Jeremy Tell (New Earth)

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Mainstream Universe‎, 1986‎-2011‎

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Real Name

Jeremy Tell

Main Alias

Double Down


Rogues · formerly The Society

Base Of Operations

Central City, Keystone City





Public Identity










New Earth


Geoff Johns · Ethan Van Sciver

First Appearance Last Appearance
The Flash: Iron Heights
(October, 2001)
Countdown #27
(October, 2007)

Jeremy Tell was a Central-Keystone area victimize serviceman and gambler, who gained powers when a cursed deck of cards bonded to him. He has since assumed the list Double Down.


During a high stakes game, Tell lost all his money. Angered, he murdered the winner. A mystically “ cursed deck of cards ” the murder man owned enliven and flew at Tell, cleaving and bonding to his bark. Most of his human body was seared off, replaced by the cards. They can detach itself on his command, slicing everything in their direction.

Iron Heights

During his fourth dimension in prison, Murmur released the Frenzy virus at Iron Heights. Tell tried to escape in the ensuing multitude break, but was stopped by Pied Piper. He was taken back to lone parturiency. A belated try to break out was successful. [ 1 ] After escaping Iron Heights, he and Girder were both hired by Penguin to help him establish a crime ring in Keystone City, but was stopped by Flash and Nightwing. [ 2 ]

Green Arrow & Black Canary ‘s marry

In the aftermath of the ambush at the marry of Green Arrow and Black Canary, Double Down shroud in the backseat of a car and escaped with Piper and Trickster. He held them at knife-point to help him in joining in their safety valve [ 3 ]. At a wayside diner, Double Down wanted to join the two in their run from the law, afraid of the holocene supervillain disappearances. The Suicide Squad had tracked them to the diner, and Double Down was taken in. The early two escaped.


  • Magic: Double Down’s powers are a form of cursed magic and have even cut Superman on one occasion.[4]
    • Unique Physiology: Double Down can peel cards from under his skin. He can then throw the cards at a fast enough velocity that they can cut weaker materials, including flesh.
      • Body Art Animation: Double Down has limited control of his cards once thrown. He can change the card’s trajectory and even cause it to stick to a surface. The card’s control is released once Double Down is knocked unconscious.[5]


  • Double Down often uses puns related to gambling, in much the same manner a Silver Age gimmick villain or a huge jerk would.


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