Infinite Frontier

After the diversion of the infinite Multiverse, and a look into a potential future of her population, Wonder Woman, who has ascended after the kill of The Batman Who Laughs, is offered a role by thorium

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Official Name

Infinite Frontier


Prime Earth


Wonder Woman ;
Batman ;
Superman ;
Justice League ;
Superboy ( Jon Kent ) ;
The Flash ( Barry Allen ) ;
The Flash ( Wally West ) ;
green Lantern ( Alan Scott ) ;
Green Lantern Corps ;
Arsenal ;
Stargirl ;
Teen Titans ;
President Superman


Darkseid ;
The Scarecrow,
The Joker ;
Merlin ;
Injustice Incarnate ;
Simon Saint ;
Mongul ;
Magistrate ;
Hugo Strange ;
Per Degaton ;
Clock King ;
N’Vir Free ;
Great Darkness

Magistrate;N’Vir Free;


Bluebird ;
Catwoman ;
Green Arrow ;
Grifter ;
Harley Quinn ;
Mister Miracle ( Shilo Norman ) ;
Punchline ;
Red Hood ;
Robin ( Damian Wayne ) ;
Suicide Squad ;
Supergirl ;
Swamp Thing ;
Red X ;

Red X;


Infinite Frontier Vol 1, Action Comics, Batman Vol 3, Batman/Superman Vol 2, Batman : urban Legends, Catwoman Vol 5, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Lantern Vol 6, Harley Quinn Vol 4, The Joker Vol 2, Justice League Vol 4, Mister Miracle : source of Freedom, Nightwing Vol 4, Robin Vol 3, Suicide Squad Vol 7, Supergirl : Woman of Tomorrow, Superman Vol 5, The Swamp Thing, Teen Titans Academy, Wonder Girl Vol 3, Wonder Woman


Joshua Williamson · Scott Snyder · Xermanico

First Appearance
Infinite Frontier #0
(May, 2021)

Infinite Frontier is the name of the raw era of DC Comics, following DC Rebirth. Rather than serve as a line-wide boot, Infinite Frontier keeps the previous stories canon, while making many of the pre- Flashpoint storylines canon excessively. It besides focuses on newly or reintroduce characters, while allowing writers more creative freedom in telling their stories .


After the refreshment of the infinite Multiverse, and a look into a potential future of her population, Wonder Woman, who has ascended after the frustration of The Batman Who Laughs, is offered a character by the Quintessence among them in return for saving the Multiverse. Wonder Woman however feels hesitant since she had been warned about a threat if she “ resume ” the Multiverse, and wants to know that her friends and class have not been affected by the changes brought to the Multiverse. In order to assure her, the Spectre takes Wonder Woman on a travel where she witnesses that her friends and family are indeed safe, and besides learns about the newly threats and their future journey. Some changes however had occurred in her universe, including Alan Scott ‘s children Jade and Obsidian being restored to the timeline along with the Infinity, Inc., while Alan himself still looked youthful, unlike when the heroes were fighting The Batman Who Laughs. other effects had besides occurred, like Roy Harper being resurrected.

After witnessing the fresh frontiers that have opened up and learning that anything is possible, Wonder Woman decided to reject becoming a part of the Quintessence, since she wants to live it rather than just witness it. As she departed, the Quintessence traveled to Earth Omega, where they have already imprisoned the menace she was warned of. What they imprisoned however soon escapes and attacks them, before revealing itself as Darkseid, who has finally achieved his true form after his by versions were combined into one.


Infinite Frontier


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