Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire says he’s burnt out on the post-apocalypse

Netflix ’ randomness Sweet Tooth is a surprise passing from its source material, the amusing serial written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. But unlike most amusing ledger adaptations that change a draw in the transfer, it ’ s not about simplified character origins or costume tweaks .
Sweet Tooth has a vastly different tone in its television receiver embodiment. It ’ south placid about a half-human half-deer son named Gus, who joins a bored bounty hunter to venture out of his childhood refuge and into a big, dangerous, post-apocalyptic populace — but it ’ randomness much bright and hopeful than the 2009 comic series of the same name .
To Lemire, that ’ s ideal .
Polygon spoke to the writer-artist over Zoom, where he said that given his own experience with adapting early cultivate to television receiver himself, he knows that stories tend to change in the process. Sweet Tooth is no exception, and some of those differences have naturally made a amusing about a virus-borne crash of refinement and human children transforming into persecuted animal hybrids — into a television series that ’ s lighter than his original.

“ My drawing style is pretty bare, as opposed to this exuberant photography in New Zealand, right ? ” he said with a laugh. “ That alone creates a ocular difference, that ’ s reasonably dramatic. And then the ferocity, obviously, is much more hint in the indicate than in the comic. [ … ] You can actually show things in a draw on a piece of newspaper with child characters around, that feel more appropriate or satisfactory than if we had child actors [ around ] that same grade of violence. It can be much more shock [ in live action ], and not in a good way, necessarily. ”
But most of all, according to Lemire, Sweet Tooth on television is more colorful and optimistic because of how much pop culture has embraced stories about black post-apocalypses since the amusing first shoot shelves .

Gus sits in a tunnel underground, hugging his knees, his antlers growing up into the dirt into blood-red roots, on the cover of Sweet Tooth #9 (2010).

2009, Sweet Tooth was Lemire ’ s way of making his mark on a sci-fi subgenre that he ’ d eagerly devoured while growing up. “ I mean, it ’ s lone been 12 years or any, but in that 12 years the universe ’ s changed a lot. And besides we ’ ve seen a short ton of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction on screen door since then. Jim [ Mickle, who created the Sweet Tooth series, ] felt, and I agreed, that if we were going to do a post-apocalyptic matter on television, you needed to find a raw fish on it, or else some of that ocular speech would start to feel a piece run down. ”

He besides just feels burnt out on post-apocalypse as a sports fan, not just a godhead. “ I loved it growing up, but I don ’ thyroxine find myself seeking it out anymore. [ … ] I like that the indicate feels like a fresh choose on it, where it ’ randomness kind of a welcome rate to go to. ” And then, of course, there ’ s the position of life through an actual ball-shaped pandemic and the changes it forced on society. The first episode of Sweet Tooth was filmed in 2019, with the gang alone able to return to New Zealand to continue filming in fall of 2020 .
And thus like its traveling protagonists, the Sweet Tooth TV serial strives to discover something newfangled in an environment already well-scavenged.

“ [ We were ] think of it as a post-post-apocalyptic universe, ” Lemire said, “ where you ’ re coming out of the ugliness, and the earth is starting to return to nature ; it seemed to fit actually well with the themes that were already baked into the history. [ … ] I do think that there ’ south inactive quite a bit of darkness in the show, it ’ sulfur just presented in a different way, and similarly, there ’ s a set of heart in the comedian was just presented possibly in a slightly different way. In the end it ’ s all the same characters, and they ’ rhenium gon na be hitting all the same history beats. They might get there in a different way, or they might have added new characters and things, but on a whole, I feel like it very is even Sweet Tooth and I feel truly glad with it. ”
But the best separate of having a angelic Sweet Tooth on Netflix is that its creator gets to plowshare it with his own son, Gus, who was born as he was working on the foremost few issues of Sweet Tooth the comic .
“ now, my Gus is basically the lapp senesce as the character Gus, and surviving a pandemic, ” Lemire told Polygon. “ So it ’ s the weirdest thing, but it ’ mho cool to sit there and be able to watch it with him, and for him to ask me questions about it. ‘ Is this in the book ? Is that separate in the book ? ’ and merely me explaining ‘ Oh, this part ’ sulfur in the book, that part was a little different. ’ ”

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