DC vs. Vampires Vol 1 4

“ DC vs. Vampires ” : In London, John Constantine sits in a bar and talks to himself. Zatanna walks in and asks if she can talk to him privately. Unbeknownst to Zatanna, John is already aware she is a vampire and pl

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DC vs. Vampires Vol 1 #4

March, 2022

Rated T for Teen (12+)

Executive Editor

Marie Javins

Cover Artists

  • Otto Schmidt

Variant Cover Artists

Cover Variant #1

  • Francesco Mattina

DC vs. Vampires


  • James Tynion IV
  • Matthew Rosenberg


  • Otto Schmidt


  • Otto Schmidt


  • Otto Schmidt


  • Tom Napolitano


  • Ben Abernathy
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Quote1.png The rumors, the whispers, all the information I could extract, it all pointed to a hero being turned. And not to be an @$%#*@#, but you only go out at night, dress up like a bat, and live in a cave. Quote2.png

Green Arrow

DC vs. Vampires #4 is an issue of the series DC vs. Vampires ( book 1 ) with a cover date of March, 2022. It was published on January 25, 2022.

outline for “ DC vs. Vampires ”

In London, John Constantine sits in a legal profession and talks to himself. Zatanna walks in and asks if she can talk to him privately. Unbeknownst to Zatanna, John is already aware she is a vampire and plans to bite him, so when she prepares to attack, he uses a spell to stop her. Zatanna is angered, but calms down when John assures her that he does not plan on killing her since he wants person to listen to him gripe.

In the Batcave, Batman is working to collect as many blood samples as possible when he realizes that the Batcave has been intruded and shuts off the lights. green Arrow shoots what he thinks is Batman with a Trick Arrow, lone to realize he shot a decoy mannequin, and Batman attacks him with a interest. Batgirl investigates in Gotham City and finds her way into an abandon hotel board. Nightwing follows her in, and the two briefly dally before Batgirl shows him that she found scandal in the room. Vampires must sleep above dirt from their ancestral home as they travel, and the room was booked for a long-run stay by a certain Mary Shackton, “ Shackton ” being the inaugural name of Mary, Queen of Blood ‘s mother. Batgirl surmises that Mary traveled to Gotham in secret, and she and Nightwing now have to find out why. back in the Batcave, Batman and Green Arrow engage in barbarous hand-to-hand battle. During the fight, Green Arrow shoots Batman with a Trick Arrow filled with water, before Batman tackles him and pins him to the ground to stake him. As they stare at each early, fleeceable Arrow and Batman realize they are both trying to kill a vampire – and neither of them is a vampire. John and Zatanna are in the middle of a conversation when Doctor Fate appears to get John ‘s help. Zatanna immediately lunges at Fate ; although John freezes her with a go, Fate uses his powers to destroy her. An angered John curses Fate for destroying his ally and expresses apathy towards Fate ‘s justification that the destiny of the world is at stake. Batman asks Green Arrow how he learned of the vampires ‘ plans. green Arrow explains that he captured a vampire Clock King and, despite Clock King ‘s undependability, was able to determine that there was a vampire conspiracy that ran deep. He began tracking villain movements, which led him to Gotham, and rumors that a bomber had been turned caused him to assume that Batman was a vampire. Batman tells green Arrow that his assumption that a bomber was a vampire was partially correct – Hal Jordan is immediately a vampire and killed Barry Allen. however, Batman tells green Arrow they must not go after him so far, since Hal is surely not the moderate vampire. back in Gotham, Red Hood and Batgirl fight a horde of vampires led by Gorilla Grodd, one of the vampire generals, in an agency construction. Grodd attempts to throw Red Hood out the windowpane, but Batgirl scantily saves him and Grodd escapes. Red Hood asks Batgirl if she found any tell, and she reveals one of the Joker ‘s toy cards, with giant fangs drawn on it. Batman and Green Arrow look over potential suspects on the Batcomputer when the Batcave ‘s trespass alarm rings. green Arrow is relieved to see it is Wonder Woman, but Batman realizes she is a vampire when she claims that Barry ‘s death is not Batman ‘s fault and that he is “ nauseated ”. Hal besides appears before a massive alarm goes off and the entire Justice League of America makes their capture. Batman and Green Arrow realize that Hal and Wonder Woman have tricked the integral Justice League into hunting them, and a fight breaks out.

Appearing in “ DC vs. Vampires ”

Featured Characters:
Supporting Characters:

  • Batman Family
    • Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon )
    • Batgirl ( Cassandra Cain )
    • Nightwing
    • red Hood ( Jason Todd )
  • Doctor Fate (First appearance)
  • John Constantine (First appearance)

Other Characters

  • Black Manta (On a TV or computer screen) (Cameo)
  • cheetah (On a TV or computer screen) (Cameo)
  • The Flash (On a TV or computer screen)


  • Justice League of America
    • cyborg
    • Hawkgirl
    • martian Manhunter
    • demigod
  • Lex Luthor (On a TV or computer screen) (Cameo)
  • Riddler (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Solomon Grundy (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Clock King (Mentioned only)
  • The Joker (Mentioned only)
  • Mary, Queen of Blood (Mentioned only)


  • Batmobile (As merchandise only)


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