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Vicomte Jean-Simon Giscard D’Arion
Arion, Lord of Atlantis
Arion the Immortal

Arion, Lord of AtlantisArion the ImmortalAri’ahn


( mother, deceased )
( brother )
( wife, deceased )
( grandson )
( descendant ) [ 1 ] Calculha (father, deceased) Majistra (mother, deceased) Garn Daanuth (brother) Lady Chian (wife, deceased) Khater (grandson) Zatanna Zatara (descendant)


Lords of Order [ 2 ] · once Justice League of Atlantis,

· formerly Justice League of Atlantis, Atlantean Royal Family

Base Of Operations

Mobile · formerly City of the Golden Gate, Atlantis





Public Identity


Demigod · Homo Magi



Marital Status



Sorcerer · Lord of Atlantis · Agent of Order [ 3 ] Lord of Order · former Lord High Mage of the Court of D’Tilluh









Brown · White



Earth-One · New Earth


Paul Kupperberg · Jan Duursema

First Appearance Appearance of Death
Warlord #55
(March, 1982)
JSA #51
(October, 2003)

Arion was an Atlantean daemon, one of the Lords of Order, and considered the greatest mage of ancient Atlantis in 45,000BC. [ 2 ]


Born as one of the two match sons of Calculha and Dark Majistra, Ahri’ahn was raised by his beget and made initially unaware of the being of his mother and twin brother, Garn Daanuth. He was raised and trained by his father as a follower of the light and Lords of Order. Knowing that he will save Atlantis from end in the distant future, he weaves him the charming robes for him to wear when he comes of age and accepts his function as a future jesus of ancient Atlantis. When Calculha senses a calamity would befall Atlantis from an agent of Chaos from use of the Zodiac Crystals, he convenes his conclave of mage-lords. Ahri’ahn meets both Majistra and Garn Daanuth for the first time while being unaware of his relation to them. The Agent of Chaos is by and by revealed to be Dark Majistra as she attempts to gain extra power by siphoning office from the crystals. Downed by her endow magics, Calculha pleads Ahri’ahn to intervene before she could usurp the crystal ‘s complete baron. With his treatment and Calculha ‘s aid, both were successful in foiling Majistra plans. however, the resulting dispute banished and trapped Majistra and Calculha into Darkworld, bleached Garn Daanuth ‘s hide, and coverted Ahri’ahn ‘s body into energy from the Zodiac Crystals. As a last act of his office to save his son, Calculha sent portions of his converted body to a star and Darkworld. additionally, the conflict slenderly tilted the worldly concern ‘s axis and finally brought upon an Ice Age. The Zodiact Crystal ‘s powers depleted, leaving little way of using magic trick to counteract the coming calamity. [ 4 ] The part of Ahri’ahn sent to Darkworld wake up in the veto gem of the kingdom, raised by Jheryl and taught extra magic to adulthood. Although he spent a decade in the negative gem of Darkworld, the land within the negative gem passed ten times slower. [ 5 ] Upon reaching adulthood and completing his discipline, Jheryl gave him a parting endowment : a bloodred gem that was the firearm of the Darkworld Negative gem. During those moments, a far more knock-down Calculha attained the exponent necessity to rest Ahri’ahn ‘s energy from the ace in which he placed previously a well as his self in the Darkworld negative gem, materializing it in the real world with Arion within it. The sudden and violent resettlement gave him amnesia and blocked out the memory of his time with Jheryl. [ 5 ] The gem ended in the hands of a blind Wyynde, who was guided to a pyramid once owned by Calculha lost in a ice storm. Despite difficulty, Wyynde cope to guide the gem to Calculha ‘s plaza and when it touched the ground on top of the pyramid, a reaction occurred and cured the Wynnde of blindness. due to his resurrection having cured his blindness, he pledge loyalty to Ahri’ahn, having then pronounced it as “ Arion “. Accepting the spell and slenderly different pronunciation, he found his robes made by his beget and accepted his function as as future jesus. [ 4 ]

defender of Atlantis

shortly after being resurrected, his charming skills and art enabled him to meet the likes of Lady Chian, Captain of the Atlantean Royal Guard and King D’Tulluh of Atlantis. He would become Atlantis ‘s Lord High Mage due to his god-like skills and protect Atlantis, allied with the likes of Chian ( whom he fell in love with ), Wyynde, and later shapeshifter Mara. During his reign as Lord High Mage, he would sacrifice much of his divine charming powers in order to end the Ice Age and worked to sought out other sources throughout his tenure and defeat the likes of Garn Daanuth, Dark Majistra, adept Rajeem, versatile black entities and even the Chaon. soon after D’Tilluh committed suicide, he would assume the enthrone of Atlantis due to his popularity within the kingdom. His tenure is cut abruptly due to an alien invading wedge attacking Atlantis, sending forth a capital energy bang that damaged much of Atlantis. Having assumed the city to be wholly destroyed, he and Chian would set out to build Atlantean colonies, including Skartaris and is assumed to have married. due to the changes in Darkworld, he would lose a lot of his charming powers and was forced to rely on mystic trinkets to charge his charming power. [ 6 ] [ 7 ]

Camelot Falls

In the year 1659, Arion is awakened from a night of orgy by visions of a cataclysmal future centered around the bearing of Superman. Cut off from his natural magicks, Arion employed certain artifacts to propel himself forward to Superman ‘s deliver. Arriving in Metropolis, Arion subjected Superman and his friends at the Daily Planet to a sight of a possible future where Superman and early alien heroes ‘ interest in world caused people to become subject on them and ultimately produced an revelation. Arion hoped to force Superman to retire and prevent the predictions from coming genuine. Superman was given two weeks in which to decide how he ‘d deal with Arion ‘s request, during which Arion illustrated his point by magically steering a “ discipline trip ” of adolescent New Gods, chaperoned by Lightray and Fastbak, to come crashing into Metropolis and go wild with their divine powers, causing untold havoc and general hindrance with the populace. Superman defused the situation with Lightray ‘s help and deduce Arion ‘s participation. At roughly the lapp time, Arion kidnapped Bill Knightley from outside the Oblivion Bar, interrogated him, and closely killed him. The merely thing to save Knightley was his cognition of the recently begun “ Tenth Age of Magic, ” a disruptive change in the global ‘s mysterious balance. Knightley claimed to be studying the shift and Arion decided he might have some value alive. At the end of the two weeks, Arion and Superman met again ; the Kryptonian hero choose to remain active as function of Earth ‘s department of defense and deeply necessitate with humanness. Arion ‘s condemnable answer was to cast a mighty take care handling spell, with the intent of using Superman as a weapon to remove the terror of other stranger heroes. The go was thrown off, however, due to mental resistance from Superman, who had been undergoing discipline to resist mental influence since his death confrontation with Maxwell Lord. Tracking Arion to his base in Atlantis, Superman confronted him once more, protected from Arion ‘s magics by a mystic shield given to him by the Phantom Stranger – who told him that, while Arion ‘s imagination of the future could come to pass, the loss of life and know that world would suffer as a result mean that Superman had to try and find another way – disarming Arion of his magic trick rings. now defenseless, Arion retreated back to his time, where he began to plan his future be active against Superman .

The Immortal

Having been living in New York City in the mod senesce with a transform Mara, he along with the early early Darkworld gods found themselves empowered once more as the Darkworld entity began sleeping once more, awakening the age-old ancient informant of magic trick and the tax return of the Darkworld kingdom. Hunted by old enemies, he finally finds that the Darkworld entity declares his brother Garn Daanuth his modern defender and deems Arion a risk, possessing the office and will to prevent him from fulling returning. Despite his reluctance in reasserting himself as a charming champion in the modern age, he defeats his brother and the Darkworld entity by merging them together, the cosmic entity entering a between state between rest and awaken, freezing the current flow of charming from Darkworld on Earth. He then takes up the name “ Arion the Immortal. ”

prince of Darkness

His body was taken over by Mordru and his spirit imprisoned in Gemworld. His liveliness was finally released and allowed to go to the afterlife by Power Girl and Hawkgirl, ( along with a recently awakened Dove ), in order to weaken Mordru. Before his person departed, Arion revealed to Power Girl that she was not his granddaughter and frankincense not an Atlantean. He cryptically stated to Power Girl that he had promised her mother to protect her, that she was proud of her, and that she would soon need her aid. [ 8 ] He was one of the mystics gathered in Atlantis to keep the Spectre at bay, and later as one of many charming beings summoned to help rebuild the shatter Rock of Eternity. however, this Arion was in fact a hypocrite, a native of Akron named Bill Knightley. Knightley had decided to trade on Arion ‘s identify and reputation to build himself up in the mystic community.


Former Powers
  • Stellar Magic: Arion once possess powerful magical capabilities that enabled him to draw power from stellar sources such as a star or the sun and was at the height of his power, Zatanna mentioning that he once possessed almost limitless might. This level of power placed him closer to the likes of Calculha. This power was sacrificed to save Icestarr and to end the second Ice Age.[9] He also displayed various powers while under this magic he hadn’t performed after being depowered, making it unknown if he can perform it (to a lesser degree)


  • Occultism: Trained by Calculha and Jheryl in the art of magic, his millennia of practice and knowledge made him known as the greatest mage of ancient Atlantis and one of the most powerful mages of any era.[7][2]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Arion was taught hand-to-hand combat by the likes of Lady Chian (one of the two best fighters in ancient Atlantis) to combat his periods of lacking magical powers during his tenure as Lord High Mage.[5]
  • Swordsmanship:Trained by Lady Chian, he is also an accomplished swordsman.[14]
  • Alchemy
  • Equestrianism
  • Leadership


  • Dependency
    • After sacrificing his stellar magic, his powers waned and defaulted to utilizing Atlantean-related magics, empowering himself often from Darkworld and/or Darkworld-related sources.
    • After losing his magical power source from Darkworld’s changes, he once relied on charged magical items to restore his magical energy, enabling him only to use his psychic powers. However, after merging Garn Daanuth with the Darkworld cosmic entity to induce a state between being awaken and sleep, he inadvertently made it possible to continually use magic.[21]



  • Fire-blade (Formerly)

Read more : Atlanna

  • Following the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the parallel world known as Earth-Two was rendered apocryphal. This left the character of Power Girl displaced into the modern continuity, but her Post-Crisis origin languished in a vacuum for over a year. Secret Origins (Volume 2) #11 revealed that Power Girl was actually born many millennia ago, as the granddaughter of an aging Lord Arion. Although this revised origin was maintained for nearly twenty years, the Infinite Crisis limited series, as well as the first story arc from JSA Classified reverted Power Girl’s history to her original Pre-Crisis origins. To date, she is no longer considered a descendant of Lord Arion.
  • Arion was considered the Sorcerer Supreme of Atlantis.[22]
  • Arion is also known as The Immortal, the High Mage of Atlantis and the Lord of Atlantis.
  • Arion is explicitly referred to as a demigod[6] despite having been born from two Atlantean god-beings.[2]
  • According to Who’s Who in the DC Universe, Arion is stated to have been born over 527,654 years ago. However, after stopping Majistra, he spent nearly 500,000 years in Darkworld before being reincarnated.[14]
  • Arion is the younger twin.[14]


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