DC Comics Abruptly Cancels Fan Favorite Series

In very unfortunate comics newsworthiness, a fantastic DC Comics championship has abruptly been canceled. In the newest DC Connect update from DC Comics, they have announced that Joelle Jones ‘ leading Wonder Girl series will now end with Wonder Girl # 7, meaning that the previously solicited Wonder Girl # 8 will not be released. alternatively, Flor ‘s adventures will continue in the approaching Trial of the Amazons : Wonder Girl # 1 and # 2, which will hit later this year. This is in truth a dishonor, as Wonder Girl was one of the best books DC was releasing, and hopefully, this is n’t the end of Yara ‘s solo serial radiance. You can read the DC Connect announcement downstairs. DC Connect ‘s announcement reads “ The stream run of Wonder Girl concludes with Wonder Girl # 7, on sale January 25. Yara Flor ‘s adventures continue in Trial of the Amazons : Wonder Girl # 1 and # 2, on sale March 22 and April 19, respectively. Wonder Girl # 8, previously solicited in DC Connect # 18, has been cancelled. Stay tuned for more news on the future of Wonder Girl. ”

No intelligent was given, but careless of what that reason was, it ‘s disappoint. Yara Flor is a asterisk and is more than deserve of a alone championship, specially one that was this good. You can read the official descriptions for Wonder Girl # 7, Trial of the Amazons : Wonder Girl # 1 and # 2, and the now cancel Wonder Girl # 8 below. WONDER GIRL #7 CVR B JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO CARD STOCK VAR
( W ) Joelle Jones ( A ) Leila Del Duca ( CA ) Julian Totino Tedesco
After locating the first of her lost sisters, Potira, Yara starts to feel unharmed for the first time in her biography. now she must race against the clock to reunite her tribe as they seek revenge on those who tore them apart in the first place. The gods be damned, these Amazons are ready to take back their report !
retail : $ 4.99 In-Store Date : 1/25/2022

( W/A/CA ) Joelle Jones
“ Trial of the Amazons ” region four ! As Diana ‘s hands become tied from pursuing her probe, she recruits a early ally to help her lawsuit … Cassie Sandsmark ! As Wonder Girl begins to question the Amazons, Yara Flor joins the Contest hop to reconnect with the memory of her lost mother. meanwhile, the evils behind Doom ‘s Doorway grow restless as tensions boil in the world above ! interlock MAIN COVERS TO COMMEMORATE THIS BIG MOMENT IN WONDER GIRL HISTORY !
retail : $ 3.99 In-Store Date : 3/22/2022 WONDER GIRL #8 CVR A W SCOTT FORBES
( W ) Joelle Jones ( A ) Joelle Jones ( CA ) W. Scott Forbes
After being separated from her tribe for years, Yara has finally found her sisters. But there is no time for celebration-the very rainforest they have sworn to protect is in danger ! The Esquecida remained hide from Man ‘s World in the past, but now they will have to reemerge to save their future ! Who seeks to destroy their sacred lands and why ? Find out in the adjacent thrilling chapter of Wonder Girl ! Retail : $ 3.99 In-Store Date : 2/22/2022 What do you want to see adjacent for Yara Flor ? Let us know in the comments or as constantly you can talk all things comics with me on Twitter @ MattAguilarCB !

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