Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Just Cameoed in DC’s Latest Superhero Movie (Photo)

One of the most vocal voices for the DC Extended Universe is none other than Dwayne Johnson. Ironically, the star hasn ’ t even had his own movie—yet. His character, Black Adam, has his own film due away late this class .
Before then, however, he ’ ll be leading another come out of the closet : DC ’ s League of Super Pets. The animate venture sees The Rock spokesperson Krypto, Superman ’ randomness frank, as he ’ second forced into action to save the earth from a menace that even the Justice League can ’ thymine pulse .
Audiences around the worldly concern seem to be enjoying the experience—though fans were undoubtedly surprised when it came fourth dimension for the movie ’ s post-credits tease. While Johnson may have led the fun animal adventure as Krypto, in the movie ’ randomness close minutes, viewers got to see the actor ’ s favorite anti-hero hit the screen a little bit early on .

Black Adam Gets a Cameo

DC ‘s League of Super Pets has last hit theaters worldwide. The film stars Dwayne Johnson as Krypto, Superman ‘s canine companion, as he ‘s forced into action to save his headmaster ‘s life—and potentially the world.

While audiences are raving about the film, it ‘s the post-credits scene that has gotten fans talking. In fact, the film ‘s star has immediately made an Instagram post calling care to the newfangled animal in the chase house : Anubis, the dog of Black Adam .
The scene in question sees Black Adam travel to John Krasinski ‘s Superman as he ‘s playing with Krypto. While the anti-hero ‘s face is n’t seen, the back of it bears a clearly resemblance to how the character looks in the approaching Black Adam live-action film .
Black Adam, Superman
DC Comics

In his mail, the actor thanked audiences “for making Super Pets the #1 movie [in America],” while then turning the attention to Black Adam ‘s cameo aboard Superman at the pawl park :

“ THANK YOU for making SUPER PETS the # 1 MOVIE… but did you stay til the VERY END credits … You guys already know how I feel about SUPERMAN vs BLACK ADAM … the Indestructible Force meets the immovable Object. ”

As exciting as it is to see the Man of Steel adjacent to Black Adam, fans probably were n’t expecting to meet Anubis, who Johnson declared as “the baddest, meanest, antihero canine walkin’ [on] God’s green earth:”

“ With the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE we had an opportunity to build out this amazing animated universe in a big, fun, cool way … therefore three-ish Teremana ’ sulfur late I came up with an end credits idea… allow me to introduce the baddest, meanest, antihero canine walkin ’ [ on ] God ’ s fleeceable earth…. ANUBIS … complete with his new darling dally – squeezy Bruce Batman … ”

Black Adam, Anubis
DC Comics

To cap the social media post off, The Rock teased how “[they] have major plans to build out [both] the Black Adam DC Universe [and also] the DC Super Pets Universe:”

“ At Seven Bucks Productions, we have major plans to build out the BLACK ADAM DC UNIVERSE and nowadays the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE with our partners Warner Bros. and DC Comics – and SUPER PETS & BLACK ADAM is fair the begin. ”

The Hierarchy of the DC Pet Universe is About to Change

While fans have wanted to see Black Adam and Superman share the screen together, this credibly international relations and security network ’ t what many were thinking. It ’ s about a pity it had to happen in DC ’ s League of Super Pets foremost .
If the animated movie ever gets a sequel, Adam ’ s pawl Anubis is about surely going to play a major character. This would probably mean that Dwayne Johnson would end up voicing three different characters in the lapp film.

While The Rock surely loves to flaunt Black Adam, it ’ randomness great to see him explicitly play on pairing the character with Superman. It at least shows that the concept is on his mind and could very well make it into a live-action speculation down the wrinkle .
Though, one has to wonder why the general audiences seem to want to see him go up against Superman more than they do his arch-nemesis Shazam. however, given late interviews with the director of Zachary Levi ’ s approaching movie, Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil sharing the shield seems to be closer to reality than Billy Batson taking on the big bad anti-hero any time soon .
DC ‘s League of Super Pets is now playing in theaters worldwide, Black Adam hits theaters on October 21 later this class, and Shazam ! craze of the Gods lands on December 21 .

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