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DC Zombies is a storyline taking place in an alternate DC Universe. It is an amalgamation of Marvel Zombies and DC .




Within the DC Multiverse is an alternate earth, which contains alternate versions of DC superheroes. The report begins as a zombi Captain Marvel crash lands before infecting the Justice League. The infection spreads via reach with the blood of the victim, normally through a bite by an septic individual. The zombie super beings largely retain their reason and personality, although they are systematically driven by the hunger for bracing kernel. Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise gets transported to this population where he attempts to locate the Necronomicon which he believes is the campaign of the automaton outbreak. He goes to Vandal Savage who informs Ash that this was not the casing. He then commands the ‘Necronomicon to reawaken the dead in order to fight the zombies, in an try to allow the last survive humans to escape. At the same time, STAR attempts to find a cure for the virus while simultaneously fighting off the zombies. Batman creates a conveyer belt device that can transfer surviving humans to uninfected interchange worlds. meanwhile, Mr. Elongated of the Justice League International goes insane due to the death of his children ( devoured by a newly-turned Jade ), and begins to see the Zombie Virus as a ‘higher lifeform. ‘ In his insanity, he infects himself adenine well as his teammates before passing the virus on to Superman equally well. Batman, with the help oneself of Wonder Woman, breaks the conveyer belt sol that the zombies can not use it to infect early surrogate universes ( because the effects of the virus obviously, partially degrade the intellects of those infected, neither “ automaton Dibny ” nor “ zombi Clark Kent ” are able to engineer a successor portal site ). The zombi Superman tricks Clark Kent of the New 52 timeline into entering this world in holy order to allow the automaton Justice League enactment into the New 52 reality. After rescuing Flash, the Justice League follow him into the zombi kingdom and save early surviving humans, while Psimon remains behind to destroy the conveyer belt. Psimon finally learns that Cyborg is even alive. however, before he can reach him, he is killed and eaten ( but not before beheading Green Arrow ). Kalikak arrives on Earth and informs the zombies that his overcome Darkseid is en route to conquer the planet. The zombies attack Kalibak, who is overpowered and devoured by several of the former heroes : Aquaman, Superman, Hawkman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Wildcat. After acquiring a share of Kalibak ‘s forte, they slaughter what they believe to be the remainder of the zombies. Psimon ‘s henchmen return to Earth to find Psimon, but rather discover a still-living Atom. The Atom has escaped from the lab of the zombie Hawkman, who has been keeping him alert as a food informant. As a result of several feedings, the Atom is now missing an weapon and a foot. a well as the Atom, zombie Hawkgirl got into another argument with her husband when she discovered that Hawkman was hoarding the Atom for food and is decapitated, although her headway remains sentient. After observing Hawkgirl ‘s head beg for flesh, he reasons that the starve is more psychological than forcible.

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Darkseid then arrives on earth and is attacked by the zombies, but he repels them easily. Hawkman, Superman, and Hal Jordan, Flash, and Wildcat create a device that amplifies the powers they gained from Kalibak, and in concert they are able to injure Darkseid. The omega-powered zombies fight off zombified versions of several supervillains and then proceed to devour Darkseid. Hawkman, Green Lantern, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, and Wildcat are then infused with Darkseid ‘s office, becoming the corporate Darksi. At the lapp time this is occurring, the New 52 version of Bruce Wayne seeks a bring around to the infect Justice League International who had earlier crossed over to the New 52 universe from the Zombiverse. The zombies escape and are defeated by New 52 Vandal Savage, e of the New 52 Secret Society, Savage regains his torso. New 52 ferocious goes back into his body after Bruce takes wish of the zombie version of himself, and traps himself in the Zombie Universe because of the Zvilpogghua inside him, which goes into the most knock-down being in the room. He then engages in confrontation with the Zombie Darksi. While the Darksi went into interstellar space for more food, those zombies that were not killed by the Darksi came out of hide. In the main DC Universe, Zombie Daethstroke ( subsequently known as Headstroke ) shows up from the Nexus of all reality, and infects some metahumans that he encounters. A task effect is sent to investigate the problem but most of them get eat. Dracula wants to find a cure and so red Tornado sets out to find blood from a human on Zombie Earth. After taking some from Jokers ‘s still-living wife, Red Tornado kills some of the zombies. He then finds out that zombi Dracula has abducted his Post-Crisis counterpart and is trying to get every superhero into one board so he can infect ampere many as potential so they can ravage Post Crisis in its bend. Red Tornado returns to the main universe, and kills all the zombies, apart from the head of zombi Deadpool and Simon Garth.

Post-Crisis ‘s Dracula forms a new group of Midnight Sons and sets off to find zombi Deathstroke and Simon. After fighting off zombies, they go and set off to find Black Talon who has Deathstroke. The vaccine Dracula made changed the zombi virus into an airborne deform, and besides turned Jack Russell into a automaton. Jennifer Kale asked help oneself from Mammon, who used her to try to take over the ramp. Hellfire then got Mammon out of Kale ‘s body, and Kale and Black Talon cage the zombi virus into the body of Simon, who seems to have killed zombie Deathstroke, which we find out is not true in Deathstroke.. And in DC Zombies 5, Dracula sends red Tornado and the Ambush Bug into early worlds to find a remedy to the zombi virus. Five years late, Cyborg, the Atom and Hawkgirl return to the Zombiverse. The Atom and Hawkgirl are nowadays equipped with newly cybernetic limbs and Hawkgirl is besides crystalline once more. They find nothing but plant animation as the Darksi zombies have farseeing since departed. After a while, they found New Ivy Town, and settle for a while. On the edge of the know population, several decades late, the Darksi plan to go back to earth and fix Clark Kent ‘s master transporter device. When they get there, however, they discover that the human race is not even wholly extinct. Atom was turned into a zombie when person tried to kill him, and Hawkgirl turned him. The zombies started to fight, because they knew that the hunger was fading ; at the end of the script the Hunger has faded completely, and one of the Ivyans sends the zombies into a third alternate world ( Earth Z ).

On Earth Z, the DC Zombies lose their Darksi abilities and begin to suffer from the Hunger again, ravaging this earth in its turn, while Hawkman plans to spread zombies to every alternate universe. The people who wanted to destroy the zombies formed the New Justice League, and venereal disease Clayface with the vaccine from Dracula and Superman ‘s nanobots. Under the influence of the nanobots, Clayface killed the remaining zombies, but Captain Marvel was thrown bet on in time and across universes by Pandora which created a time loop as this is the Captain Marvel that started the original zombi outbreak on this earth .

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