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Zatanna Zatara

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[ 1 ]
Sorceress Supreme [ 2 ]

Mistress of Magic


John Zatara (father, deceased), Sindella (mother, deceased), Zach Zatara (cousin)


Justice League Dark ·
Seven Soldiers ·
Justice League : team Wonder ·
Lords of Chaos ·
Bizarro League

Formerly Justice League Reserves Bizarro League

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Hall of Justice, Washington, D.C. · Formerly House of Mystery





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Homo Magi



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Stage magician










Prime Earth


Julius Schwartz · Gardner Fox · Murphy Anderson

First Appearance
Justice League Dark #1
(November, 2011)
Quote1.png Easy, no. But possible. Because this is my territory. Spells, Hocus Pocus, demons. It’s meat and drink to me. Quote2.png

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Zatanna Zatara is a mighty Homo Magi. She is an important extremity of the Justice League Dark, using her magic to fight colored magic trick threats.


Zatanna Zatara was the daughter of celebrated sorcerer Giovanni “ John ” Zatara. Zatanna was a successful stage visionary herself before she discovered her true charming powers. She was once in a relationship with the potent mage Nick Necros in New York City. John Constantine came to the city to study under Nick, who became obsessed with the search for the Books of Magic. As a leave of his obsession, John and Zatanna were alienated from him, and fell in love with each other. Nick felt betrayed, and tried to have them both killed by the Cult of the Cold Flame. fortunately, they turned the tables, and his soul was sent to hell. [ 3 ] Eventually, though, John characteristically broke her heart. Their relationship was further strained by the fact that one of his schemes intended to save the global resulted in her forefather ‘s burning to end before her eyes. [ 4 ] Some time late, after discovering that the Enchantress had become a terror to reality itself, Zatanna reunited with Constantine in Madame Xanadu ‘s alleged Justice League Dark, along with Shade and Boston Brand. [ 5 ] Xanadu had seen an apocalyptic future, which she warned would come to pass if they did not all join together in fighting the Enchantress. As it happened, the Enchantress was seeking to reunite herself with June Moone, the homo aspect of herself. finally, John Constantine and Mindwarp managed to bring about a series of events that led to the copulate ‘s confluence. When they realized that the whole ordeal was caused by Xanadu ‘s having split the Enchantress from June Moone in the first plaza, they team disbanded. [ 6 ] however, nightmares soon drove Zatanna and the others to reconvene under Xanadu, who explained that the dreams were potential futures that would come about if they did not remain a team. [ 7 ] Their next mission fell into their laps, as not long after regrouping, they discovered that Andrew Bennett ‘s prematurely death had lead to the unleash of an even older vampire called Cain, who had the power to absorb magic. While Constantine and Deadman searched for Andrew in the afterlife, Zatanna and the others fought off hordes of vampires in Gotham City. [ 8 ] After Andrew returned and absorbed Cain ‘s powers, the team decided to contribution ways even again. however, when John Constantine was contacted by Steve Trevor to locate a mystic artifact, he came to Zatanna for help. In switch over for his aid, John had been promised entry to A.R.G.U.S. ‘ Black Room, a topographic point where mysterious items were collected and protected by the united states Government. John told Zatanna that he had seen her church father ‘s hat in a photograph of the Black Room, and begged her to help him convince the others to reform the team. After gaining two new team members from A.R.G.U.S. and with Andrew Bennett ‘s aid, the team located Felix Faust in South America. There, they discovered that the item they were sent to find was in fact, the map to the Books of Magic. [ 9 ] John wanted to seek out the Books with the map, but none of his team agreed. Zatanna intended to quit—especially after discovering that the narrative of her forefather ‘s hat was a ruse—but Deadman convinced her that if the two of them did not stay no one would be able to make certain that John did n’t get corrupted by the Books when he found them himself. careless, the map was soon stolen by the Demons Three. [ 10 ] When Faust broke into A.R.G.U.S. in research of the identify to the map, Zatanna and the Justice League Dark attempted to stop him. In aid of this, John Constantine had Steve Trevor give him access to the charming items within the Black Room. unfortunately, he besides pocketed the key for himself. This made him a prey for the informer in the team ‘s midst : Doctor Mist. The function and the key were lost to Faust as a result. [ 11 ] Though the map was lost to them, John saw the placement that the books were supposed to be hidden on it : thrashing Swamp. however, Zatanna ‘s scry showed that Faust and Mist had gone to Peru rather. together with Deadman, she went to investigate in Peru while John and Black Orchid went to Gotham. The match were attacked in Peru by the wood charming Blackbriar Thorn. [ 4 ] With Deadman ‘s power of possession, they manage to render the ace powerless for the moment, and are surprised when they discover that he was attempting to stop them from discovering the House of Secrets behind him. The house ‘s stream owner happened to be Nick Necro, returned from Hell at last, and tidal bore to get retaliation on Zatanna and John for their betrayal. Zatanna, however, had been driven to John by Nick ‘s obsession with the Books of Magic. When John arrived with the others, he was surprised to learn of his enemy ‘s identity. In anger, Nick attacked him, causing Zatanna to promise that she would give herself up in central for her friends ‘ lives. Nick accepted the offer, and kidnapped her in the House of Secrets. [ 12 ] While Zatanna was trapped with him, Nick Necro explained that it had been he who engineered the initiation of the Justice League Dark, all as a intend of gathering John and Zatanna together sol that he could exact revenge on them. After arriving in Nanda Parbat with the hope of collecting the Books of Magic, and then killing Zatanna before John ‘s eyes, the unexpected variable of Tim Hunter ‘s fortune to claim them makes Nick change his mind. He warned John that he would kill Zatanna unless John would Kill Tim Hunter in her stead. not wanting to see Zatanna die, John obediently snapped Tim ‘s neck, alone to reveal that it had all been an illusion, thanks to Black Orchid ‘s shape-changing. She then beat Nick nitwitted, distracting everyone from the fact that Tim had been drawn to the Books of Magic. When Zatanna realized that he was about to be taken into another dimension by them, she leapt into the portal site after him, leaving the copulate of them stranded on the other side. [ 13 ] Zatanna and Tim found themselves in another proportion called Epoch, where magic trick had been outlawed by a science-based community of humans called the Network. Having sensed their magic trick power—which appeared to have been augmented by their arrival there—a policeman named Vikar attempted to incarcerate them, but they were taken out from under his nose by the power of some wood nymph. [ 14 ] Underground, Tim and Zatanna learned from the modest population of charming creatures living in hiding that Tim was expected to rule Epoch. When the magic trick users of that world had come into conflict with the humans and lost, a sorcerer called The Hunter had taken the Books of Magic to Earth in the hopes of sending a hero back to turn the tables. Tim was purportedly his successor by blood. [ 15 ] Despite being wary of the fib, Tim and Zatanna decided that they had to lead an attack against Network anyhow when they learned that their friends had followed them and been captured by Vikar. together, Tim and Zatanna lead the united states army to the edge of Network ‘s sphere, prompting Vikar to come for them. [ 16 ] unfortunately, the open of the portal between the two worlds that brought the rest of the Justice League Dark to Epoch had destabilized both realities, and Zatanna would not allow the barren people of Epoch to be killed as a consequence. In order to bring stability back to both worlds, Tim ‘s forefather Jack Hunter entered the portal and convinced Tim to unleash a smash of charming that ended the agitation in the skies, and the war between the two sides. While Zatanna and the others returned home, Tim and Jack remained in Epoch as wizard-kings. John Constantine, meanwhile, had been affected by Epoch ‘s strange effect on Earth-magic, and had been unable to lie, which meant that he had confessed his feelings to Zatanna quite honestly. She was civil enough to ignore it. Following their retort, John ended his team ‘s association with A.R.G.U.S. and Zatanna decided to join him in a Justice League Dark, unchecked by government oversight. [ 17 ]

Trinity War

Billy Batson, the young boy now possessing the world power of Shazam, flew in the nation of Kahndaq to deposit the ashes of his early enemy, Black Adam. This violates several delicacy agreements and could trigger a war between the United States and Kahndaq itself. As the powers of Billy are charming in nature, the Justice League asks Zatanna to come by and help them. [ 18 ] While in Kahndaq, a battle between the Justice League and the JLA is triggered, as Superman unintentionally killed Doctor Light. Soon, Diana makes an hypothesis about what could have led Clark to lose his control : a previous meet with Pandora and her Box. Seeking charming aid, Diana contacts the Justice League Dark. [ 19 ] Zatanna is silent in the A.R.G.U.S. facility where Superman is detained, assisting Batman and Cyborg in the autopsy of Dr. Light to discover if any kind of charming condition was involved in the topic. While performing the examen, the Phantom Stranger appears, telling them Wonder Woman sought the help of the Justice League Dark and this could lead to a calamity. Zatanna follows Flash and the Stranger in tracking down Diana. once in the House of Mystery, two different factions split up : one sustains Batman ‘s point of see, as the detective thinks that Superman ‘s behavior and the Box are all scientifically connected. The other agree with Diana, sustaining that everything is driven by a charming military unit. Zatanna sides with Diana and, when things start to heat up, the sorceress decides to teleport away all of Diana ‘s allies. [ 20 ] After a while, Diana finds Pandora and takes harbor of the Box : the thing is corrupted and it possessed anyone who lays an hand on it, including Wonder Woman. After trying to shield everyone from its corruption, Zatanna finds out Constantine has it : the Hellblazer can not be corrupted by it because he ‘s excessively much corrupted of his own. The two try to escape the remainder of the heroes, who all crave the Box, finding out from Madame Xanadu, who was held prisoner by the Secret Society, that its officiate is the one of a doorway. then, the Outsider, drawing card of the Society, appears telling everyone it ‘s time for him to open it. [ 21 ] Soon, the Box is revealed to be a gateway from another earth and from it, the Crime Syndicate emerges, ready to conquer the planet. [ 22 ]

The death Age of Magic

While performing inside her father ‘s theater, one of Zatanna ‘s easiest tricks goes crazy, summoning an hideous creature that starts to attack the consultation. Wonder Woman comes up, helping Zatanna defeat the monster and protect the people : she ‘s there to recruit the sorceress inside a fresh formation of the Justice League focused on finding why magic trick seems to be broken. Zatanna acknowledges it, but refuses to join Diana ‘s team telling her that the magic trick universe has its own people, and those people should resolve this problem .
After meeting John Constantine before the reunion of several charming beings in Wintersgate Manor and discussing the matter with him, Zatanna notices that Swamp Thing was spying on the run into without actively being in it. She goes to Salem, where the Tree of Wonder grew, and talks with Swamp Thing himself about the matter and his accept on it. Swamp Thing explains her that the Tree was a room for the Omega Titans to measure the Wonder of our universe, but after what happened the Tree has no function, and he ‘s evolving to find another. Zatanna tells him to communicate to the tree that she ‘s angry and that she wants to get manipulate of her magic again, as it is her only way to connect to the earth. The Tree surprisingly answer, in the form of Giovanni Zatara, Zatanna ‘s dad, telling her that the Otherkind and their leader, the inverted Man, are coming to take the magic trick back, as they were their original possessors.

In the vision that her don shows her, she fights aboard Diana and her team, therefore making Zatanna understand that she and Swamp Thing should join forces with Wonder Woman, telling her she understood that charming, and even the planet, have them as their entirely hope. still, she does n’t mention the fact her founder said that a member of the team would be the key to saving or destroying charming once and for all [ 23 ] Thinking that their best possibility is to reach out for the help of Doctor Fate, Zatanna and Diana unwrap that Nabu, the Lord or Order and entity who gives the Doctor its power, imprisoned his host, Kent Nelson, inside the Helmet and took command. As charming, particularly now, is leading to chaos, Nabu decided to ally himself with the inverted Man, making him come to Earth and eat all magic aside, so that finally Order could reign supreme. [ 24 ] After what Nabu said, Zatanna remembers her beget and his teachings : charming staffs, devil blood, even the backwards language the Zatara class used to handle magic, are system of Order to stabilize the violence they are using, but possibly they are even something more. She remembers Giovanni telling her there were creatures in a dark put who did n’t want humans to utilize magic, because it was theirs, and those systems were the merely way to hide magic trick from them. Zatanna realized the monsters his church father talked approximately are the ones that are coming out of the door Nabu opened : they are the Otherkind. Their leader, the inverted Man, is a creature of arrant terror and magic and without campaign destroys most of the members of the team, even depriving John Constantine of its demon blood. When all seems lost, a mark of exponent activates on Wonder Woman ‘s brow, a notice of a type of magic trick Zatanna does not know. The inverted Man is hurt by that exponent and sol Zatanna teaches a spell to Diana to banish the creature away, succeeding in doing then and restoring all the price he made, including bringing Detective Chimp and Swamp Thing spinal column to life. [ 25 ]

The Witching Hour

Zatanna started to help Diana understand and controlling her new world power, but was a small irritate when Diana chose to not talk about it with the Justice League during a converge to talk about what happened with the inverted Man. Back in the Justice League Dark headquarters, Diana suffers a breakdown as Hecate, the goddess of Witchcraft, is trying to take possession of her torso : Wonder Woman was one of the five witch-marked, women chose by Hecate to host her power while the goddess waited an opportunity to size operate of magic. After Zatanna reaches out to Diana to help her control herself, the team escapes through a dimensional portal vein, getting safe into the Oblivion Bar. There, they find out another of the witch-marked, Witchfire, committed a slaughter killing several young witches reunited there for a meet of the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand : witness to it was John Constantine, who a soon as he saw Zatanna come out of the portal site stood up and kissed her. Shocked by John ‘s audacity, Zatanna calms down when Constantine tells her he did it because he ‘s convinced no one will survive the Witching Hour. [ 26 ] Diana then decides to meet Circe on her island of Aeaea, as the Greek sorceress is one of the most faithful servants of Hecate. Zatanna does not agree with the plan, but follows through. In Circe ‘s sign of the zodiac, Wonder Woman and Zatanna start an controversy, as the sorceress tells the amazon that her mind of using the witch-mark power against Hecate herself was dazed and incredibly dangerous : Zatanna knows that magic always comes with a dark, heavy price and she does not want Diana to take so much of a burden. still, Circe is convinced that Diana had a good idea, and with her support the amazon activates her power, opening a portal to Nanda Parbat where another of the witch-marked, Manitou Dawn, is trying to seize the city for Hecate. [ 27 ] In Nanda Parbat, Zatanna and Constantine realize that Hecate wants to control all of magic ‘s places of power : with the instability of the charming dimension caused by the Otherkind, Hecate knows this is the perfective moment to try rewriting magic trick in her own trope. After the battle started, soon Diana was wholly under the control of Hecate and alone Zatanna and Constantine remained to face her. [ 28 ] Talking about what to do, Zatanna discovers from John that he developed a deadly phase of lung cancer after the inverted Man deprived him of his demon blood, and that he will die soon. Hurt by the news of Constantine ‘s illness, the two still find a despairing means to try defeating Hecate, or at least succeeding in freeing Diana of her operate : an exorcism. The two combine their powers and try to do it, but the combination of Hecate ‘s baron, which was different than the common magic Zee and John crafted, and the instability of magic trick itself caused the rite to have a complete different effect : it cured Manitou Dawn and Black Orchid, transferring the world power they possessed all into Diana. [ 29 ] now with about the stallion power of an all-mighty goddess inside her, Diana heads to the concluding place of ability still not in command of Hecate : the Sphere of the Gods. Zatanna and John seem to be destined to die, but all of Justice League Dark ‘s members get transported by Circe back to Aeaea. The witch want them to try a final attack against Hecate because if she gets command of charming, all will be lost. thankfully, in some way Diana came back in command and, opening the door to the inverted man, she defeated Hecate when the giant eat her. After using her last exponent to cure Olympus from the damage caused before, Zee and Diana talk to each early about the consequences of the Witching Hour and the counter-attack to plan against the Otherkind. [ 30 ]

The Lords of Order

After helping Detective Chimp fix the fix he created inside the kingdom of Myrra, now under his protection, Zatanna received from her church father, imprisoned by the inverted Man, a knock-down object : the Ruby of Life. [ 31 ] Combining this endowment with the last message John Constantine left her, to find the dark sorcerer Mordru, Zatanna embarked with Diana in a farseeing research. The two women tried to find information on Mordru, questioning Felix Faust and Papa Midnite about it, but with no success. [ 32 ] The only thing they discover is that Zee ‘s don, Giovanni, met with both Circe and Mordru in the past, probably to discuss something that involved the destiny of his daughter. Trying to find out more, Diana and Zatanna reached Aeaea. [ 33 ] Talking with Circe, Zee discovered that John Constantine was in truth a disciple of her father, who instructed him to be part of Zatanna ‘s life. The wiccan besides told her that they would never find Mordru, but him would find them when the time was correct. angered with both her church father and Constantine, Zatanna transported back both her and Diana inside the Hall of Justice. [ 34 ] There, they found Mordru : the dark sorcerer described to them how he was the one who imprisoned Hecate, taking magic from her. He revealed them how chaos initially ruled magic, but then the Lords of Order, his own comrades, betrayed him and tried to control magic with instruments of Order, like formulas or weapons. Modrdu calm believed in Chaos to be the cardinal and, fulfilling a promise he made to Giovanni, he gave Zatanna and Diana the might of Chaos, transforming both ladies in Lords of Chaos. [ 35 ] Zatanna and Diana gather then with the rest of the League, who was dealing with the Lords of Order themselves. Nabu and the other Lords wanted to destroy magic and trap, sacrificing their own life, the inverted Man. But this was not the solution : with the power of Chaos, Zatanna re-established the power of Jason Blood and then turned into Lords of Chaos all her comrades, Detective Chimp, Man-Bat and Swamp Thing. now joined and almighty, the Justice League Dark was able to extinguish the problem of the Lords of Order and then, imbuing the Ruby of Life with the exponent of Chaos, Diana re-forged the charming organization itself, as Zatanna understood that merely person outside of magic, and not a sorceress like her, would decide in a correct way how magic should be renewed. [ 36 ]

Doomsday Clock

Main article: Doomsday Clock Vol 1 After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Zatanna joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated. [ 37 ]

The Witching War

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The Parliaments of Life

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  • Magic: Zatanna is one of the most powerful magicians in the world, having a mastery over both mystical and cosmic forces and able to manipulate reality. Although she usually performs her enchantments verbally, she is able to cast her spells by other means.[1] She is powerful enough to be considered a “Sorceress Supreme”.[2]
    • Magical Awareness
    • Logomancy: Zatanna is able to speak her spells backwards to initiate a supernatural effect.[13]
      • Black Magic: During her tutelage with Nick Necro, she along with John Constantine was taught black magic by the renown mage, a form of magic known for having a high cost to it’s practitioners.[3] When she was a child, Zatanna use her dark magic to resurrect a dead rabbit. Although this would have caused her a great pain if her father had not redirected the pain to himself.[38]
      • Atmokinesis: Zatanna is able to utilize her backwards spells to manipulate the weather. She once changed rain into falling petals and changed the day cycle in Gotham from night to day, which she completely undid shortly afterwards.[39]
      • Chronokinesis
      • Dimensional Travel
      • Disintegration: Zatanna can use her magic to completely disintegrate objects. She was able to make a Batwing suit disintegrate by saying “edolpxe”.[40]
      • Elemental Control
        • Electro-Blast: Zatanna can use her magic to fire bolts of electricity out of her hands, usually by uttering something like “sdnah fo gninthgil”.[41]
      • Flight: Zatanna is able to walk on air, levitate or even fly. She can also give others the ability to do so, such as when she gave Batman the ability to walk on air[40]
      • Force Field: Zatanna is able to create powerful force fields using her backwards talk to protect herself from supernatural threats such as the dark mists of Enchantress.[42]
      • Gravikinesis: Zatanna can control the gravitational pull of objects using her backwards spells. An example of this is when she uttered “teg yvaeh” on the robot Ascalon to make him fall through a floor.[43] She can also decrease gravity in an area, allowing everybody within a certain vicinity of the spell to float upwards.[39]
      • Healing: Zatanna can completely heal a person of their physical injuries. An example of this is when she healed Batwoman after a traumatic fight with Azrael by simply saying “laeh”.[44]
      • Invisibility: Zatanna is able to turn herself and others completely invisible by uttering something like “nrut elbisivni”.[44]
      • Molecular Reconstruction: Zatanna can use her backwards magic to alter the molecular structure of objects. An example of this is when she said “tius pu”, transforming Bruce Wayne’s tuxedo into a fully functioning Batsuit.[41]
      • Telekinesis: Using her backwards magic Zatanna is able to move objects with simply gestures, such as when she tied cables around Batman’s legs by saying “Dnib sih teef”.[5] She has also burst pipes and created a telekinetic umbrella against the rain using her mind.[41]
      • Teleportation: Zatanna is able to use her backwards magic to teleport herself to anywhere on the globe.[45] She can also teleport others alongside herself, such as when she teleported herself and Batman to her hotel room in Gotham.[39]


  • Occultism: Zatanna is an expert magician with knowledge of innumerable spells and was taught by notable magicians Zatara and Nick Necro.[1]
  • Driving: Zatanna has shown herself capable of driving a motorcycle.[42]
  • Escapology: In preparation for her role as a stage magician, Zatanna was taught how to escape from precarious situations without using magic. By the time she was in kindergarten Zatanna could already escape from a straitjacket while underwater.[39]
  • Meditation: Zatanna’s father taught her a dozen meditation techniques by the time she was 6 years old: Buddhist, Tibetan, Kabbalistic, and Kundalini to name a few.
  • Lock Picking: Zatanna was taught how to pick locks by her father.[39]
  • Prestidigitation: Zatanna was taught sleight of hand by her father as part of her training to become a magician.[41]


Former Weaknesses
  • Logomancy’s Speech Dependency: Zatanna used to depend on having to say her spells backwards in order for them to work. However, she has found several ways around this through means such as sign language and simple gestures with her wand, and she only speaks these as a form of concentration.


  • Zatanna is considered the strongest of the “Magician” classification of magic users, a category in which details any user able to perform magic.[46]
  • Zatanna was born circa 1987, as she was said to be five years old in 1992.[47]


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