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  • Real Name: Hunter Zolomon.
  • Marital Status: Married, (currently separated).
  • Known Relatives: Ashley (ex-wife), unnamed parents (deceased), Derek Fox (father-in-law, deceased), Pearl Fox (mother-in-law, deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: The Society.
  • Base Of Operations: Formerly Keystone City, currently mobile.
  • Height: 6’1″ Weight: 181 lbs.
  • Eyes: Red (As Zolomon, Brown). Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities

soar possesses super rush of a magnitude importantly greater than that of the Flash, Impulse, Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick combined. Unlike other speedsters, Zoom does not tap into the Speed Force as the source of his powers. Zoom ’ second powers are a result of being shifted permanently out of synchronize with time.

therefore Zoom appears to move flying as he is able to control the menstruation of time around him. The end solution grants him, in DC Heroes terms, Superspeed .
As a result, Zoom is unable to perform some of the classical “ Flash ” world power stunts. He can not steal accelerate from people or objects, nor can he disperse his molecules then as to phase thru solid objects. He has been shown to run up the side of buildings .

Zoom has two clear-cut advantages over the Flash. First is the ability to produce devastating sonic booms by snapping his fingers ( Bomb, in DC Heroes terms ) .
Zoom besides appears to be immune to any Speed Force empowered speedsters attempts at “ draining rush ”. This was as shown when Wally West and Jay Garrick failed to steal Zoom ’ s momentum. This ability hasn ’ thymine been seen since and as such should be considered as a pure plot device .
Outside of using superspeed, an opposition with sharpen intuition, considerable combat experience/agility or an unprecedented amount of good luck * might * be able to time Zoom ’ second jumps, thereby getting ahead of him long enough to stop him .
Wonder Woman once did precisely that with the habit of flying debris and her golden lasso, though a less durable hero would have his or her hands entire just staying * alive * long adequate to employ similar tactics .

Windows in Time

When Zoom uses his Superspeed, he bypasses points in time, uncontrollably opening windows in time as a consequence. While these windows occasionally show images from the about future ( one such window showed a glimpse of Impulse ’ s future as Kid Flash ), more often than not they show a glimpse of Hunter Zolomon ’ s past, ( quite specifically his greatest personal failure, the death of his father-in-law ) .
The appearances of these temporal role tears are quite unpredictable ( i.e. at the GM ’ randomness discretion. ) These windows will always cause Zoom to roll for his traumatic Flashback .
Any Player Characters engaged in a fight with Zoom may want to take advantage of the situation. Someone able to match Zoom ’ s travel rapidly will become mindful of these random meter interruptions and could conceivably trap him within one of these windows, such as the Flash did .
Resolve as a normal physical attack, with any RAPs considered a success. ( Characters without Superspeed will need to make a Perception Check against an OV/RV of 8 APs first, needing a solution of half RV ’ s or more in order to spot the window. ) success results in Zoom going into a catatonic state for 1D10 weeks .


Hunter Zolomon ’ south life did not have a happy start. Brought up in a dysfunctional family with an abusive, alcoholic beget and a mother who rarely spoke to him, he struggled arsenic hard as he could to achieve something more with his life. finally Zolomon managed to graduate and he planned to leave for college, wide of promise for the future .
On the day he was due to leave for college, Zolomon was out of his home for a while and returned to discover the police, laying siege to his house. It transpired that Zolomon ’ s beget was a serial killer. Worse still, his mother had known and when she last summoned the courage to alert the police, she became his last victim .
Refusing to give up, the older Zolomon was killed by the patrol in a shoot out .

Criminal minds

Zolomon had no theme of his don ’ second condemnable activities and soon became haunted with understanding the summons of the criminal heed. Zolomon proceeded to study criminology and psychology, achieving high marks in both, before joining the F.B.I ..
While in college, Zolomon met his future wife, Ashley. The two besides the chest of drawers at the same time and the trained under Ashley ’ second church father, who was an teacher on metahuman criminology at the educate campus at Quantico .
Zolomon soon married Ashley and grew firm attached to his father-in-law, seeing him as the parent he never had. The three would go on cases and call outs together. As separate of their educate the marital couple would constantly follow Ashley ’ s father ’ mho spark advance .
One case ruined this. Zolomon was given the duty of co-ordinating an approach on a house that the F.B.I. had under siege. Inside the house was a series killer whale named Lyle Corley a.k.a. the Clown, a one time foe of Barry ( the Flash ) Allen .
Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) running over a white background
Zolomon mistakenly assured his father-in-law that the Clown would be unarmed. That error in judgment cost Ashley ’ s father his life. The same incident he badly injured his knee and was unable to run or walk without a cane .
Ashley left him and Zolomon, the unofficial scapegoat for the botch foray, was soon thrown out of the F.B.I ..

Keystone City

Piecing the fragments of his life together, Zolomon relocated to Keystone City where he joined the patrol department as a profiler, working with the Department of Metahuman Hostilities. Zolomon set out to discover why so many super-villains insisted on operating within Keystone City despite the bearing of the Wally West, the Flash .
When his profiles provided no clues he dug further and finally uncovered a huge criminal black market, just known as the Network. This market had been operating for over a ten and was being run by the villainess, Blacksmyth .
Zolomon ’ second work in discovering the Network and in solving a number of early cases put him on good terms with the department ’ mho resident detectives, Chyre and Morillo. On numerous occasions he was crucial to their and the Flash ’ south study. however, he constantly resented being stuck behind his desk and longed for the action he enjoyed earlier in his life .


With life ultimately starting to seem more positive for him again, Zolomon ’ sulfur fortunes were cruelly reversed by an attack from Gorilla Grodd which left him badly wounded and paralyzed from the waist devour. This lack of mobility and independence led Zolomon into a submit of hard depression .
Desperate for a solution to his situation, he begged the Flash for help. Knowing through his profile of the Flash ’ s Cosmic Treadmill, he begged the Flash to travel rear in clock time and prevent the accident that cost him his wife and father-in-law. The Flash, knowing that nothing beneficial can ever come from changing prison term, refused .
Driven by desperation, Zolomon attempted to hotwire the Cosmic Treadmill by using the research that the F.B.I. had conducted on it. Rather than work as he had planned, the device exploded .
The plosion demolished the Flash Museum and shifted Zolomon onto a faster timeline, basically giving him super-speed. Driven harebrained and seeing the parallels in his surname, Zolomon latched onto a conversation he had recently held with the Flash about Professor Zoom and decided to become the new Reverse Flash, taking the identify of Zoom .
zoom was determined to make the Flash a “ better champion, ” by realizing loss and surviving the ultimate in tragedy. No count what it took, Zoom was convinced he had to persuade the Flash by destroying the hero ’ s life .


Kidnapping Linda Park-West from her home, Zoom confronted the Flash and Jay Garrick ( the golden age Flash ), beating both speedsters easily. Flash found that he could not absorb his rush as Zoom didn ’ triiodothyronine advance his travel rapidly from the Speed Force, rather from the shift in timelines .
The competitiveness ended in calamity as Zoom aimed to make Flash feel loss like him. With a snap of his fingers, Zoom caused a sonic boom that destroyed the windows of buildings for blocks around but more importantly knocked the Flash ’ south meaning wife, Linda, off her feet .
After being rushed to a hospital Linda was given a clean bill of health only to discover that she had lost the twins she was carrying .
wally West hadn ’ t learned of the miscarriages when Zoom confronted him in the hospital. A second battle broke out, this one taking the speedsters across the continent. The Flash added the speed of Jay Garrick and Impulse to his own, but was silent ineffective to keep up with the Reverse-Flash. Zoom cruelly taunted the Flash, telling him that his wife had miscarried twins .
only the sudden appearance of Jesse Quick ( and Zoom ’ south distraction at the visions from one of the time windows that his accelerate occasionally tear open ) allowed the Flash to survive .
Enraged, the Flash and Jesse Quick confronted Zoom one survive clock time. Draining all of Jesse ’ s rush, the Flash was last able to match Zoom ’ s speed. During an acute struggle where both men pushed their powers to the limits, Zoom was trapped by the Flash inside one of the fourth dimension windows that his speed occasionally tear exposed .
Frozen in clock, Zoom was forced to watch his greatest error of the fail siege and his father-in-law ’ s death, repeated over and over without being able to involve himself .

The return

Zoom ’ s unconscious form was held in Iron Heights penitential. His alienated wife Ashley traveled to Keystone City filled with guilt over her ex-husband ’ second predicament and insanity. Taking a job as profiler with KCPD, she aimed to cure him of his insanity and rehabilitate him .
due to a cable car accident, Ashley was hospitalized for some time. It was around this period that Zoom awoke from his coma, out of refer for Ashley. He cautiously chose to remain in his cell, however .
zoom was driven out of his self-imposed captivity by Cheetah ( a.k.a. Dr. Barbara Minerva ) in an attack to both rule super-speed and induct him into the growing Secret Society of Super Villains. The two shared a minor love affair, but nothing unplayful happened as Zoom considered himself to still be married to Ashley .
Zoom suggested to the Cheetah that her problems were all psychological and that in order to achieve true superspeed, she would have to kill her harbinger, Priscilla Rich .
This brought the attention of both the Flash and Wonder Woman, neither of whom could save Rich from being murdered or could capture either of the villains .
Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) vs. Flash
soar late reappeared during the already-growing Rogue War between Captain Cold ’ s Rogues, the Trickster ’ randomness reformed Rogues, and the Top ’ randomness brainwashed rogues. Quickly spiriting his alienated wife Ashley out of danger to the home of Linda Park, Zoom returned to the battlefront to dispatch Captain Cold, claiming that the Man Who Mastered Absolute Zero was wasting the Flash ’ s time with his longstanding, self-aggrandizing methods of villainy .
Zoom was not done. As the Flash and Kid Flash ( Bart Allen ) attempted to contain the battle, Zoom throttled Kid Flash and threatened to snap his neck in a manner evocative of what Barry Allen had done to Eobard Thawne. Before Zoom could kill Kid Flash, however, Eobard Thawne himself arrived on a cosmic treadmill, with Jay Garrick chained to the front end .
( Zoom had rebuilt the treadmill with the intention of retrieving Thawne from a time immediately before his death. unable to work the treadmill himself, he forced Garrick to exponent the device. )


A struggle ensued between the two Flashes and Kid Flash and the two Zooms, but in the end the two Zooms accomplished what they wanted. They grabbed the Flash and jumped onto the treadmill. Zoom then forced the Flash to watch their first base fight, in which Linda was sternly hurt and miscarried .
Zoom felt that Wally should be made to focus on the feelings of sorrow and loss from this feel and told Professor Zoom to rewind it thus that he could watch it again .
But as the view started to rewind, West ’ south uncle and mentor, Barry Allen, showed up riding his own cosmic treadmill, saying that he had been looking for Professor Zoom everywhere .
Barry Allen removed the Flash from contiguous danger, telling him that he was here to return Thawne to his proper place in time, and that no count how bad it seems, the Flash could win this if he “ equitable pushes himself a bit. ” Allen promptly dispatched Thawne and returned him back to his proper stead in time.

Zoom, enraged, begins to run around the universe, building up rush, with which he will kill Linda. wally rushes to catch up, but he is a step or two behind .
At the death hour, he realizes what Barry ’ randomness advice means and puts on a concluding fusillade of accelerate, pushing himself, and hitting Zoom in the back. Zoom falls forward and is caught in the sonic boom which he himself used to kill Linda ’ s babies ( this ended up creating a “ crevice in fourth dimension ” that restored Linda ’ sulfur pregnancy, just in clock time for her to give birth ) .
Zoom runs for the treadmill, but West forces them bet on to their common portray. Along the room, they view scenes of Zoom ’ s life. Zoom realized his mistreatment of Wally and briefly apologized before disappearing into the chaos of the timestream .
Like all beneficial villains, however, Zoom did survive. He was following seen as an apparition in his ex-wife ’ s office, apologizing. He has since been seen as an active penis of the hidden Society, first recruiting Bizarro and then taking separate in the rape that destroyed the Freedom Fighters. His current whereabouts are nameless .


soar is dressed in a mirror-opposite adaptation of Wally West ’ s Flash undifferentiated. The loss on Flash ’ mho costume is yellow on Zoom ’ randomness and frailty versa. tied his thorax symbol is reversed .
As a side effect of his powers making him a man out of fourth dimension, Zoom is * always * considered to be moving at super-speed. Zoom appears to shimmer and fade out like a scrambled cable television broadcast on a television screen while standing hush. When he ’ second in movement, Zoom is practically invisible .
even his speech is affected, as the quotes show. ( Those aren ’ metric ton spell errors. Zoom only sounds “ normal ” to those who are moving at his accelerate. ) Since Zoom has no problem interacting with his environment, this international relations and security network ’ metric ton considered a Limitation so much as color and character traits for a GM to play with .


Being raised by a homicidal psychotic ( his forefather ) and his terrify witness ( his mother ) didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate prevent Hunter Zolomon from being an optimistic, felicitous and friendly young valet at the begin of his career as FBI agent. however, he was obsessed by a one interrogate : What made his father a murderer ?
After arriving at Keystone, Hunter appeared as a decent, friendly and brilliant young police analyst. His good attitude helped him make friends easily, and flush roughly jarheads cops as Fred Chyre and border-line fascists as Iron Heights director Gregory Wolfe liked ( or at least respected ) him .
Zolomon shows business for the civil rights of the the Heights prisoners, which is both surprising and admirable, considering his past .
Despite his achiever in Keystone as analyst and detective, Hunter seemed to have an inner sadness, about what he never talked about. ( His Guilt drawback kick in over his father-in-law ’ s death and Ashley leaving him. ) Grodd ’ s attack break Hunter both physically and spiritually, as he became a bitter, disappoint and desperate man .
The Flash ’ s refusal to use the cosmic treadmill was the last straw .
And immediately ? As the above quotes illustrate, Hunter Zolomon has gone quite delirious as the solution of One Bad Day besides many. Though Zoom states that he wants to make the Flash “ a better hero, ” his true motivation is surely more personal, if unspoken .
If he can make the Flash see things his way, the champion will surely use the cosmic treadmill to change the by and repair the batch that Hunter Zolomon has made of his life. Zoom ’ s sins won ’ metric ton be merely absolved ; they ’ ll be annulled .
Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) emits a sonic boom
Though Zoom will frequently claim that he isn ’ t a criminal, he won ’ thyroxine hesitate in committing the most flagitious acts therefore hanker as it makes wally West have a change of heart. It is his belief that the Flash wouldn ’ metric ton assistant him because, unlike Barry Allen, he had never suffered personal tragedy .
consequently he will make the Flash face ultimate calamity, so that he will understand that he must put * everything * on the line in order to prevent injury from befalling innocents civilians. Innocents like Hunter Zolomon, of course .
Zoom is a frighten thing to behold in combat : His great focal ratio allows him to punch an adversary hundreds of times across thousands of miles in bare seconds. ( He quite literally has knocked the likes of Wonder Woman from Boston to Paris in a single phase. )


“ My appoint is Hunter Zolomon. Despite what the public believes, I am the fastest man alive. I am Zoom. ”
“ I tried to tell the Flash before. The * best * heroes are the heroes who will take * risks * to help people. Who have faced improbable calamity and * sympathize * why it * must * be prevented. At any price. I ’ ve been given a * endow. * A giving I can pass on to the Flash. In club for him to become * stronger. * He * must * confront the * ultimate * tragedy. He must face his ultimate inverse. A serviceman who has lost his pride, confidence and identity to tragedy. A man who will run with him down a beastly road-and feel * no guilt * in bringing him there. Destiny has brought us here, Flash. From friend to foe. There is entirely * one * type of man who can make you a better hero. One type of man who can * reverse * your * twisted * think. One man. Who fits the profile ? * I * fit the profile. ”
“ Wallyismyfriend. Iiiii ’ mmm helpingggghimmmmm—face fear. ”
zoom : “ Sheisajeweltoyoouuuu. ”
Flash : “ What are you… ? I can ’ triiodothyronine understand you. ”
Zoom : “ She is a jewel to you. ” ( Punches the Flash in the face, stunning him. ) “ A rare ball field you leave out in the afford alternatively of locking in a vault. ”
Linda : “ I ’ thousand * not * an object. I won ’ thymine shroud from * anyone * ”
Zoom : “ You ’ re a prey. You need to go away. ” ( Snaps fingers )
“ Isthissupposedtohurt ? ”
“ You see ? You see how a lot it hurts ? To feel helpless, useless. Whatdidyouexpectanyway ? You have no secrets. You have no safe house.It ’ s only a matter of time before she dies. Enjoyitwhileyoucan. And * learn * from it. ”
“ This is * my * classify. * My time *. You will * listen * ”
“ I profiled youuuu, Weather Wizard. You constantly felt lupus erythematosus than your brother. not as chic orspecial. But the wand… makes youuuu special. Powerful. Butnotmorepowerful than Zoooommmmm. ”
“ Youthreatenmywife…expectttt…meee tounderstand ? Noone understands. ”
“ I suffered through calamity. I lost my family to it. I understand the depth it will drag one down to. And entirely by surviving it does one become potent. I will recreate myself to help my ally, and in turn —the world. I will do * anything * to make the Flash a better champion. And in the end, Wally will * thank * me for this. * Everyone * will. ”
“ I made her well. Faaaaaaster. And maybeeeeee…I ’ ll make you abetterhero…tooooo… Wonderwoman. ”
“ You ’ ll all be stronnnnger heroes. Ifyousurvive. ”
“ We do it every fourth dimension we stare in the mirror. We judge and analyze ourselves by our * observation. * Our * opposite image. * indeed look at * Zoom, * Wally. Look at the * Reverse-Flash. * I was a valet broken down – who gained these extraordinary powers to become free. You ? You are the opposite. You were a free serviceman, who was given these extraordinary powers – and * now * you must be * broken down. * You ’ ve lost the adjacent generation, Wally. I * killed * your children to be. therefore on to * moral two : * Reversing your origin from mine. I ’ molarity going to * cripple * you.I ’ molarity going to * cripple * you like * you crippled me *. “

DC Universe History

I hear you saying “ I ’ megabyte not running a post-Infinite Crisis/One class former campaign How do I incorporate this ridicule into my game ? ” First off, assuming that you have wally West as a player character, good shed Zoom as is. His basic history and motivation stands up quite nicely apart from all of the Infinite Cashout ballyhoo .
“ It just so happens that I AM running a One year late campaign “ Ah, now there ’ s the hang-up Wally West is AWOL, so what do we do with Zoom ?
fortunately, Zoom has recently expanded his horizons american samoa far as teaching heroes goes. He HAS done the “ I ’ ll make you a better bomber ” routine with Wonder Woman before, after all. If Zoom becomes aware of the Zatanna lobotomies, then it ’ s a indisputable stake that he WILL go after her, if not the integral Justice League .
“ That ’ second all good, but we ’ rhenium running all original characters. ” Well then, you ’ ll have a short more work cut out for you. Two options hera :

  1. Take your favorite player character speedster and prepare to do a lot of retrofitting
  2. Damn the torpedoes and continuity. Drop Zoom in as a guest star villain and show your PC speedster just how slow he really is. Zoom could show up to make your PC’s “better” at any time. Say, after they’ve made a spectacular screw up that gets the attention of the national media…

speaking of which, I can ’ t stop some of you GM ’ s from dipping your marvel in my DC. But if any of you are thinking of running a Superhero Registration Act storyline, Zoom ’ second being would be all the justification Captain America ’ second side needs to stay disguise and street-illegal. And which side of that Civil War would I be on ? ” I ’ meter with Zooooooom “ 😉


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Zoom II

Dex: 08 Str: 04 Bod: 07 Motivation: Psychopath
Int: 07 Wil: 06 Min: 06 Occupation: Rogue (Former criminal profiler for the Keystone City Police Department)
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth:} 005
Init: 053 HP: 060

Air Control : 13, Bomb : 10, Superspeed : 31
Charisma ( Intimidation ) : 06, Detective : 06, Vehicles ( Land ) : 03, Weaponry ( Firearms ) : 04
Area Knowledge ( Keystone City ), Expertise ( psychology, sociology, criminology ), Insta-Change, Lightning Reflexes, Scholar ( Rogues Gallery and the supervillain community ) .
Keystone City P.D. ( Low ), F.B.I. ( Low ), Cheetah ( Barbara Minerva, High ), the Society ( High ) .
Guilt ( father-in-law ’ s death ), Catastrophic Irrational Attraction ( pushing heroes, in especial the Flash, to be “ better heroes ” ), traumatic Flashbacks ( triggered by his clock time windows. See below. )

By Mirage Delgado .
Helper ( s ) : Gareth Lewis, caput senyera, Mike, Craig Clark and Peter S. Piispanen all went beyond merely “ helping ” on this one. Thanks, folks 🙂 The History textbook comes from, of all places, Wikipedia ( with significant edit by me. )
source of Character : flash 197-200, 210-211, 213, 217, 219, 220-225, Wonder Woman 214, Superman 221, Action Comics 830-831 and Infinite Crisis 1.

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