DC: 10 Most Exciting New Comics Announced for Release in 2022

DC looks set to have a great year in 2022 and it ‘s not hard to see why. DCEU and the DCAU alone have some of the most hype superhero films and animations coming to screens bad and modest, including The Batman, Black Adam, and Catwoman : Hunted just to name a few .
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But what about the DC amusing books ? This class is set to look great for comic ledger fans besides and with special re-releases, new floor discharge begin, bus collections, and recent bow coming to an end. It ‘s decidedly a capital year to be a DC fan and while more could be easily added, these are just some of the many titles to look fore to in 2022 .

A New Red Hood Series from Shawn Martinbrough

Jason Todd in the DC comics

While no title has been revealed however, the newsworthiness of a sword newly six-part series revolving around one of the most beloved DC anti-heroes, Jason Todd aka Red Hood, is exciting enough. But it could not be in better hands as Shawn Martinbrough is a good adequate reason to get buzzed about this newfangled project .
previously an artist for the thief of Thieves comic book series written by Robert Kirkman ( godhead of The Walking Dead and Invincible ), Shawn Martinborough took up the task of writing Red Hood # 51. The new report arc of Todd returning to his old vicinity and balancing vigilantism life sentence was enough for readers to be engrossed. It looks like DC agreed deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as he will now return with another modern adventure around the Red Hood .

Tails of the Super-Pets Retro Collection

The Super Pets gaze at the horizon in DC Comics.

With the release of the approaching DC League of Super-Pets film reintroducing audiences to the furred sidekicks of everyone ‘s favorite superheroes with Krypto the Super Dog leading the pack, it ‘s no surprise to see respective books due to be released around these potent pets. But among them, the Tails of the Super-Pets collection will be great for newcomers .
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The softcover book will contain several storylines from the likes of Action Comics and Adventure Comics. As a while of history around some of the more peculiar sidekicks these heroes ever had, this should besides please fans of these original stories in one koran .

A New Batman/Superman: World’s Finest Series By Mark Waid

Superman poses in DC Comics.

Throughout DC ‘s comic book history, there have been countless times where multiple superheroes teamed up to either take on a modern menace threat or barely to show them as social teammates. But none have ever come stopping point to the friendly competition between Batman and Superman thanks to the writers and artists creating new stories time and time again .
This latest interpretation sees Superman needing the help of Batman after being attacked with a chemical weapon by Metallo and from the front cover of the foremost issue alone, it looks like they will be kept interfering along the way. With Mark Waid, the writer of Superman : Birthright and Kingdom Come, and Dan Mora, a seasoned artist at DC joining forces, it looks like fans of these icons will be in for a treat .

Justice League # 74

Black Adam holds a shield and weapon in DC Comics.

Famed writer Brian Michael Bendis ‘ will finally leave the Justice League comics with the 74th issue. The late discharge focused on Black Adam, the classic villain of Shazam, as he becomes a extremity of the Justice League to redeem himself. But just as it seemed that his days as a bad guy were behind him, things look set to promptly escalate .
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The nefarious Lord of Chaos, Xanadoth, returns and takes on the Black Adam form, using his powers in order to try and defeat the protectors of Earth for good. But how will the award-winning series end ? curious readers should pick up Justice League # 74 to find out .

Trial of the Amazons # 1

Wonder Woman leads the Amazons at dusk in Trial of the Amazons # 1

With over eighty years of stories around Wonder Woman and the Amazonian warriors, never has there been quite the crossing over consequence as Trial of the Amazons looks set to be. Bringing together the talents behind Nubia & the Amazons a well as the more late Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl titles, fans can be expected to see these familiar faces polish under a new light .
While not much is known about the independent narrative itself, it does promise a might contend that will bring together the Amazonian heroes that readers have enjoyed the past few years. And with such a massive crossover event with these characters, fans can expect a history that will define the DC comic books for years to come .

Batman # 121

Lex Luthor gazes as the moon hangs above him in Batman comics.

end year’s latest Batman storyline, Abyss, introduced everyone to the Dark Knight ‘s latest enemy who besides shares the lapp name as the title. And throughout the naturally of multiple issues, it looked as though Superman ‘s longtime adversary Lex Luthor was creditworthy for finally taking down the Caped Crusader.

Despite many Batman comics set to be released this year, the mystery behind Lex Luthor ‘s outline will finally be revealed. With the strike cover of this emergence featuring a towering Luthor in the background in what appears to be a Batman suit of his own, it looks like Bruce Wayne might have ultimately met his match .

The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus 2022 Edition

DC Comics the Death and Return of Superman

2022 will be a major thirtieth anniversary for one of the greatest storylines DC has ever published. Thirty years ago this year saw the begin of the iconic The Death of Superman storyline which saw the Earth ‘s champion being the lone one to stop the apparently durable doom but only at the monetary value of his own life .
however, with the nature of comedian books, the Return of Superman saw Clark Kent lift from the scratch and return to his duty as a hero once more. many have seen the events of this floor play out in films like Batman v Superman : dawn of Justice and Superman : judgment day, but this hardback will surely be a sought after item for those ultimately wanting to dive into the original series that inspired plots in their favorite DCEU and DCAU properties .

Tom King Writes Batman: Killing Time

The Riddler, Catwoman, & Killer Croc prepare to battle in Batman: Killing Time

Tom King, the writer of the acclaimed The Sheriff of Babylon series, and comedian book artist David Marquez join forces to create this all-new Batman story. And it looks set to be a fun and potentially dangerous armed robbery that readers wo n’t soon forget .
The Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler get together to steal a respect artifact from none early than billionaire Bruce Wayne. But with three iconic villains being teammates might turn this burglarize into a deadly calamity. And set in a time when Wayne is silent learning the ropes of becoming the Batman, this could end in a dangerous game for any one of them .

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! Concludes

The Joker lifts a weapon to kill in Suicide Squad: Get Joker.

Another comedian starring the Red Hood, Suicide Squad : Get Joker ! looks like it will be an irregular and gripping read from start to finish in this hardback. For those readers who may not know, the Joker closely killed Jason Todd, previously the second Robin and buddy to Batman, before returning from the dead and becoming the Red Hood .
now as the drawing card of Task Force X, the antihero looks set to exact his revenge on the criminal clown. But with a team filled with some pitiless villains, including the irregular Harley Quinn, it looks like Jason Todd will surely need to watch over his rear and stop the Joker ‘s rain of terror once and for all .

War for Earth-3 Begins!

Heroes battle villains in front of the White House in DC Comics.

This new and excite crossing over event could be one of the most hype releases for DC fans even as not besides will readers see the reelect of the Crime Syndicate, but they will besides see the Flash, the Suicide Squad, and Teen Titans uniting to stop them. furthermore, they must find the originator behind Task Force X, Amanda Waller, before it ‘s besides belated in Earth-3 .
And as potentially exhilarating as this is, it does n’t stop there. This storyline will besides impact the approaching issues of The Flash, Teen Titans Academy, and Suicide Squad as we see our heroes taking on their evil duplicates from this parallel and hostile earth .
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