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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Duke Thomas (son)

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Gotham City





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Prime Earth


Scott Snyder · Greg Capullo

First Appearance
Batman and the Signal #2
(April, 2018)

Gnomon is the beget of Duke Thomas.

A mysterious immortal entity, Gnomon calls himself the Eternal Light. He formed a marriage with Elaine Thomas, but she fled when she was fraught. Gnomon spent years looking for his successor and finally came to Gotham. He was disgusted that his son, now going by the appoint Signal, worked with Batman – a man Gnomon felt represented everything that pushed the people rear.

To lure out his son, he empowered numerous delinquents in the Narrows. He besides installed a generator that would overload – and the plosion would either kill Signal or evolve him if he absorbed the powers. Detective Aisi dart Gnomon and arrested him. He goaded her with her past failures and blamed her for Signal ‘s end deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, but he was rescued by Batman.


  • Unique Physiology: As Duke’s father, Gnomon shares many of Duke’s metahuman abilities and some unique to himself. He also appears to have a connection to Eighth Metal, amplifying his abilities when sunlight is filtered through it. Gnomon claims Duke has his “infinite blood”, implying he may be immortal.
    • Photokinetic Vision: Due to sharing biological characteristics, Gnomon shares the same photokinetic powers as his son, Duke Thomas. Gnomon is more experienced than Duke, being more acclimated with his power allows him to do things his son can’t such as sharing Duke’s visions and get impressions of his thoughts.
      • Retrocognition
      • Precognition: Gnomon has the same precognitive abilities as his son but due to his experience has better reaction time, giving him a significant advantage over Duke
    • Telepathy: Gnomon has some form of telepathy that allows him to communicate across long distances.
    • Mind Control: Gnomon has demonstrated some level of mind control over the metahumans he created and can even manipulate non-Metahumans to some degree; inducing sleep in Detective Aisi
    • Immortality: Gnomon claims to be hundreds, if not thousands, of years old.

  • The Gnomon is the part of a sundial that casts a shadow.


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