virus begins infecting school children. [ 32 ] While Doctor Rovin tries to fix Beast Boy, the Titans round up transform children. Samuel Register is brought in as an technical to help, but reveals himself as a villain called the Zookeeper who is creditworthy for the disease dissemination. [ 33 ] Beast Boy infects himself with the disease again to stop Zookeeper, giving up his find to be normal. Raven decides to pursue a normal life, and Robin returns following War Games. [ 34 ]

Superboy and the legion

Main article: Teen Titans: The Future is Now The Teen Titans ‘ next venture brought them one-thousand years into Earth ‘s future. They teamed up with the Legion of Super-Heroes to struggle a five-hundred penis solid united states army of the Fatal Five. The fatal Five-Hundred ( as they were called ) were made up of one-hundred versions of the team, all of whom hailed from alternate dimensions. During the conflict, Superboy used the Persuader ‘s Atomic Axe to open a rift, sending all of the dimensional counterparts second to their dimension of beginning. As a leave, however, the Legion similarly were lost to eternity. [ 35 ]

Titans Tomorrow

While attempting to return to home, the Titans were sidetracked to an understudy timeline some ten years into the future of their normal timeline. here they met older versions of themselves who had since adopted the legacies of their heroic verse for-bearers. Unlike the real Teen Titans, however, these “ Titans of Tomorrow “ had abandoned their previous ideals of heroism and adopted a might makes right attitude towards crime-fighting. Robin, in particular, was disgusted when he discovered that his older self was murdering criminals with a pistol while donning the list and costume of Batman. The Teen Titans met with a recreant group of erstwhile Titans from this timeline who referred to themselves as Titans East. The members of Titans East hush maintained a smell of virtue and helped the time-lost Titans return to their own era by way of a Cosmic Treadmill. [ 36 ]

identity crisis

Main article: Identity Crisis During this meter, the Teen Titans accepted several new members into their ranks. The first was Mia Dearden, who had only recently taken up the mantle of Speedy, a diagnose previously used by veteran Titan Roy Harper. They besides recruited Dawn Granger, the second champion to uphold the name of Dove. Complimenting Dove was her sister Holly who assumed the character of Hawk. Hawk and Dove began their short-change tenure with the team during a massive struggle in Philadelphia against another honest-to-god Titans foe Doctor Light .

The Insiders

Main article: Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders Superboy shaves his headway and goes on a rampage when Lex Luthor uses their genic connection to brainwash him. [ 37 ] The Outsiders experience a exchangeable betrayal when Indigo is revealed to be a descendant of Brainiac 8. Brainiac and Luthor reveal themselves as the masterminds when they send an army of Superman Robots to slaughter both teams. [ 38 ] The Titans and Outsiders work together to defeat the robots. Wonder Girl deprograms Superboy by releasing her fad through the Lasso of Lightning. [ 39 ] Superboy beats Luthor until he escapes, Starfire destroys Brainiac ‘s ship, and Shift kills Indigo. [ 40 ] Superboy decides to take a foramen at the Kent Farm because he is worry that he will hurt his friends again. Raven visits to assure him that although he is a clone, he does indeed have a person. [ 41 ]

Infinite crisis

Main articles: Infinite Crisis and Teen Titans: Life and Death The Teen Titans played an integral partially in a erratic calamity that has come to be known as “ Infinite Crisis “. During the Battle of Blüdhaven, Superman hand-picked Robin to coordinate rescue efforts in the tease city after it had been attacked by Chemo. respective times during this crisis, the Titans found themselves in slope struggle against the insane Superboy of Earth-Prime. Their fight against Superboy-Prime came at big cost, when the bloodthirsty Kryptonian viciously slaughtered several erstwhile Titans including Baby Wildebeest, Bushido and Pantha. risk was besides seriously maimed when Prime tore his arm off and would have died from substantial rake loss if not for the efforts of Raven. The Titans ‘ greatest loss, however, was when one of their own, Superboy, sacrificed his own life to stop the machinations of Superboy-Prime ‘s creature maestro, Alexander Luthor. A limited memorial to Superboy was erected in Centennial Park in Metropolis adjacent to the one respect Superman. [ 42 ]

One class later

Main articles: One Year Later and Teen Titans: The New Teen Titans When Cyborg awakens from his coma the Titans are down to Kid Devil, Ravager, Robin and Wendy and Marvin. [ 43 ] They ask Wonder Girl back to the team and help her track down the Brotherhood of Evil until Beast Boy arrives with the Doom Patrol. [ 44 ] Robin begins to suspect the Chief is manipulating his team into hating themselves, and they ‘re confronted by Mallah and the Brain who has taken a clone homo body. [ 45 ] After defeating the Brotherhood, Robin helps Mento depose Chief as the Doom Patrol ‘s drawing card although Beast Boy decides to stay with his family. Wonder Girl rejoins the Titans and discovers that Robin is trying to clone Superboy, leading them to partake a bereaved kiss before she runs away crying. [ 46 ]

Titans Around the World

Main article: Teen Titans: Titans Around the World The Titans tried to track down Raven who had been missing ever since the Crisis. Their efforts led them center across the world where they had encounters with russian super-agent Red Star and the atomic heroine Bombshell. At this time, Brother Blood returned to menace them and once again sample to claim Raven as his own. During the ensuing fight, Bombshell revealed herself as a double-crosser, and Miss Martian proved her loyalty to the Titans by fighting valiantly against her. When the thrashing against Brother Blood concluded, the cause behind Raven ‘s fade became known. Having taken the disk containing the animation energy of Jericho, she used magic and Brother Blood ‘s Pool of Blood to resurrect Jericho in a new body. Free of the evil impulses that once dominated him, Jericho returned to Titans Tower as a normal human being. [ 47 ]

Titans East

Main article: Teen Titans: Titans East Jericho ‘s father Deathstroke soon learned of his son ‘s resurrection and sought to make sure that both Rose and he had a place amongst the Titans. In arrange to facilitate a suitable syndicate environment for his young, Deathstroke engaged in an elaborate scheme to force the Titans to accept Rose and Joey into their ranks. To this end, he recruited several super-powered individuals into a new Titans East. Titans East and the Teen Titans battled one another in a fight that brought them all the means second to New York and the original Titans Island. In the end, the Titans proved victorious, but Deathstroke managed to elude get. Neither Rose nor Jericho learned of the true motivations behind their father ‘s actions .


Main article: Countdown to Final Crisis This was besides the period when two more erstwhile Titans lost their lives through acts of ferocity. A rogue Monitor named Solomon assassinated Duela Dent, the Titans West penis who once called herself the Joker ‘s Daughter. It was discovered at this clock that Duela was actually an anomaly from a divergent reality designated Earth-3. [ 48 ] Likewise, Bart Allen returned from the Speed Field now physically older than he was when he first entered it. After a identical brief scrimp as the Flash, Bart was murdered by the Rogues Gallery. [ 49 ] In the midst of ageless chaos and death, two more members joined the Teen Titans. Kid Devil, former buddy to Shadowpact extremity Blue Devil, joined the group concisely before the conflict with Titans East. Supergirl besides joined the team, but her actions following the “ Amazons Attack ” incident caused a rupture between Wonder Girl and she and she left the team after only a few adventures. Jaime Reyes, the raw Blue Beetle began associating with the Titans, but has not officially joined the team. The Titans late participated in a second confrontation with the Titans of Tomorrow, this time accompanied by the cosmic terror of Starro. They besides crossed paths with a modern team of young villains called the terror Titans .

Titans together

A second team consist of the older Titans formed soon after the Teen Titans ‘ struggle against Starro and the Titans Tomorrow. Having distanced himself from the San Francisco team, Cyborg began recruiting young heroes into a new iteration of Titans East. Some members such as Anima had served with the roll in previous incarnations. Others, were amateur heroes like Power Boy and Little Barda who had little have working with a team dynamic. Cyborg suspected that Power Boy was dangerous and chiefly invited him to the group so he could keep an center on him. During a coach exercise on Titans Island, a cryptic attacker attacked the newcomer heroes and Power Boy was killed in the attack. other recruits such as Hawk and Dove and Lagoon Boy were besides greatly injured. [ 50 ] News of this incident reached the former members of the New Teen Titans and the heroes reformed the Titans to investigate the matter. They soon discovered that the menace originated with the engender of one of their most dangerous foes always – Trigon. [ 51 ]


Main article: Deathtrap shortly after the “ Final Crisis “ consequence, the Teen Titans experienced another major roll reorganization. Long-time leader Tim Drake quit the team in the wake of the apparent death of his mentor, Batman. The reign of leadership were handed over to Wonder Girl who had an open registration session, in search of new members. many of those who arrived for the membership drive involved catechumen heroes who were once prisoners of the Clock King and brainwashed into participating in gladiatorial battle at the Dark Side Club. After cautiously analyzing all of the potential recruits, the final roll consisted of : Wonder Girl, Aquagirl, Blue Beetle, Bombshell, Kid Eternity, Miss Martian, Ravager, Static and a now-powerless Eddie Bloomberg. [ 52 ] immediately after its formation, the Teen Titans teamed up with their older East Coast counterparts, the Titans, in club to stop an insane Jericho from killing dozens of people in a trendy New York restaurant. This debacle besides brought the adolescent Titans into battle with a new Vigilante, who had been operating in New York and Gotham City for several months. Both teams succeeded in defeating Jericho, but it was the Vigilante who dealt the villain a crippling reverse by removing his eyes – the beginning of his powers. In Teen Titans Vol. 3 issue 89, Batman and the new Robin, Damian Wayne, arrive at the Tower, and Damian declares himself leader. He belated botches a mission for the team when a telepathic adolescent named Barney is on a rampage, and Raven calms him down, merely to have Damian attack him, and let him escape. In Teen Titans Vol. 3 issue 93, the team encounters a light-powered girl named Solstice after a string of disappearances cause Mrs. Sandsmark to ask the Teen Titans for help. Damian late left the team and was replaced by Red Robin, Tim Drake .


Equipment: Donna Troy ‘s Golden Lasso ; Lasso of Lightning ; T-Phone ; Utility Belt
Transportation: Sky Cycle ; T-Jet ; T-Sub ; Wingcycle


  • Although this team was originally introduced during DC’s Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character’s Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.

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