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Cassandra Wu-San



Vital statistics

Real name

[ 1 ]

Cassandra Wu-San

Reading: Orphan

Birth year

[ 2 ]





  • Z-10[3]
  • B-36[4]

Physical description



Hair color


Eye color




[ 1 ] Sandra Wu-San (mother)


  • The Team
  • Batman’s team (formerly)
  • League of Shadows (formerly)


Batman [ 5 ]

Production details

First appearance

Triptych “ Image gallery ( 4 ) Orphan ( real name Cassandra Wu-San ) is a dumb young hero who is a penis of the Team. A runaway from the League of Shadows, she is mentored by Batman .


early life

Cassandra Wu-San is the daughter of League of Shadows -member Lady Shiva. From an early age, she was subjected to a brutal government by her mother to make her the perfect assassin. This included damaging her outspoken cords, so the merely lyric she would learn was body language. This besides left her body, and peculiarly her face, covered in scars. [ 1 ]


In January, [ 6 ] she was sent on her first mission, one for the Light : joker was dissatisfied when he learned the on-key determination of the Injustice League, and threatened to blow up the United Nations. Cassandra would have to take him out. She observed from the shadows as Batman and his protégés defused his bomb, and as he escaped in the dark, she saw her chance to strike. Before she could land the baseball swing of her sword, Batgirl pushed him away and took the stumble. It hit her spine and immobilized her from the waist down, and she explained to Cassandra that she did not do it to save Joker ‘s life, but rather hers. [ 7 ] Batman recruited her for his screen team, joining Robin ‘s team, with Cassandra adopting “ Orphan ” as her codename. [ 8 ] She began learning to read, write and use american english Sign Language. [ 9 ]

Gotham City

Robin and his team were trailing Mad Hatter, who was recently released from Arkham Asylum. After Robin discovered the crook left mud behind, Orphan rushed ahead and cut Mad Hatter in two with her sword, revealing him to be Clayface. They followed him to a warehouse, where the real Mad Hatter oversaw part of the Branchwater meta-human smuggling ring. The police squad fought the mind-controlled Clayface, but Mad Hatter blew up the warehouse as he escaped. Orphan and the others made it out safely. [ 8 ]


The Batcave
eastern time

Orphan was among a group of Batman ‘s team who called in to a meet of the Justice League and affiliated teams. As share of the meet, Batman ‘s team was folded into the League and the Team, making Orphan a member of the Team. [ 10 ]


Star City

Orphan joined respective members of the team at the Vault to discuss two electric potential defectors from the League of Shadows, Onyx and Cassandra Savage. Orphan did not think either could be trusted. [ 11 ] Orphan had refused the leave the Vault, despite foremost Spoiler and then Tigress coming to relieve her of guard duty. Orphan reacted strongly when Tigress let Cheshire in, but relented when Tigress told her it was necessity for the mission. After Cheshire had interrogated both defectors, the group was attacked by Black Spider and Rictus. Orphan crusade with her sword and, after the sword was taken by Spider, bow and arrows, until she was knocked unconscious by Lady Shiva who had snuck in via Shade ‘s powers. Shiva demanded Tigress render savage to Santa Prisca or she would kill Orphan, then left with Orphan and her minions. [ 1 ] Shiva visited Orphan in her prison cell, where Orphan was chained by her hands. Shiva expressed her disappointment that her daughter had not only failed her first mission, but defected from the League and Shiva. [ 7 ]

Santa Prisca

At Orphan ‘s cell, Spider and Rictus reported to Shiva that they had lost contact with some guards, leading them to assume Tigress had arrived. Shiva made it clear that she would not allow Tigress to leave with either Cassandra and that, despite the Light wanting the data stolen by savage, Shiva ‘s precedence had constantly been getting her daughter back to give her a second chance. Some time later, Oracle found Orphan with her mini-drone. oracle promised her help oneself, and the monotone ejected a lock in cream to allow Orphan to free herself. concisely after, the drone returned with Tigress, Cheshire and Onyx, but they were soon surrounded by Shiva and her Shadows, who demanded their capitulation. [ 7 ] tigress distracted the Shadows to buy time for Orphan to free herself. once free, Orphan threw the lockpick into the lights, plunging the room into darkness. The two groups began to fight, with Orphan initially taking on Shiva. Orphan did not fare well in the fight and, at Oracle ‘s recommend, Tigress swapped with her, leaving Orphan to face Rictus. Once the lights came bet on improving, Shiva once more demanded their surrender, but Shade teleported the group away. Shiva was able to follow through the portal vein. They emerged on the beach. Though vastly outnumbered, Shiva demanded Orphan ‘s fall, and provoked her by threatening to have Barbara killed. Orphan began to fight Shiva, even as Oracle pleaded with her to stop. Orphan impaled Shiva through the amphetamine abdomen and prepared to behead her, but at the final here and now stopped. Orphan flew away with her rescuers on the Super-Cycle as her beget ranted at her from the beach. [ 12 ]

Key West

The group went to a safe house to recover, but when Cheshire fled, they pursued her. [ 12 ]

Caribbean Sea

They took the Super-Cycle in pastime of Cheshire ‘s helicopter, but when they caught up just short of Infinity Island, Cheshire drove them into the water. [ 12 ]

Infinity Island

orphan watched as Tigress and Cheshire argued, and Sensei and Ra ‘s alabama Ghul offered Cheshire and Onyx help to recover from their lives as Shadows. [ 12 ]

Gotham City

Orphan and Barbara shared a embrace in Barbara ‘s apartment. [ 12 ]

Happy Harbor

Orphan attended Conner and M’gann ‘s wedding. [ 4 ]

The Watchtower

Orphan was partially of Beta Squad, led by Nightwing, sent out as part of the search for Perdita Vladek. [ 13 ]

Powers and abilities


  • Swordsmanship: As a former member of the League of Shadows,[11] Orphan was raised by Lady Shiva to be the ultimate assassin and weapon.[1] She is trained in swordsmanship, as she skillfully cut Clayface in two with her sword, and later sliced him apart once more.[8] She also cut through Black Spider’s webbing with ease.[1]
  • Marksmanship: Orphan can also throw Batarangs[8] and use a bow and arrow.[1]
  • Acrobatics: Orphan is very agile, as seen when she evaded Clayface and comfortably dropped into a room from the ceiling.[8]
  • Stealth:[8]
  • Telepathic resistance: Orphan was trained to thwart psychic readings.[1]



Background data

  • Cassandra Cain is the second Batgirl. She is daughter of Lady Shiva and David Cain. The alias “Orphan” was used in the New 52, but her costume is based on her time as Batgirl.
  • This is her first animated appearance.


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