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HBO Max continues to become a new address for DC Comics fans as more DC television receiver shows are in the works for the streaming platform. While The CW has and will continue to be the primary broadcast network for DC television receiver shows, including the Arrowverse series, the tables are shifting regarding streaming services. Despite DC Universe initially being Warner Bros. ’ targeted platform to make original DC shows, HBO Max has taken over. They have multiple originals in the works, and are the dwelling of former DC universe shows .
After Stargirl left DC Universe to become a CW exclusive, like situations happened with Titans. At the lapp time, Doom Patrol went from simultaneously airing on DC Universe and HBO Max in its second season to being HBO Max exclusive for season 3. even the animize Harley Quinn moved to HBO Max, where it will air season 3. While most of the platform ‘s approaching shows are inactive in versatile development stages, HBO Max has announced premieres for a couple of them .
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There will likely be more DC television shows announced for HBO Max. The DC FanDome consequence, which streamed absolve on October 16, 2021, announced and teased more of what ‘s to come for the growing slate – projects included a Batman serial with J.J. Abrams and Bruce Timm attached, ampere well as a Superman series produced by Michael B. Jordan ‘s production company. here is every DC television prove that is presently being developed for HBO Max .

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

While Berlanti ’ s first take on green Lantern in 2011 didn ’ t go besides well, HBO Max is giving the Arrowverse mastermind another opportunity to explore the Emerald Knight. Berlanti is executive producing a greens Lantern show that he promised to be “ our biggest DC indicate ever made ” upon announcement. Seth Grahame-Smith was brought on board as showrunner/executive producer for the series, which got a ten-episode orderliness. green Lantern will span respective decades and feature Sinestro as one of the confirm characters. Besides the iconic DC villain, Green Lantern introduces Alan Scott, Guy Garner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Kilowog .
additionally, an master character named Bree Jarta, part-human/part-alien, is set to join the star frame. thus far, Jeremy Irvine and Finn Wittrock are attached to the shed as Alan and Guy, respectively. The Arrowverse ‘s crisis on Infinite Earths established the HBO Max series as existing on Earth-12 in the newly formed multiverse. While HBO Max aimed for Green Lantern to debut in 2021, it may arrive in 2022 due to the pandemic .

Strange Adventures

green Lantern international relations and security network ’ t the entirely DC series that Berlanti is working on, as the mega-producer is besides developing DC ’ s first anthology usher : strange Adventures. HBO Max describes the project as “ cautionary tales set in a world where superpowers exist. ” John Stephens, who led FOX ’ s Gotham for respective seasons, is attached as the showrunner for Strange Adventures. This is one of the DC originals with the least sum of information since its initial announcement, and was cryptically absent from the 2021 slate. Unless it ‘s been mutely scrapped, an anthology series with close-ended stories in the DC world would be a novel summation to the comic book television receiver writing style. As of 2021, there have n’t been any updates about Strange Adventures, which may allude to it possibly being canceled. however, until Warner Bros. television and HBO Max formally declare if it has been canceled or not, Strange Adventures is presumed to hush be in exploitation .
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DC Super Hero High

While HBO Max is chiefly developing drama from the DC Universe, a drollery is besides in the works with Elizabeth Banks administrator producing DC Super Hero High. Banks is joined by administrator producers Max Handelman ( Shrill ), Scott Weinger ( Fuller House ), John D. Beck ( Disjointed ), and Ron Hart ( According to Jim ), while Dannah Shinder ( Shrill ) is attached as co-EP. Banks ‘ approaching comedy tells the story of a group of teenagers that are all destined to become superheroes. DC Super Hero High will be set in a boarding school for talented children and will follow these students dealing with ordinary adolescent issues before becoming known DC heroes. The series was expected to premiere in 2021, but there has n’t been much newsworthiness since it was announced, and HBO Max has n’t revealed any far data about it, including cast and character news program .


Batwheels Batmobile

An animize series alike to Cars, Batwheels will be about the Caped Crusader ‘s celebrated Batmobile. The series will see Batman ‘s respective vehicles ( of which he has many ) — including the Bat Truck, Batwing, and The Batgirl Cycle — taking to the streets of Gotham for some crime-fighting adventures. Batwheels is an animate come out of the closet strictly aimed at kids. The Bat vehicles will act as a team and will be joined by the homo vigilantes, including Batgirl, Batman, and Robin, to fight Gotham ‘s criminals. The voice cast consists of Noah Kaye Bentley, Jacob Bertrand, Kimberly Brooks, Ethan Hawke as Batman, and Leah Lewis as Batgirl. Batwheels does n’t have a confirmed free date so far, but it should be available to stream on HBO Max at some point .

My Adventures With Superman

The enliven series will follow Clark as he becomes Superman and embraces the function. meanwhile, Lois is an integral region of the history. She ‘s not alone an breeze through reported but a mentor for Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet ‘s photographer. in concert, Lois and Clark put their journalistic expertness to good use as they take down bad guys and more. My Adventures with Superman was announced in May 2021, with HBO Max ordering two seasons of the series right out of the gate. The voice cast includes The Boys ‘ Jack Quaid as Clark/Superman and Alice Lee as Lois ( Jimmy ‘s voice actor has not been announced ). My Adventures with Superman is set to release on HBO Max at some point in 2023 .

Batman: Caped Crusader

Batman: Caped Crusader series

A raw enliven series from Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Matt Reeves, and J.J. Abrams, Batman : Caped Crusader, is being compared to Batman : The Animated Series. In this reimagining of the Gotham City hero, Batman is a lone vigilante in the universe, and there is no Justice League, no Robin, and Jim Gordon is not however a supporter. During DC FanDome ( via Polygon ), Timm revealed Batman : Caped Crusader will lean more heavy into noir and german expressionism. Fans can expect the inspire series to premiere on HBO Max at some point .
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Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark wallpaper

Abrams is entering the DC kingdom, as he was initially announced to be developing a Justice League Dark population that would consist of connected television receiver shows and films. The film maker is developing a series based on DC ’ s supernatural team for HBO Max. Aside from a plan 2021 premiere go steady ( which is now likely shifted to 2023 ), details are being kept under wraps – including who will be separate of the line-up for the HBO Max original. however, similarly to Green Lantern, the Justice League Dark show will have a movie quality to it, as HBO Max capacity headman Kevin Reilly has confirmed the big production committedness they ’ ra making to these shows. early than Abrams developing it, no showrunner or writers have been announced. once more details are formally revealed about the appearance, it might besides give a better word picture of what Abrams has in take care for a Justice League Dark universe, including shows and films .

Madame X

Madame Xanadu has appeared in Swamp Thing and the animate Young Justice serial, but Madame X will mark the first fourth dimension the character will headline her own serial, which was announced in June 2021 and does n’t even have a release date. In addition to Justice League Dark, Abrams is expanding that finical franchise with the insertion of Madame Xanadu. Abrams and his company Bad Robot are developing a drama series called Madame X for HBO Max. The series will be written and produced by Angela Robinson, who wrote and directed Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Madame Xanadu was first introduced to DC Comics in 1978. She ‘s a sorceress who has helped the Suicide Squad and the Justice League Dark .

Arkham Asylum

Robert Pattinson and Batmobile in The Batman

Arkham Asylum is replacing a previously approved Gotham P. D. spinoff series. Initially, Matt Reeves was all set to create The Batman ‘s spinoff for HBO Max, and the picture was greenlit for production. however, after the success of 2022’s The Batman, studios decided to put the series on indefinite hold, and the film slot was replaced with that of Arkham Asylum. Arkham is the home of many villains from the Batman Rogues ‘ Gallery, and it ‘s where Paul Dano ‘s The Riddler and Billy Keoghan ‘s The Joker rest after the events of The Batman. The Gotham City P.D. show was originally set during Batman ‘s first year of crimefighting and was meant to focus on the corruption of Gotham City as a whole. The approaching Arkham Asylum appearance is hush set early on in Batman ‘s ( Robert Pattinson ) career, but the focus will be on the inmates and the destruction they cause.

This means that crime in Gotham will likely be at an all-time high, promising an intrigue and action-packed premise for the HBO Max television show. Matt Reeves has explained that he wants Arkham to be like a horror movie, with the mental hospital itself at the very center. The usher will explore many Batman villains ‘ origins, and how they fit into the new universe, as The Batman is n’t technically a separate of the DCEU. The idea for the show came when Reeves was working on the Gotham P.D. serial, and the production team realized that they should be leaning more into the criminal aspect of Gotham city. There ‘s no free date as of however for the Arkham Asylum TV show, but as of now, it ‘s at least in planning mode .
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The Penguin

The Batman Movie Final Trailer Penguin Colin Farrel

similar to how The Batman spinoff about the Arkham Asylum will continue building out the world film director Matt Reeves established, HBO Max is reportedly developing another spinoff series set in the same earth. This time it will follow The Penguin ( aka Oswald Cobblepot ). The Penguin serial will probable chronicle the villain ‘s upgrade to power, with Colin Farrell reportedly reprising his role from The Batman, and Lauren LeFranc is expected to lead as showrunner. Since the series is still in the very early stages of development, there is no information about the diagram, what other characters will be included, or when the spinoff might land on HBO Max. Stay tuned .

Val-Zod Superman Series

Michael B. Jordan and his product company, Outlier Society, are developing a limited series about Val-Zod for HBO Max. The undertaking is still in early on growth, but Deadline has confirmed that Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters will write the series. Metayer and Peters previously wrote the fly for American Snow, which they piloted, Hannibal the series, and Transformers : rise of the Beast. They besides wrote The Nola, which Spider-Man helmer Sam Raimi is directing for Amazon .
Jordan is producing the serial for now, but he could besides star as the Kryptonian. however, that has n’t been confirmed as of yet. In the comics, Val-Zod is the Superman of Earth-2, a parallel global in the multiverse. He ‘s orphaned after Krypton ‘s high court murdered his parents, and he was saved by Kal-El ‘s parents, Jor-El and Lara, before Krypton exploded. Val-Zod ultimately takes over the mantle of Superman from Kal-El and helps other superheroes in their world-saving. Jordan has been interest in developing a Black Superman project, so this would be right up his alley. The circumscribed series about Val-Zod does n’t however have a let go of date, and there has n’t been any information about its plot or its other characters since it was beginning announced .


John Constantine DC Vertigo Comics

While Justice League Dark is calm in the works, HBO Max has revealed the first character that will star in Abrams ‘ shared new universe. even though Matt Ryan starred as John Constantine in the Arrowverse ‘s Legends of Tomorrow, the Hellblazer is getting rebooted for the HBO-branded servicing. Abrams is administrator producing a Constantine series, with Guy Bolton as the lead writer. This Constantine will be importantly unlike as the series is meant to move away from the comics ‘ religious aspects and be more horror-centric. The big takeout is that Warner Bros. television is looking to cast a diverse actor as a young Constantine, meaning the boot will possibly see him in his early days as an exorcist and mysterious hero. This is the moment time Constantine has had his own show, following Ryan ‘s ephemeral interpretation on NBC before joining the Arrowverse .
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Since the February announcement, Bolton was said to be opening up a writer ‘s room in March, suggesting the first season is being worked on. There have besides been reports to reassure inquiring fans that Constantine will be connected to Justice League Dark. Whoever stars in the boot will then be featured in Abrams ‘ Justice League Dark ensemble. Given that Abrams ‘ Bad Robot Productions is involved with the Zatanna movie, which Emerald Fennell is penning, the team-up show may not happen until much late. Besides Constantine and Zatanna, HBO Max may take The Defenders ‘ approach by giving each member their own solo prove or movie before coming together. Besides HBO Max ‘s approaching originals, their DC television receiver line-up expanded since Doom Patrol and Titans moved over from DC Universe to HBO Max .

Other DC TV Shows Coming To HBO Max

Jack Bannon Pennyworth EPIX Season 1

Batman prequel Pennyworth has formally been renewed for season 3 and will move from their original home at EPIX to join HBO Max. The first two seasons are available to stream, with Pennyworth temper 3 besides set to premiere at some point this class. This motion may give the serial a draw more viewers since many might be subscribed to HBO Max but not EPIX. It besides denotes the continue course of DC television receiver shows moving from one network to another, like what happened with Harley Quinn and Titans ( DC Universe to HBO Max ) .
With so many DC television receiver shows in the works, HBO Max has a set to offer to subscribers from the universe of DC in the coming years ( animated and live-action ). immediately that they ‘re using the platform to launch shows based on one of Warner Bros. ‘ ongoing cinematic universes, anything is potential in terms of spinoff content. Both Warner Bros. and DC Films executives have been clear that they are constantly looking at each movie franchise to see what could get its own spinoff read on HBO Max, in addition to original DC television subject .
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