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El Diablo
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June 3, 1981


[ 1 ]

August 8, 2016


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Task Force X ( once ; reluctantly )

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Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization
Suicide Squad: Behind the Scenes with the Worst Heroes Ever


Suicide Squad: Special Ops


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Jay Hernandez

Ain’t got nothing to worry about from me. I’m cool, homie.
―El Diablo to Deadshot[src]

Chato Santana, besides known as El Diablo ( spanish for “ The Devil “ ), was a early metahuman criminal and a member of Task Force X. Santana was apparently born with his pyrokinetic powers ; however, he finally lost control over them and by chance killed his wife and both of his children, which devastated him and led him to willingly surrender himself to the police. Because of this traumatic experience, he was initially reluctant to use his pyrokinetic powers out of guilt and fear, though he ultimately sacrificed his life in order to defeat Incubus and save the world from Enchantress .


early biography

I was born with the Devil’s gift. I kept it hidden for most my life, but the older I got, the stronger it got. So I started using it. For business, you know. The more power on the street I got, the more firepower I got. Like, that shit went hand in hand. You know? One was feeding the other. Ain’t nobody tell me no. Except my old lady.
―El Diablo[src]

Chato Santana was born on June 3, 1981, in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California, [ 2 ] into a syndicate of catholic immigrants from Mexico, and spent most of his childhood in the insomniac custody of his grandma. As the pyrokinetic powers he was born with slowly developed in strength with his age, he struggled to hide these abilities and curbed the temptation to use them growing up. however, this finally led Santana to weaponize them to his advantage and draw him into getting involved in gang natural process at long time 17, moving up the ranks by stealing cars, dealing drugs and sell handguns. Becoming known as “ El Diablo ” on the streets, he was suspected, although never charged, with the murder of fifteen men in East Los Angeles. He thus realized that this might spike his dangerous abilities further and adjusted to the liveliness of a class valet, marrying his high school smasher [ 3 ] Grace and fathering a son and daughter with her. [ 4 ] He operated a landscaping company as a embrace for his criminal activities, so far he was still widely recognized by the greater residential district as a gangster. [ 3 ]

Meeting the Original El Diablo

In 2011, Santana together with his gang was caught in an LAPD flop where he was shot and subsequently arrested. While in the hospital, Santana last came into touch with the original El Diablo, an individual named Lazarus Lane. Lazarus Lane then bequeathed upon him the powers of a minor wrath of vengeance. After being released, Santana then returned to his master life of crime. [ 3 ]

Killing his family

One day, during breakfast, Grace accused Santana of continuing his criminal activities when she dropped a newspaper in front of him which spoke of six people having died in an arson fire in Boyle Heights. Her suspicions were belated confirmed when she found a hoard of money and pair of pistols in their closet, prompting a confrontation between the two. When the married couple had an argument with her baleful to take their children aside to her beget ‘s, El Diablo lost his chasten and had a hard fourth dimension controlling his pyrokinesis. This resulted in him setting their house ablaze, unwillingly killing both Grace and their two children .
Devastated, a contrite El Diablo handed himself over to police custody voluntarily and was subsequently charged to life captivity in a federal prison. Upon entering, he was jumped by several other inmates in the amateur area during a prison belly laugh, prompting him to freak out and torch the entire area, killing anyone nearby. Deemed far excessively dangerous for a federal prison, the ardent homeboy was subsequently transferred to Belle Reve, where he was put inside a container capable of dousing fire. [ 1 ]

Saving the World

Recruited into Task Force ten

That ain’t me.”
“That wasn’t you?”
“Nah, they say it’s me, but that ain’t me. That guy’s gone. He’s dead.”
“And yet, here you are.
―El Diablo and Amanda Waller[src]

At Belle Reve, El Diablo was approached by Amanda Waller and Rick Flag who showed him footage of him killing several inmates. El Diablo denied being the person in the footage saying that person is dead, thwart Waller. Flag tried to talk to El Diablo but was shut down saying that he is n’t going to fight again. Diablo then used his powers to display the give voice ‘bye ‘ to Waller and Flag. When Midway City was attacked by Incubus, the US government called to assemble Task Force X. The cell El Diablo was contained in filled up with water and flushed him out where he was apprehended by guards who injected him with a tranquilizer before he could escape ( although, based on his previous attitude, he most probable, would n’t have tried or wanted to ). [ 1 ]

deployment in Midway City

I don’t want anyone else to be harmed. My struggle is mine alone. My crimes are mine alone. My fate should be mine alone.

―El Diablo[src]

The Squad were then briefed by Rick Flag on how they are to go about accomplishing their mission. El Diablo then gathered his gearing and changed into street clothes and watched with everyone else as Harley Quinn got changed. El Diablo then commented on how they were the ones who were going to die on the mission saying they were being led to their deaths. The remainder of the team started to make jokes about El Diablo ; Captain Boomerang asked if his tattoo washed off, Harley asked if he could light a cigarette with his little finger and Deadshot reminded them that he could torch the solid area. He then reassured the squad that they do n’t have to worry about him. When the team had geared up, they were informed by Amanda Waller about their mission and what they are to do. If they were successful on their mission they would receive time off their prison conviction but if they fail, they would die. The police squad gathered in a helicopter and were about to head off to Midway City when Katana joined them. Task Force X crash-landed in Midway City and they made their way to retrieve Waller when Captain Boomerang and Slipknot attempted to escape. After witnessing Slipknot getting his head blown off, Rick Flag threatened the rest of the Squad. [ 1 ]

Retrieving HVT1

Hey, you were some help, princess.”
“It’s better this way. Trust me.”
“Oh, yeah, you’re the fire bloke, eh?”
“Yeah, I was, yeah.”
“Right. Yeah. Hey. Well, looky here. It’s fire! Woooo!
―Captain Boomerang and El Diablo[src]

The team proceeded when they came across some of Enchantress ‘ minions who became hostile and began to attack them. While the rest of the team fought off the creatures, El Diablo stayed out of the way and decided not to fight because he is afraid that he would lose restraint. After the battle Captain Boomerang approached El Diablo and mocked him about not helping holding up a light and taunting him .
The police squad made their way to John F. Ostrander Federal Building where they made their manner upstairs where they were ambushed by Enchantress ‘ minions. once again El Diablo stayed out of the way while everyone fought off the creatures which made Deadshot pull him aside and tried to get him to fight. Becoming angry with Deadshot having a run at him, he used his powers to eliminate all of the remaining enemies which shocked the police squad on how mighty he is. El Diablo and the perch of the team waited while Rick Flag and Deadshot went to retrieve Amanda Waller. They were greeted by Waller who threatened to blow their heads off when Captain Boomerang suggested to kill her and Flag. When they were on the rooftop, a chopper hijacked by the Joker opened fire on the squad so El Diablo took cover. When Harley Quinn escaped and Deadshot went to shoot her, El Diablo watched believing she had been shot lone to reveal to be pretending. The team watched as the chop got shoot down and blow up thinking Harley had died. [ 1 ]

Drowning Sorrows

See, when I get mad, I lose control. You know, I just…I don’t know what I do…till it’s done.
―El Diablo[src]

As the squad left the build they saw Harley Quinn calm alive to their storm. After being informed that Flag and Waller were responsible for Enchantress causing the destruction due to a fail mission, the squad decided to go to a barricade and have a drink. El Diablo orders a urine and they listen to Deadshot review the mission and that they are the ones who will be blamed. El Diablo then preached to Deadshot and told the hale squad about how he used to rule the streets and unintentionally killed his wife and children .
After hearing El Diablo ‘s floor Harley started to have a start at him, telling him to own what he has done and that he ca n’t have a convention life until Deadshot and Boomerang get Harley to back off. Flag then joined them and told them that he is in love with June Moone and that he needs to stop the Enchantress. Flag told the squad that they are free to go but they decide to stay to help him, making surely that everyone will know what they did. The police squad all got ready to fight Enchantress and Incubus and made their way through the destroyed educate station. [ 1 ]

Self Sacrifice

Ya te chingaste, guey.[5]
―El Diablo to Incubus[src]

As they made their direction, Deadshot asked El Diablo if he was going to fight with them which he answered by being worried that he would lose dominance, which Deadshot said would give them a luck. When they reached the Enchantress, Flag told them to draw out Incubus so they can blow him up when on the spur of the moment Enchantress sensed them and told them to come out. She then showed the police squad what they want and that she can give it to them. She showed El Diablo with his family alive until he breaks from her reality and owns that he can not change what he did .
He then pleads to the rest of the squad to reject the realities Enchantresses promises them ( e.g. Deadshot killing Batman and Harley having a family with the Joker ), telling them that it is not real. An enrage El Diablo then goes to confront the Enchantress, rebelliously declaring that she ca n’t control him or the police squad. They are then attacked by Incubus who easily overpowers the group. El Diablo then volunteers to get Incubus in the corner so he can be blown up. Stating that he is not going to lose another family to Enchantress, he goes and fights off Incubus to protect the police squad with his powers which temporarily affects him until he knocks El Diablo away .
El Diablo gets second up and uses his powers and transforms into a bally skeleton embodiment and manages to overpower Incubus and get him into the corner. He then thrusts his superheated arm right through Incubus ‘ extremely durable thorax, weakening him until his arm got stuck in Incubus ‘ chest due to his healing factor and Incubus chokes him and reverts him back into his original homo class. Flag tells him to get aside from the bomb calorimeter, but knowing that he ca n’t, he tells Flag to blow the fail killing both Incubus and himself. Chato saved Task Force X and the earth from Incubus ‘ and Enchantress ‘ decimating ability. [ 1 ]


I’m a man, okay? I ain’t no weapon. I’mma die in peace before I raise my fists again. I’ve caused enough harm.
―El Diablo to Rick Flag[src]

Chato Santana was initially a bootless and opportunist homo prone to anger, as he notably used his pyrokinesis powers to his advantage, becoming a knock-down and successful gang drawing card. however, Chato could n’t fully control his pyrokinetic superpowers when enraged, which ultimately resulted in him unintentionally killing his wife and 2 children during an angry family sprinkle. Devastated by his act, Chato voluntarily surrenders to the authorities and becomes a far more composure, collected, beneficent and recluse individual than earlier, not ever wanting to kill another person with his powers again. Hence, El Diablo was the calmest and beneficent member of Task Force X. He initially refuses to join the tax push, and tied after joining, is extremely hesitant to use his powers unless absolutely necessity. Despite being withdrawn though, Chato relatively quickly befriends Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Rick Flag, and is promptly to save them from Enchantress ‘ mental inquisitory, which he overpowers due to his superior mental fortitude ( which came as a result of him having become skilled at holding back his fad ). ultimately, Chato dies heroically, going all-out with his powers ( as a huge flame avatar ) and sacrificing his life in club to defeat Incubus and save the populace from Enchantress .

Powers and abilities


This is my hell, and nobody’s gettin’ out.
―El Diablo[src]
  • Pyrokinesis: El Diablo has the metahuman ability to generate and manipulate fire to a multitude of dangerous effects, from setting a match aflame, to making fire emerge on the floor of the jail he was kept inside. At full power, El Diablo can generate entire huge columns or concentric blasts of flame from his palms, but his power can also be as precise as lighting a candle, and even crafting intricate designs out of flames (such as a crown, spelled words, and the dancing figurine of his late wife), similar to holograms.
    • Fire resistance: El Diablo’s powers provide him with a rather high degree of resilience to fire and heat, as seen when he was unharmed even by extremely hot and intense flames he produced. He is not completely immune, however, as he was killed by an explosion.
Let me show you what I really am.

―El Diablo to Deadshot[src]
  • Transformation: El Diablo can transform at will into a tall, flaming skeleton avatar with a demon-like appearance, whose size and power rival those of Incubus. This is likely part of the powers of a minor wrath of vengeance that were bequeathed to him by Lazarus Lane. El Diablo’s pyrokinesis is even hotter and deadlier in this form, to the point that the flames turn blue-hot. With this intensity, El Diablo is able to counter the mighty Incubus, even able to thrust his superheated arm right through Incubus’ extremely durable chest. Thus, when going all-out, El Diablo is the most powerful and formidable member of Task Force X, with Amanda Waller referring to him as one of the most powerful metahumans she had ever encountered (only inferior to Enchantress, Incubus and the Flash).
    • Superhuman strength: El Diablo, when in his giant flaming avatar form, has incredible superhuman strength, though not quite the same level as that of Superman or Wonder Woman. His strength was able to match that of Incubus, however he was eventually overpowered and pinned down by the mystical giant, after his hand got caught in Incubus chest.
    • Superhuman durability: El Diablo, when in his giant flaming avatar form, has incredible superhuman durability, though not quite the same level as that of Superman. His durability allowed him to withstand Incubus hits. However, being strangled by Incubus forced him into his ordinary form, in which he was killed by an explosion of a powerful bomb from a close range.


Ora sí cabron.[6]
―El Diablo to Incubus[src]
  • Skilled combatant: El Diablo was a very effective physical combatant, thus he was able to battle and hurt Incubus while he was in his flaming avatar form, however he was eventually overpowered by the mystical giant. El Diablo may have also been a skilled fighter even before he was incarcerated in Belle Reve, having been a formidable gangster.
  • Skilled marksman: El Diablo, while not on par with Deadshot, seems to have been a highly skilled marksman, given the many guns his wife eventually discovered in their house.
  • Bilingualism: El Diablo can fluently speak both his native Spanish (Mexican dialect) and English.
I can’t change what I did. And neither can you!
―El Diablo to Enchantress[src]
  • Indomitable will: El Diablo possesses an exceptionally strong willpower and mental fortitude, which allowed him to be the only one to snap out of Enchantress’ telepathic vision on his own, and then to help Deadshot, Rick Flag and Harley Quinn do the same.


  • Water vulnerability: Since his powers are fire-based, El Diablo cannot use them while he is wet, and the flames he produces can be extinguished as any normal flames.
  • Power instability: El Diablo, although he had improved over time, also had difficulty controlling his powers. According to himself, he loses control whenever he gets too angry (which is what caused the accidental deaths of his wife and children). Which is the reason why he isn’t put in a regular cell.



  • In the DC Comics universe, El Diablo is a name shared by three characters which include Lazarus Lane and Rafael Sandoval.
  • He is the only member of the squad to willingly sacrifice himself, rather than be sacrificed by the higher ups.
  • David Ayer confirmed on Twitter that El Diablo was originally meant to live in the original script, prior to reshoots.[7]
  • Interestingly, after El Diablo’s sacrifice, the ‘Killer App’ phone screen that Waller displays to the Suicide Squad that has the pictures of Task Force X mugshots, still has El Diablo’s picture unchanged from the rest of the squad as if he wasn’t killed, while Slipknot’s picture is blacked out as he was killed by Flag using the ‘Killer App’ when he tried to escape. It isn’t known if this was an error by the filmmakers, or still displaying his picture because he wasn’t specifically killed by the ‘Killer App’, or if it is hinting at El Diablo surviving his apparent death.

Behind the scenes

  • Alex Armbruster and Simon Girard were stunt doubles for Jay Hernandez in the role of Gomez.


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