Titans: 10 Things Only DC Comic Fans Know About Starfire

Starfire has always been a standout member of the Teen Titans. There ‘s batch about her comic adaptation that non-readers might have missed out on. The express Titans did a great job introducing amusing koran characters to a larger hearing. It features many iconic comedian bible heroes, such as Nightwing, Raven, or Starfire. Despite her importance in the comics and as one of the co-leaders of Teen Titans, there are placid enough of things people might not know about Starfire .
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From the true extent of her powers to her home plate satellite or her reasonably complicated love life, Starfire, besides known as Kory Anders, is an flush more complicate character than Titans would have their fans believe .

10 She’s Very Strong

Starfire fights General Zod Starfire has demonstrated the extent of her powers before on Titans. however, she ‘s even stronger in the comics. She was able to fight General Zod or defeated Terra who was a Black Lantern at the time of their competitiveness .
Starfire can even hold her reason in a battle when she takes on a larger number of opponents than precisely one. At one degree, she fought both Wonder Girl ( Donna Troy ) and Mon-El and they had perturb containing Starfire with all of her persuasiveness .

9 She Has A Lot Of Other Powers

Starfire stands side by side with Donna Troy Despite what the show has claimed, Starfire has a set of other powers at her disposal in the comics. therefore much so she ‘s one of the most potent members of the team .
She can send out an stellar project, is capable of flying, can learn multiple languages via touch, and has a super sight. The list does n’t end there, though, and if the usher depicted all of Starfire ‘s powers, she could easily defeat everyone else .

8 She Comes From Tamaran

Starfire talks about her home planet The prove has briefly addressed the question of Starfire ‘s home, but not in big detail. Starfire comes from the planet Tamaran that ‘s 26 light year away from Earth. Unlike other fabricated races ( such as the Vulcans from Star Trek ), Starfire ‘s people are chiefly driven by emotions, not logic .
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And good like Starfire, other people from her planet besides have multiple extra powers. however, the ability to fire star bolts is Starfire ‘s peculiarity because it ‘s not a biological trait, rather a consequence of a scientific experiment .

7 She Wore Different Outfits

Starfire wears a silver outfit Starfire ‘s most iconic kit in the comics combines the colors purple and flatware. however, she besides sported other outfits in the comics .
In the New Teen Titans, Starfire wears primarily a argent outfit and a very revealing one at the top of that. Her clothes on the display kept the empurpled color but early than that, do n’t look very much like her comedian book expressive style .

6 She Looks Different

Starfire looks out of a car in Titans While it has no impact on the display ‘s plat, Starfire – and her people – look different in the comics than on the show. Starfire has long bolshevik hair, not the unnatural pink shade seen on the read. She has orange/bronze skin and piercing green eyes that are her most define feature, right alongside her undimmed hair .
On the prove, Starfire has night hide, dark hair, and a different hairdo. She ‘s besides not angstrom improbable as in the comics where Starfire is 6ft 4inch while actress Anna Diop is just 5 ‘ 7 ”.

5 She And Nightwing Are A Couple

Starfire and Nightwing are a couple The show has hinted at the fact that there ‘s something going on between Dick and Starfire. They had a brief fling in the first season. however, Dick seemed to have wanted to distract Starfire from her agate line of questioning by kissing her. They did n’t address it again subsequently .
The couple has a much more stable relationship in the comics and they have been in concert for quite some time. It remains to be seen if the express will ever bring them as close .

4 Raven Ruined Her Wedding

Starfire is getting ready to marry Nightwing Speaking of Starfire and Dick in the comics, their kinship progressed so well they decided to get marital. unfortunately for the couple, it did n’t happen – and Raven was responsible .
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just as Dick and Kory were about to become a husband and a wife, Raven crashed their wedding and attacked the Teen Titans who attended it. It ‘s true that Raven was n’t herself at the time, as her evil alter-ego acquire over, but it still stopped the marry from proceeding .

3 She Didn’t Do So Well During Flashpoint

The Flash Running At Super Speed In Justice: League: The Flashpoint Paradox Barry Allen ‘s travel back in time in the Flashpoint had a negative impact on multiple heroes. Starfire was one of them. She ended up joining sides the Amazons ‘ Furies, a group of warriors .
Considering her platitude of powers, Starfire equip in well between them. But she finally met her tragic end when Dick, of all people, blew up a building Starfire was in at the time .

2 She Shared Her Powers With The Titans

Justice League Ray Fisher Cyborg Starfire ‘s powers are indeed remarkable that other people shared it at a time. In the storyline Teen Titans: Earth One, Starfire was captured after coming to Earth .
STAR Labs then used her DNA to give special powers to several people, including Jericho, Terra, or Cyborg, to name equitable a few. Considering Starfire is easily one of the most mighty Titans, this does n’t come as a surprise .

1 Her First Appearance

Starfire uses her power in New 52 fair like many Titans members, Starfire has been around for a while – despite the fact that it took her decades to appear in a live-action adaptation. Starfire ‘s first amusing book appearance dates back to 1980 .
It happened in DC Comics Presents # 26 and her creators are Marv Wolfman and George Perez. With Starfire, their finish was to create an estrange heroine who would be both a highly adequate to fighter and a beautiful princess.

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