DEA Washington Division Launches Operation Overdrive

WASHINGTON – Today, the Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ) announced their new first step — Operation Overdrive — aimed at combatting the rising rates of drug-related violent crime and overdose deaths plaguing american communities. In January, the DEA Washington Division announced their raw data-driven approach to combatting crimson crime and overdose deaths across the area, in decree to devote its law enforcement resources to where they will have the most impingement : the communities where condemnable drug networks are causing the most harm .
Operation Overdrive, launching in 34 cities and 23 states across the U.S., is launching in 3 cities in our area – Baltimore, Maryland ; Washington, D.C. ; and Richmond, Virginia. Operation Overdrive aims to use a data-driven, intelligence-led approach to identifying and dismantling condemnable drug networks operating in areas with the highest rates of violence and overdoses. The DEA Washington Division, working in partnership with its companion federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, has mapped these threats and initiate enforcement operations against networks in these locations, to combat the write out .
Operation Overdrive revealed alarming trends about the networks that the DEA has mapped. The huge majority of the identify criminal drug networks in this area are engaged in accelerator ferocity and similarly crimson crimes. These criminal drug networks sell fentanyl and/or methamphetamine – extremely dangerous drugs that are causing the huge majority of overdoses in our communities .
today, the tri-state sphere, arsenic good as the United States as a wholly, is facing an unprecedented overdose epidemic, claiming 275 lives every day. ferocity, much associated with drug-related activeness, is besides rising precipitously nationally : in 2020, homicides increased a read 30 percentage, and baneful drug overdoses increased well over 40 percentage in our area to an all-time high. In 2021, the DEA and its law enforcement partners seized more than 8,700 firearms connected to investigations of drug traffic organizations. The DEA Washington Division, along with its local anesthetic partners, is rolling out Operation Overdrive to combat these issues head-on.

“ The effects that drug-related violent crimes have on victims, families, and our local communities are a obvious as they are tragic, ” said DEA Washington Division Special Agent in Charge, Jarod Forget. “ We will not stand for fierce crime in our neighborhoods. Whether it be gun-related crime, drug overdoses, or other crimes we see ravaging our sense of security – we are standing up against the problem. We ’ rhenium committed to working hard, along with our area partners, to bring a greater feel of safety to all of our residents. ”
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