10 Most Powerful DC Comics Villains

Darkseid is the most mighty villain in the DCEU sol far, but he has a draw of rival for the most brawny villains in DC Comics. A mysterious alien race is an apparent villain in the new Peacemaker series on HBO Max, though it ‘s potential the strange butterflies could be connected to an even larger terror. That threat could potentially be one of the most mighty villains in DC Comics. Darkseid is already in the DCEU, but many more legendary baddies exist in the comics, including some that fans might not think of as almighty .
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The strongest rogues in DC Comics range from mystic threats to cosmic ones. Others are dark versions of major superheroes who originate from alternate timelines within the multiverse of DC Comics and could identical well appear in approaching movies as the multiverse expands. All of them could finally appear in live-action and challenge Darkseid for the throne of the ultimate big bad in the DCEU.


10 Doomsday

Doomsday is one of the evilest demigod villains in DC Comics and one of the mightiest overall. He ‘s indeed extremely hard that he killed Superman in hand-to-hand fight in the iconic Death of Superman storyline from the early 199os .
Doomsday has an incredible heal gene that makes him basically invulnerable to any attack, including the extraordinary force of Superman and other superheroes. He could besides fly and is covered in bony protrusions which are razor sharply .

9 Black Adam

Black Adam Alex Ross
Black Adam is arguably the coolest Shazam villain in DC Comics and surely one of the most brawny. He has superhuman persuasiveness, accelerate, and agility. He can besides fly, so fast that he can go faster than the accelerate of sparkle when in quad .
He ‘s besides fabulously intelligent, a genius who possesses a wealth of ancient wisdom. Dwayne Johnson is playing the character in an approaching movie and he ‘s sure to face off against Shazam at some orient in the DCEU .

8 Circe

Circe turns Wonder Woman to clay War of the Gods 3
Circe is one of the most mighty charming beings in the DC Universe, able to manipulate reality to some extent. In one interpretation of DC continuity, she turned Wonder Woman back to the clay she was originally formed from .
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An immortal, she is virtually durable by any conventional means. She is besides able to bring back the absolutely like Ares, making her easily his equal. She can besides turn people into animals called Beastimorphs who she then is able to control .

7 Ares

Ares is a misprint deity, and the God of War in the DC universe. He ‘s a Wonder Woman villain fans love and he has already fought her in the DCEU. Ares is immortal and invulnerable, making him beyond the telescope of the majority of superheroes in DC Comics .
He has a huge range of powers including the ability to travel between dimensions and besides summon pure iniquity to wield against his enemies. He can manipulate the elements and as if that were n’t enough, he ‘s besides a sorcerer who can resurrect people from the absolutely .

6 Parallax

Parallax is a herculean cosmic entity and one of Green Lantern ‘s biggest baddies in DC Comics. The live embodiment of fear, Parallax generates incomprehensible frighten in beings, thus much that he ‘s able to control them. He was able to mentally control Superman, Wonder Woman, and other knock-down heroes .
Parallax is a being of arrant energy that can besides manipulate matter and energy on a cosmic scale. Like many of the most intimidate rogues in DC Comics, he is immortal and can not be killed .

5 Joker

Another potent supervillain who deals in fear has no superpowers but is arguably beyond herculean. The Joker has been a force of chaos and fear in Gotham for years, and his ageless reign of terror arguably makes him equally dangerous as superpowered villains .
The Joker did briefly have cosmic powers when he was the Emperor Joker in one of the best acid comics of the 2000s. The Joker acquired the powers and abilities of Mister Mxyzptlk and was for a time one of the most powerful beings in the population .

4 Eclipso

Eclipso is a major badly guy in the comics who wields the Heart of Darkness. This jewel allows him to control the minds and powers of others, basically giving him an army of metahumans whenever he wants. But that ‘s far from his scariest property .
Eclipso is an deity being who came into life as the support materialization of God ‘s wrath, able to manipulate reality on a cosmic scale that is efficaciously god-like. His foes are often not on his level power-wise ; back in the 90s, he fought Peacemaker and members of Checkmate.

3 Superboy-Prime

Superboy-Prime preparing for an attack.
Superboy-Prime has all the powers and abilities of the regular Superman, making him one of the most mighty characters in DC Comics. But his strengths go even beyond that, beginning with his impossible power to punch right through reality. He is besides able to alter reality at will .
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He once absorbed the powers of Shazam, making him an even bigger risk. His Kryptonian powers are augmented and amplified by a speciate suit of armor he wears. Superboy-Prime ‘s armor collects and infuses him with the energy of the yellow sunlight regardless of wherever he is in the population, giving him a huge advantage over Kal-El .

2 Darkseid

Darkseid shooting his omega beams.
comic book fans know Darkseid is one of the most powerful villains in any version of the DC Universe. Immortal and invulnerable, Darkseid is basically unstoppable even for the most potent superheroes. He commands a massive army armed with highly advance technology on Apokalips, giving him even more power .
He ‘s able to shoot laser beam from his eyes in any direction, and most people never get the opportunity to get close to him. He is obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation, and his cosmic determination distinguishes him from all early villains .

1 Anti-Monitor

Darkseid seeks to control life. The Anti-Monitor seek to destroy it. The Anti-Monitor is a cosmic being who can destroy stallion universes and in Crisis On Infinite Earths in 1985, destroyed all but one of the many different realities in the DC multiverse at the time .
Though he does n’t need it, he can besides marshal armies by turning others into his Shadow Demons. Immortal and invulnerable, the Anti-Monitor can manipulate world, matter, and energy on universal scales, meaning he has about all the exponent in being at his disposal .
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