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Real name:

Otis Flannegan

First Appearance:

Detective Comics #585

Created by:

( writer )
( artist ) Alan Grant (writer) John Wagner (writer) Norm Breyfogle (artist)



Reading: Ratcatcher


Control over an army of sewer rats, manipulation over various things with cyanide gases, gas gun

Portrayed by:

Alex Morf – Gotham

Taran Noah Smith – Batman BeyondAlex Morf – Gotham

Taika Waititi

once employed as an actual ratcatcher in Gotham City, Otis Flannegan soon started using his strange ability—an affinity with and the ability to control rats—to stage a diverseness of crimes. finally, his control over the vermin grew until he threatened Gotham with a authentic army of rodents. Incarcerated many times at Blackgate Prison, The Ratcatcher can cause as much damage behind bars as without, using his patriotic, trained, pets to relay messages and transportation materials inside the maze of ventilation ducts that wind throughout the giant prison .


New Earth


once an actual rat catcher in Gotham City, Otis Flannegan sank into a life of crime like he sank in the sewers he previously worked in. Though he ‘s been imprisoned numerous times in his career ( he ‘s a even in Blackgate prison ) for assault, kidnap, and looting ( much like other lesser known Gotham ‘s Rogues ), Flannegan calls himself, “ The Ratcatcher ” because of a particular trait he was given ( where is never explained but the park assumption is he was born with them ) : the ability to communicate with and train rats. While the little furred united states army at his operate is, at inaugural glance, a preferably odd and apparently useless giving, The Ratcatcher has used his minions to plague Gotham on more than one occasion. Imagine, if you will, a single denounce. Small, weak, but queerly intelligent ( just like Flannegan, who possesses an leftover similarity in look to the modest creatures. ) But, think multiply this single barbed rodent by tens of thousands ; a apparently unstoppable sea of rats able to attack on a near biblical scale, all under The Ratcatcher ’ s control condition. In prison, Flannegan is able to communicate within the prison with other prisoners, and is able to smuggle items in and out, with the serve of his humble friends .

classify appearances

The RATCATCHER subsequently made an appearance among respective other villains ( Including Killer Croc, Hugo Strange, KGBeast, Crazy Quilt, Wrath II, Tobias Whale, and the Ten-Eyed Man ) on the cover of once Known As the Justice League # 4 .
even though Flannegan is n’t the most devious or most knock-down of Batman ‘s rogues veranda, nor is he considered as harebrained, his accelerator mask and vermin control gear ( due to the environment he works in ), has allowed him to be a desirable villain among the criminal underworld. He besides had a friendship with the minor rogue Magpie who counts him as a good supporter and ally thought he is well older than her .

Infinite crisis

When Infinite Crisis began, the Ratcatcher was being protected by, in summation to his scab friends, the homeless community. When he was discovered and being taken away, one of the dispossessed attempted to aid Flannegan, but was well knocked aside by the arresting officers. The man turned out to be an OMAC in hide, and the wound apparently initiated its handout. The OMAC identified the Ratcatcher as a da gamma level threat and vaporized him .

Prime earth

Batman Eternal

Ratcatcher was amongst the central rogues recruited by Cluemaster to assist in destroying Batman for Owlman. other members of the inner circle included : The Prankster, Lock-Up, Firefly and Signalman .

Powers and abilities

The Ratcatcher possessed thorough cognition of Gotham ‘s sewer system and Blackgate Prison ‘s layout. He besides possessed the ability to communicate with and train all rats. The Ratcatcher besides notably overvalued rodent animation, particularly in comparison to human life.

In other media


Main article: Ratcatcher 2

A female version of Ratcatcher, Cleo Cazo, appears in the film as a fresh member of the Suicide Squad, portrayed by Daniela Melchior. The original Ratcatcher, who remains nameless, appears in flashback, played by Taika Waititi .


Batman Beyond

A character called Ratboy exchangeable to Otis Flannegan named Patrick appeared in the Batman Beyond episode “ Rats ”, and was portrayed by Taran Noah Smith. He is a flex runaway adolescent who resembled a rotter earning him the dub of Ratboy from his bullies. Looking for seclusion, he fled to the sewers where he learned he could control rats and tried to use the ability to seek revenge on those who bullied him .
While the Ratcatcher does not appear himself, he is alluded to in the one-fifth and final examination season. During No Man ‘s Land, a gang called the Soothsayers was among the many villain groups who claimed territory in Gotham City. They are visually based on the New 52 blueprint of the Ratcatcher, since they all wear like gas masks and dungarees. additionally, the Ratcatcher ‘s main environment in Gotham ‘s sewers is besides referenced, as the Soothsayers ‘ chief goal is to dig a tunnel system under the Gotham River .

Video Games

  • Ratcatcher appears as a boss in the video game Batman: Dark Tomorrow, voiced by Jonathan Roumie. He is shown to be one of the villains released by Joker during the Arkham Asylum breakout. Ratcatcher is the first of the Arkham escapees to fight Batman, their conflict taking place in the Gotham Sewers.

Batman: Arkham Series

Main article: Ratcatcher ( Arkhamverse )

The Ratcatcher is mentioned several times in the Batman: Arkham video recording games. however, the character does not appear himself .

  • While the Ratcatcher does not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum, his gear and his gas mask can be seen in the Ventilation System of the asylum’s Botanical Gardens. Scanning them unlocks both his profile and solves a riddle.
  • Ratcatcher appears in the Batman: Arkham City comic series as part of the jury put together by Two-Face for Joker trial. After the proceedings, he and the other villains find him guilty.
  • Ratcatcher also does not appear in Batman: Arkham City, though is referenced several times. A poster for Flannegan’s Pest Control can be found, scanning which unlocks solves another Riddler Challenge and unlocks an Arkham City story. In retold stories, it was revealed that he retreated to the sewers of the Arkham City prison, using his rats to steal supplies from the Penguin’s Museum. Flannegan also sold many of the stolen products to petty criminals. When Penguin discovered his actions, he had his men drag Ratcatcher to the museum to be never seen again. While it is believed Cobblepot killed Flannegan, a conversation in the game can be heard between two thugs discussing another thug being eaten alive by rats, alluding to the possibility that Otis was still alive.
  • Ratcatcher appears in batman : Arkham Knight – genesis comic series, a prequel to the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. The series confirms that he survived his encounter with Penguin, though lost his left arm and eye. After cornering Hush in the Gotham sewers and believing him to be Bruce Wayne, Ratcatcher tries to feed him to his rats. However, he is attacked by the Arkham Knight, who kills Flannegan and his pets with a high-voltage taser. His body is discovered by Batman some time later.
Psychological Profile

The Ratcatcher real name : otis Flannegan TELL MAINTENANCE TO INCREASE RAT POISON AROUND CELL. psychological profile : suffer from acute accent anthropomorphic delusions, Flannegan is so convinced that he can control rats, that he has persuaded many of Arkham ‘s inmates, orderlies, guards, and even other doctors that he commands this antic ability. personally, I don ’ metric ton consider “ attest ” provided by the Batman to be convincing of anything, and find it much more likely that Flannegan has manifested a unique variation of a Messiah complex.

Additional Notes I ‘m hesitant to administer aggressive treatment before foremost doing a entire write-up on his condition ; it could be an easy way to get published and pander naming rights to a newly documented perturb. If entirely there were n’t so many abominable vermin constantly swarming in his cell .

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