The Best DC Movie Reveals Of 2020

here are DC ‘s greatest movie reveals of the by year. 2020 has been a year few will forget promptly, not least the movie diligence, which has been upended by the outbreak of COVID-19. With theaters closed and production either restricted or shut down completely, studios have been forced into their delaying their 2020 movies or finding alternative ways to distribute while recouping a much money as possible. Warner Bros. is no different, and the DC movie slate has been affected massively. In a world without coronavirus, Wonder Woman 1984 would be old news, and fans would be quickly gearing up for The Batman in the raw class. In reality, DC has n’t seen a proper movie release since the critically-acclaimed box function bomb calorimeter, Birds of Prey, spinal column in February .
happily, it has n’t all been doom and gloom for DC in 2020. Despite the world ‘s current predicament, Warner Bros. has delivered some monumental reveals over the by 12 months, from groundbreaking casting and new-look superheroes, to major villain additions and the unblock of a fabled interchange cut. Hollywood may have been paused for most of 2020, but 2021 and beyond looks undeniably exciting for DC movies, and the follow reveals could allow future output to compete with the MCU more evenly than previous years .
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DC ‘s 2020 will possibly be remembered more for the imagination-stirring movie reveals than for the constant delays and recurring controversies. These are DC ‘s best big screen revelations of the past year, ranked from worst to best .

15. Wonder Woman Goes To HBO Max

HBO Max 2021 slate and movies released

The most recent DC unwrap is arguably the most disgraceful of the bunch. Following a series of COVID-related delays, Wonder Woman 1984 will release on HBO Max coincident with movie theaters in available regions. This is obviously great news for HBO Max subscribers, and with many cinema screens however closed across the world due to lockdown measures, this liberation strategy seemed to be the least-worst choice. Warner Bros. avoids another delay, theaters get a larger share of ticket sales, and fans in COVID-high areas can however see Diana ‘s latest adventure. But the positive side of Wonder Woman 1984 ‘s passing plan has been tempered by the subsequent announcement that all approaching 2021 Warner Bros. movies will take the same route – a controversial plan that has divided opinion .

14. James Gunn Writes A Peacemaker Spin-off For Fun

John Cena as Peacemaker

People did some weird things during lockdown. Becoming obsessed with Joe Exotic, baking banana boodle, and adopting the art of using toilet bankroll meagerly, etc. James Gunn, on the other hand, decided to write a by-product series for John Cena ‘s Peacemaker character. The early WWE champion was cast in Gunn ‘s upcoming The Suicide Squad ( more on that late ) as the gun-toting B-list DC bomber, real name Christopher Smith, and Gunn was sol taken with his live-action Peacemaker, he wrote a television receiver show that was subsequently green-lit for HBO Max. production is presently afoot .

13. Gotham Take 2

The Batman and Gotham Gordon

The Suicide Squad is n’t the lone approaching DC movie bleeding into the kingdom of television. With Robert Pattinson set to debut as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, Warner Bros. announced that Matt Reeves ‘ Gotham City would branch out into a multi-project population spread over several mediums. The first confirmed by-product is a police-based HBO Max TV series focusing on the exploits of the GCPD, and if that premise sounds companion, take a glance over at Fox ‘s Gotham, which aired its final sequence way, room back in … 2019. Set prior to The Batman, when Pattinson ‘s vigilante has only recently emerged, Terence Winter of Boardwalk Empire fame will oversee the new series .
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12. Shazam 2 Gets A Title

Releasing domestically the like month as Avengers : endgame, DC ‘s 2019 Shazam movie flew slightly under the radar, but the precede and humor were both positively received, and Zachary Levi will reprise his character as Billy Batson ‘s superhero alter-ego in a 2023 sequel. At DC ‘s Fandome consequence back in August, the follow-up was officially christened Shazam ! craze Of The Gods – a style that suggests the divine beings who bestowed the might of Shazam upon Billy are n’t happy with how he ‘s using those gifts. by the way, the Fandome on-line conventionality was considered a runaway success, and many of the reveals on this list exhale from that consequence .

11. Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile

Robert Pattinson stands next to the Batmobile in The Batman

Although the full impact of Robert Pattinson ‘s approaching Batman debut may or may not be explored further down, the early months of 2020 brought official images of the updated Batmobile. Against conventionality, the vehicle proved to be a souped-up muscle car, rather than the regular tank of previously movies, hinting toward the more amateurish, DIY aesthetic Matt Reeves’ The Batman has adopted .

10. The JSA Members Join Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has been occupying Black Adam ‘s lead function for what feels like an eternity, but the project seems to be rock bottom of the actor ‘s disturbance tilt, as Johnson continues to develop his condition as a Hollywood leading man. ultimately, 2020 heralded meaning developments for the Black Adam movie, with the DC Fandome unwrap that the Justice Society of America would be involved. This means the likes of Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone will be introduced to the DCEU. If that was n’t adequate for one class, Black Adam cast Noah Centineo in the Atom Smasher function, and Aldis Hodge as Hawkman. While these castings are surely excite, the buzz has been reasonably muffle due to Black Adam losing its release date in the wake of Warner Bros. ‘ COVID reshuffle .

9. Deathstroke’s Return

Justice League Snyder Cut Deathstroke Knightmare

The 2017 Justice League movie ends with Joe Manganiello ‘s Deathstroke converge Jesse Eisenberg ‘s Lex Luthor, leading into a Ben Affleck Batman movie and a future Injustice Society storyline. Alas, this post-credits tease amounted to nothing, as Affleck departed the franchise and Justice League was critically panned, forcing a reconsideration of the DCEU franchise. Deathstroke ‘s future was left tantalizingly open, as the exciting prospect of Manganiello as Slade Wilson looked to be wasted. fortunately, the DC materialistic has been confirmed for the approaching Justice League Snyder stinger, sporting a fresh haircut for the juncture. While Deathstroke ‘s function in the Snyder snub remains to be seen, allowing the character to find redemption after being draw apart in 2017 is cause for celebration in itself .

8. Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah Transformation

Like every other studio, DC has n’t had much to build towards in 2020, with the exception of Wonder Woman 1984, which was primitively set to drop in the midst of the global lockdown. Nevertheless, the hype machine for Diana Prince ‘s 1980s-set sequel has been effective, and 2020 finally offered a close look at the movie ‘s main villain in her wide feline aura. Wonder Woman 1984 ‘s first dawdler arrived in late 2019, and revealed Diana ‘s golden armor, the come back of Steve Trevor, and Kristen Wiig in her human form. however, DC intentionally held back on unveiling Wiig ‘s Cheetah design until the Fandome trailer in 2020. Wonder Woman 1984 ‘s Cheetah appearance has been largely well-received, blending comedian authenticity with the practicalities of live-action .
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7. The Snyder Cut Is 4 Hours Long & Shooting New Scenes

Steppenwolf in Justice League Snyder Cut

2020 has brought a new Snyder stinger reveal virtually every early workweek, and this list could consist entirely of revelations regarding the approaching Justice League 2.0. Narrowing down the most important developments, however, it ‘s hard to look beyond Warner Bros. ‘ confirmation that the Snyder switch off would be a 4-hour mini series on HBO Max. Reports besides emerged suggesting Snyder was filming new footage, which merely heightened anticipation and reinforced how different the new cut will be compared to the 2017 version that featured extra meddle by Joss Whedon. The four-part social organization should allow Zack Snyder to tell his wide Justice League history, and bring those ideas to fruition without having to worry about running time.

6. The Suicide Squad’s Impressive Cast

the suicide squad 2

For months, casting rumors had been swirling round James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad – a sort-of-not-really sequel to the critically maul 2016 original. many of the names had been confirmed by behind-the-scenes images, but there remained a feel of unbelief over the size of this star-studded ensemble. As part of DC ‘s Fandome consequence, however, a The Suicide Squad puzzle officially introduced each extremity of the team, revealing the likes of Idris Elba, John Cena, Peter Capaldi and Michael Rooker alongside existing hurl members such as Margot Robbie and Viola Davis. The swerve scale of the talent involved was something to behold and, watching the “ Roll Call ” television, it ‘s difficult to avoid feel this is Suicide Squad last done right .

5. Colin Farrell As Penguin

Colin Farrell as The Penguin in The Batman

While the film itself has been subjected to respective push-backs in the wake up of COVID-19, the first gear trailer for The Batman proved a monumental release, and has aggressively ramped-up ballyhoo for the Robert Pattinson earned run average. Paul Dano ‘s Riddler appears to be the precede antagonist, but the villain is being kept appropriately enigmatic, with the preview never showing his face or full costume. Some are flush speculating that the emerald-tinged figure glimpsed in the preview is n’t Riddler at all. however, 2020 gave Batman fans a much clean look at Colin Farrell as The Penguin. Although the condemnable is expected to play a relatively minor character in Pattinson ‘s inaugural day on the job, Farrell ‘s shocking transformation left a last impression, and Penguin ‘s design proved indicative of The Batman ‘s creative direction .

4. Jared Leto’s Joker Is Back

Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad

Joe Manganiello ‘s Snyder baseball swing rejoinder is a huge share, but Deathstroke is n’t the biggest name returning in 2021. In October, newsworthiness broke that Jared Leto ‘s Joker would besides feature in Zack Snyder’s Justice League do-over. After much anticipation, Leto made his DCEU debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad but his already-controversial blueprint combined with a non-existent floor, resulting in failure. then Joaquin Phoenix won an academy award for playing the like character lone 3 years later, and Leto looked to be done with DC. The addition of Leto to Justice League is a thrilling surprise that could finally do justice to his Clown Prince of Crime .
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3. Michael Keaton & Ben Affleck Both Return As Batman

Batman Michael Keaton Ben Affleck

The reelect of Jared Leto was n’t even close to the most shock DC movie reprisal of 2020. A DCEU Flash movie has been in the works for years, constantly in a state of flux with a flurry of rewrites, revolving directors and an uncertain relationship with the Flashpoint comedian. For the inaugural half of 2020, most district of columbia fans were indifferent to the planned Flash alone movie, diffident whether the visualize would evening happen. And then Michael Keaton decided to reprise his character as Bruce Wayne from the Tim Burton Batman movies. not message with breaking the continuity of one superhero franchise ( see Morbius ), Keaton ‘s older Dark Knight will join Ezra Miller ‘s Flash in the approaching 2022 film directed by Andy Muschietti. As if that was n’t enough, Ben Affleck besides agreed to appear as DCEU Batman, having departed a few years anterior. With 2 unlike Batmen and a time-traveling Barry Allen, suddenly The Flash has all the potential in the world .

2. Robert Pattinson Is Vengeance

Robert Pattinson in The Batman Trailer At DC FanDome

It would n’t be a proper Batman casting announcement if a incision of fans were n’t enormously displeased by the choice of actor. widely known as the glistening vampire from Twilight, opinion was predictably split when Robert Pattinson was unveiled as DC ‘s newly Batman in mid-2019. A year late at DC ‘s Fandome event, the worldly concern finally saw Pattinson in action, and the reception was nothing light of ecstatic. Pattinson ‘s angst-ridden young Bruce Wayne meshed absolutely with the brooding noir of Reeves ‘ Gotham City, and abruptly The Batman was the hottest movie on either side of the DC/Marvel separate. The Bat-suit and Batmobile were revealed earlier in 2020, but both were outshone by the raw Caped Crusader in full swing. Pattinson ‘s Batman gets his specify moment when asked “ who are you supposed to be ” by a face-paint street condemnable. alternatively of saying that catchphrase, Battinson pummels one of the thugs to within an column inch of his life and retorts, “ I ‘m vengeance. ” Chills .

1. The Snyder Cut Is Happening

Justice League Snyder Cut Darkseid Image Celebrates Movie Anniversary

undoubtedly the best DC reveal of 2020, and arguably of this year ‘s integral cinematic calendar, is the long-awaited confirmation that the Snyder cut would be coming to HBO Max in 2021. Snyder fans had been campaigning solidly for Warner Bros. to allow the completion of the director ‘s DC vision, after Joss Whedon had controversially taken the reins on Justice League. Some questioned whether the Snyder cut even existed, and even those who believed it did doubted a major studio apartment would ever admit defeat. And then, in one of the 2020 ‘s few bright spots for the movie world, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was confirmed. Forcing such a dramatic u-turn is massive in itself, but DC fans will nowadays get to see Darkseid, Knightmare, and much more bring to resolution after the disappointment of 2017 .
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