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DC: The New Frontier was a comedian that has long been on my to-read tilt, but for some reason constantly slipped out of my batch when I came about to the counter at the amusing denounce. The lads at the counter were surprise I had n’t read it, and with full reason. The late Darwin Cooke ‘s miniseries is lauded as a mod fictionalize of the Gold to Silver Age passage that is filled to the brim with nostalgic punch. For a comedian addict like myself, it ultimately seemed like it was time to take the series down tungsten

DC: The New Frontier was a amusing that has long been on my to-read list, but for some reason always slipped out of my stack when I came around to the counter at the comedian denounce. The lads at the counter were surprise I had n’t read it, and with good reason. The late Darwin Cooke ‘s miniseries is lauded as a advanced recite of the Gold to Silver Age transition that is filled to the brim with nostalgic punch. For a amusing addict like myself, it finally seemed like it was clock to take the series down with an economically priced Paperback edition.

The Art : 4.5 Stars

I wanted to open with a old world chat about Cooke ‘s artwork. Earlier this year the comic diligence mourned his sudden evanesce, but I was entirely familiar with the first gear book of his Parker graphic novel adaptations. fortunately, I was not let down by the art of DC: The New Frontier.

Cooke ‘s cartooning manner harkens back to the 1950s in which this series is set. He ‘s able to use a style that reminded me of a Disney movie brought to the amusing ‘s page, while simultaneously making his art farinaceous when necessary, or naturalistic in depicting of character ‘s physiques. Cooke ‘s depiction of the 1950s world is besides brilliant. He was just at home drawing an air force hanger as he was a sofa, or a Kirby-esque psychedelic play towards the book ‘s end.

Though this is n’t the pulse-pounding extremely epic action romp that I expected, Cooke besides has a bang-up approach to action and conveys motion with the greatest of comfort. My sole complaint : there were times where I was n’t certain which character I was looking at. Some of the talking heads in the narrative shared besides many similarities to be easily distinguished. It ‘s a bit of a shame since it had me scratching my steer, or flipping back a few pages to grab hold of the floor ‘s early presentation of a character. This is less of a concern in the subsequently chapters when everyone is garbed in spandex, but made the first half of the book a challenge.

The Story 3 Stars

I was less hot on the history, but I have to say that I have huge deference for it.

There ‘s so many superhero comics that are bogged down by continuity, or that necessitate tie-ins, that they are unable to deliver their own message, or provide a concise, self-contained floor. Do n’t get me wrong : I love that stuff ! But I besides love when you can pick up one or two books and have an entire story contained within its pages. DC: The New Frontier is able to both be a self-contained fib that pays tribute to continuity without being bogged down by it.

Following WWII, the Golden Age heroes have been outlawed as vigilantes and the government sees little indigence for the treatment of masked men and women. The only active heroes are Superman and Wonder Woman fighting in Korean, and Batman in Gotham ( because, well, who ‘s gon na stop Batman ? ). Cooke uses social turbulence related to the Civil Rights Movement and the Korean War to provide a fat ground for the emergence of the Silver Age heroes. It is a smart narrative that is able to drive home the sense of hope and prosperity that the Silver Age heroes embodied while simultaneously reflecting on the events of a post-WWII populace.


I got the feel that Cooke did n’t know precisely the fib he wanted to tell. other than the Trinity, there are n’t in truth any superheroes until the mid-way orient. For the most separate, I ‘m o with that ! I enjoyed the open with the Losers, and Hal Jordan ‘s story that provides the backbone of the integral series is well done, but there ‘s a short ton of stuff that is just acceptably that makes the narrative feel more diffident of its identity than I had expected.

In the back matter of the book Cooke says that he much preferred drawing the real-life people than the folks in capes. A clean enough statement, but the narrative reflects that preference in such a way that I wondered if Cooke should n’t have written one superhero series, and another with even folk music in the DC universe. It is n’t that one is better than the other, it is fair that more time is spent getting the heroes to their desperate roles than I thought was necessary.

besides, the big-bad of the entire series, other than being an concern animal to look at, felt like absolutely every blockbuster monster movie of the past 5 years. Alien-things trying to wipe out all of world with needed destruction pornography is an work with which I feel over-saturated.

But I ‘ve said a bunch of bad things while ignoring the thoroughly. Hal Jordan ‘s development to Green Lantern is endearing, John Henry ‘s narrative hits home, and Wonder Woman is in proper kind in this amusing.

Overall Impression

This is a truly fun comic. I may not have thought it was well-adjusted and my expectations were for a sprawl super heroic epic. DC: The New Frontier is not that, but a book that attempts to capture a feel, and the tone of an earned run average of comics. In fact, had there been no heroes and equitable regular family, I think I would have enjoyed this more. I ‘d recommend this one for the art alone, but I imagine a great many of you will enjoy the report a lot more than I did. There ‘s a bunch of bum parts, and a heavy populated, interfering story going on, but there ‘s besides a distribute to appreciate.


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