General Information

Real name:

Floyd Lawton

First Appearance:

Batman #59 (June, 1950)

Created by:

( artist )
( concept )

David Vern Reed (writer) Lew Schwartz (artist) Bob Kane (concept)


Suicide Squad
Task Force X
once Secret Six
Killer Elite

Task Force Xformerly Secret SixKiller Elite

Reading: Deadshot


Expert Marksman

Portrayed by:

Jim Meskimen ( Voice )
( Voice )
( Voice )
( Voice )
Will Smith

Bradley StrykerJim Meskimen (Voice) Tom Kenny (Voice) Michael Rosenbaum (Voice) Chris Cox (Voice)

Matthew Mercer (Voice)
Christian Slater (Voice)

Floyd Lawton, good known as Deadshot, is materialistic, and known to be the universe ‘s greatest marksman and one the most deadly assassins in the world. Lawton has created an armored suit that aids him in his battles against Batman. Deadshot has had a longstanding competition with Deathstroke .



As a child, Lawton idolized his brother. When his mother convinced his brother to kill their don, his buddy locked Floyd outside. Floyd, wishing to save his brother from a blue future, took a rifle to shoot the grease-gun out of his buddy ‘s hand. He was sitting in the tree branch when it broke and Floyd unintentionally shot his brother in the head. Lawton unwittingly kills the buddy he loves to save the don he hated. Deadshot is a hired assassin, regularly boasting to “ never miss. ” He is capable of using a bombastic kind of weapons, but prefers using a pair of hush, wrist-mounted guns. He initially appeared in Gotham City as a fresh crimefighter, but was revealed to be an foe of Batman when he attempted to replace the Dark Knight. When this design failed, he attempted to become king of Gotham ‘s Underworld. Batman and Commissioner Gordon publicly exposed his plot, and he was sent to imprison .
After serving his imprison time, he went out in the populace and hired out services as an assassin and joined the Suicide Squad. He strived to die in a spectacular room, the main cause he joined the Squad. He feels he has no reason to continue populate, and, while he does not want to commit suicide, he simply does not care if he dies. versatile reasons have been cited for this, but the most common thread in them is his parents ‘ peculiar hatred for one another, so much so that Lawton ‘s mother tried to hire both her sons to kill their father. During a hiatus from the Squad, his son was murdered by a pedophile, upon whom Deadshot late took revenge .
Deadshot ‘s death wish has been curtailed slightly in late years by the discovery that he has a daughter, Zoe, who lives with her beget in Star City. His personality has besides been influenced by his engagement with the mercenary group known as the Secret Six. Founded in protest of the massive villain group known as the Society, the Secret Six were originally gathered by Lex Luthor ( under the alias of Mockingbird ). Since then, they have gone into business for themselves. Deadshot has formed a reluctant shackle with his fellow members of the Six, peculiarly Catman ( who he shares a friendly competition with ) and the banshee Jeannette ( with whom he has been romantically involved ). Deadshot is hush chiefly out for himself however and is not above betraying his teammates if it suits him .

The New 52

As of the company-wide boot, Deadshot is sent to Belle Reve prison after a fail hit on a senator and is later forced into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. The newly Suicide Squad consists of El Diablo, Harley Quinn, King Shark, Black Spider, and new character Voltiac. Deadshot is the Squad ‘s field leader and leads them on their first mission to save a child in a football stadium filled with nano-genetic zombies, killing Voltiac to cover up the incidental. He and the Squad are late attacked by bounty hunters seeking the child, who ultimately fail but seriously wound Black Spider. During this time, Harley Quinn attempts to sleep with Deadshot, which besides fails. At the end of the third base issue, a new character named yo-yo joins the team, and Deadshot ‘s put as drawing card is taken over by new member Captain Boomerang, who was given the trigger for the turkey in the Squad penis ‘s heads by Waller as indemnity should the Squad fail him. This is proved a ruse in the adjacent write out when the trip fails to work, and that Boomerang ‘s affair in the Squad was simply a dicker creature as he had killed the ally of a terrorist sect leader whom the Squad infiltrated to capture one of their scientists. Upon returning to Belle Reeve, the Squad is put in isolation and Harley Quinn orchestrates a massive break and the remaining four members of the Squad put down the disgust, though Yo-Yo is ‘killed ‘ by King Shark in the action. As a reinforce, Deadshot earned a travel to with his daughter, but Waller ends the meet early to have him head to Gotham and capture Harley Quinn with a new Squad, she is assembling. When going after Harley Quinn, Harley has both the team and the GCPD after her, merely to have both groups clash. With Limelight ‘s help, King Shark is portrayed as Clayface, terrorizing the GCPD, while the rest of the police squad grok Harley. however, Harley takes out Deadshot and Savant, lone to have Deadshot tied up with Joker ‘s face on him. meanwhile, Limelight lose their ability and are near to being captured, only to have Lime close to telling the truth. birdlime dies as Waller pushes the release, blowing her head. Harley, deranged, tries to Joker through Deadshot, while Deadshot plays along, telling her to kill the Bat class. Enamored, she runs to him, only to be shot in the stomach. When the catastrophe is over, Deadshot is getting treatment for his scratch from Harley, while Harley is in ICU, getting treatment from the bullet train of Deadshot ‘s. Although Harley is in portraying ‘Harleen Quinzel, ‘ Deadshot and his team, including newest member, Iceberg, go on to retrieve Resurrection Man. however, his powers are excessively great, and the team shatter, alone to have Light and Deadshot find a manner out. light complains about Waller killing her sister, merely to avenge her sister. however, shielding himself from Resurrection Man, Deadshot uses Light and apparently kills her. He goes away, saying if anyone going to kill Waller, it will be him. Deadshot and the team confront off against Resurrection Man once again, only to have Waller stop this, by threatening his love. As he powers down, Waller kills him, merely to have her staff cut off his hand. The team returns to base, leaving Resurrection Man alone, for now. meanwhile, Harley feels better, and joins Deadshot and the team at the destination point. She talks to him, letting him know that he let her know, and that she owes him one. Their adjacent mission is to retrieve the information, that Basilik is trying to steal at the Columbia Center, where a member of Basilisk has taken a board full of employees from a bio-tech company called Gendreon hostage. Waller wants the hostage taker alive, not the hostages. however, a first gear profile is required, in rate to avoid attracting the green Arrow. While Harley fails at a pizza pitch girl, the hostage taker threatens to kill the civilians, lone to have Deadshot kill him. As it happens, Gendreon ‘s code of ethics is worse in his books than Basilisk ‘s. angrily, the gunman threatens to blow himself up. fortunately, Iceberg sneaks up behind him, and freezes his detonator so that it no longer functions. El Diablo follows it up with a punch, and then removes the unconscious Basilisk soldier ‘s poison tooth, lest he try to kill himself with that, besides. Against Deadshot ‘s orders, Black Spider and King Shark head to the control room of the build, and discover some more basilisk members trying to steal computer data from Gendreon. With King Shark ‘s serve, Black Spider manages to recover the datum the Basilisk agents were trying to steal. meanwhile, Deadshot and company have a problem. Somehow, Tyler Reese managed to kill himself. Waller tells them all to return to base arsenic soon as potential. person has infiltrated Task Force X, and poisoned Reese to protect Basilisk.

The police squad receives their orders while riding on a cargo plane. Waller appears on the screen and informs them that new intelligence has given them the placement of Basilisk ‘s compound. Their deputation will be to assassinate Regulus, the drawing card. This is despite the fact that the merely source of intel that the police squad knows of was killed by a Basilisk traitor on the last mission. Waller promises that whoever supplies the kill-shot will have their sentence reduced by half. To facilitate the deputation, she has provided backup. unfortunately, one of these new accompaniment members happens to be a Basilisk agentive role, and she punctures her own nanite fail, causing the plane to explode with the Suicide Squad inside. Waller loses contact, and contacts her victor to inform him that the team has been lost. Rather than let her scrap the program, he orders her to use any means necessity to restart the program with newfangled members. Each of Deadshot ‘s companions turn him down on his design to continue the mission, so he reminds them that one of them is a Basilisk agent, and a double-crosser to all of them. They turn on each early, and Black Spider tries to intervene and keep the peace, but he abruptly loses awareness. Deadshot does n’t realize it at first, but when he turns around, all of the others are down excessively. Moments former, he is cracked over the head with a clubhouse. Deadshot wakes chained to a pillar aboard Harley, Iceberg, and Black Spider. obviously, the natives drugged their food and drink, and because Deadshot did n’t eat or drink, they knocked him out. After their plane crashed over Yucatán in Mexico, the Suicide Squad was captured and drugged by what seems to be the last stay tribe of Mayans who still perform ritual sacrifices. immediately, they must do whatever they can to escape their bonds before King Shark and El Diablo become the first sacrifices. fortunately, a team of armed operatives rappels down onto the pyramid, come to the team ‘s rescue. Surprisingly, though, they are not Waller ‘s men. They are Basilisk, and they are led by Captain Boomerang. He is quite tidal bore to take revenge on Deadshot – to the extent that he drags him from the back of his four-wheel, all the way back to the Basilisk headquarters. Boomerang leads the police squad to their cells, finally getting into another verbal affray with Deadshot. This evolves into a fist fight, but bewilderingly, Boomerang ‘s demeanor changes, and it becomes clear that he never did convert to Basilisk ‘s impression, and has been working as a spy for Waller, all the meter. They get the others free, and make an escape, hoping to get out of the compound with the aid of Basilisk members whose dissent has grown enough that they would betray Regulus. Despite fighting their manner to Regulus, the Captain Boomerang is abruptly on the receiving end of a massive shock. They all turn to see that Black Spider has betrayed them. They warn that he will not be able to take them all out, but he has used hypnosis to implant a trigger password in all of the squad except Harley and Deadshot. As he expects to be overpowered, Deadshot warns that Waller will plainly send another task power after Basilisk, should Task Force X die. With three of the Suicide Squad under the beware control of Basilisk, Black Spider taunts Harley Quinn and Deadshot with their at hand death at the hands of their cohorts. Rather than listen, Deadshot plainly shoots their adversary through the point, revealing that this was not Black Spider. The actual Black Spider probably had n’t been with the team since they were last at Belle Reve. The veridical Black Spider would have dodged the bullet. Despite their attempts to escape in concert, Harley and Deadshot are faced with their mind-controlled team-mates. They are forced to find a way to shock them out of it. Harley manages to find a fire-hose, and douse King Shark with water, snapping him out of it. As Iceberg prepares to use his freezing hand against Deadshot, the marksman grabs a sword, and slices it off at the wrist, the pain waking him from his hypnosis. The frigid pass then freezes the fire El Diablo solid in his spot. With everyone back on-side, Deadshot declares that they should finish their mission to kill Regulus. fortunately, they will have the avail of Captain Boomerang and the release experimental prisoners of Basilisk to help in that attempt. back at the Basilisk Compound, Regulus appears, and begins controlling Harley ‘s mind, causing her to shoot at her teammates. Regulus manages to grab Deadshot from behind and urges Harley to kill him. Before she can make a move, Deadshot simply raises his own weapon, and shoots through his own thorax, to kill his target. As regulus dies, Harley snaps out of it, and rushes to Deadshot ‘s side .

Powers and Abilities

  • Master Marksman: Floyd is an extremely skilled marksman, being nick named “the man who never misses” making very difficult shots an ordinary marksman couldn’t perform.
  • Master Assassin: He knows every pressure point and vulnerable spot on the human body.
  • Physical Condition
  • Espionage
  • Expert Combatant: Using his assassin skills and military training, Floyd is an expert in the field of hand to hand combat.
  • Tracking


  • Deadshot Suit: Floyd wears a very durable suit, able to withstand large explosions, gunfire at close range and electric shocks.
  • Deadshot Helmet: The helmet is strengthened to be able to resist almost all physical attacks, the display has night vision, infrared, binoculars and thermal anemometer. The helmet also has hearing sensors, which enhance his senses to the point that he can hear a humming bird’s wings flapping.


  • Wrist-Mounted Guns: a pair of compact and silent wrist rifles with interchangeable barrels, allowing him to quickly recharge his weapon. The gun fires projectiles at high speeds, being able to penetrate resistant materials.
  • Various Weapons: Including grenades, rifles and automatic handguns.

In other Media


  • Deadshot appeared in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. He first appeared as a man hired to assassinate Aquaman. He was foiled and captured by the Justice League and forced by Batman to tell who hired him. He returned in another episode along with Kalibak, Copperhead, Star Sapphire, Volcana, and Livewire. In yet another episode, Deadshot appeared about to get the electric chair when he was chosen to be in Task Force X, an elite outlaw group. He worked alongside Rick Flag Jr., Captain Boomerang, Clock King, and Plastique. On a mission, Plastique was wounded (or possibly killed), and the other members, including Deadshot, were pressed into service to Task Force X to atone for their crimes.
  • Deadshot made a special guest appearance in two episodes of Season 10 the final season of Smallville along with some members from the Suicide Squad.
  • Deadshot made a cameo appearance in the television show Batman: The Brave and the Bold on the episode, “Night of the Batmen!”
  • Deadshot is a recurring character in Arrow. Originally an infamous hitman who never misses, he appears as Green Arrow’s first enemy not on The List his father left him. Deadshot is also believed to have killed the brother of Oliver’s friend, John Diggle, leading to an on-going feud between the two men. When both are drafted in the Suicide Squad, they begin to develop a respect for each other, and Lawton is given more admirable traits. In his final appearance, Deadshot’s tragic backstory (destroying his marriage and being barred from seeing his wife and child ever again due to his untreated PTSD) is revealed, and he chooses to sacrifice his own life to save Diggle, their allies, and the people they had been sent to rescue. In respect, Diggle offers a toast to his former enemy.


Batman: Gotham Knight

  • Deadshot appeared as a gun for hire in Batman: Gotham Knight. He was hired to assassinate Lt. Gordon in an attempt to drive out Batman. Batman outsmarted and defeated Deadshot.

Suicide Squad

  • Deadshot appeared in the 2016 film, Suicide Squad and was portrayed by Will Smith.

Video Games

Injustice 2

  • Deadshot appeared as a playable character in the game Injustice 2.

Batman ( NES )

  • Deadshot appeared as an enemy in the loosely-movie-based Batman game for Nintendo. He attacked by waiting and shooting.

Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City

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