10 DC Superheroes Who Died And Lived to Tell the Tale

Being a superhero is a dangerous job in the DC Universe, with the endless parade of deadly supervillains and universe-shattering catastrophes. sometimes not every hero makes it home alive, paying the ultimate price for the base hit of the impeccant. This degree has recently been driven home in the comic book worldly concern, with DC recently publishing Death of the Justice League in Justice League # 75 ( it looks like the Suicide Squad took besides long to take their shot ) .
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It ‘s not all bad, though, since death is rarely a long-run trouble in the amusing book world. This has led to the mint of the term “ amusing ledger end, ” which refers to the short-run and meaningless nature of these deaths. sol, out of DC ‘s expansive roll of heroes, who has paid the ultimate price, only to receive a refund ?

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle II — There’s No Squashing This Bug

Blue Beetle The second hero to take on the cape of the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord is the billionaire CEO of Kord Industries. He ‘s a genius and skilled combatant who uses a kind of self-made gadgets, including an airship called “ The Bug. ” Despite not being a huge superhero, he was established enough to serve on the Justice League for a clock time .
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deplorably, Kord was shot in the headway by his former Justice League ally, Maxwell Lord, in 2005 ‘s Countdown to Infinite Crisis. however, Kord returned as a zombi just a few years late in Blackest Night before returning to the down of the living thanks to DC ‘s Rebirth event, which rebooted the DC universe .

Stephanie Brown/Spoiler — Spoiler Warning: She Came Back

Stephanie Brown as Spoiler Introduced in 1992, Stephanie Brown was the daughter of the C-list villain Cluemaster, taking on the vigilante identity of Spoiler so that she could “ spoil ” her father ‘s plans. She would briefly become the one-fourth Robin before reverting to her Spoiler identity and ultimately dying rather viciously in 2005 ‘s War Games storyline .
however, by 2008 Steph was back as Spoiler, with it being retroactively established that she had faked her death. Things were looking up for a Steph after that, with her even taking up the Batgirl mantle. That is, until 2011, when the New 52 boot wiped her from continuity. Fear not, though ; she has recently found her way back into the DCU as a part of the Batfamily once again .

Roy Harper/Arsenal — He Must Have a Second Life In His Arsenal

Roy Harper Starting as Green Arrow ‘s buddy, Speedy, Roy Harper helped found the Teen Titans before working solo under the names Red Arrow and Arsenal. Along the means, he battled drug addiction, lost an weapon, and even lost his daughter. It was a rough in life for Roy, but it all came to an end in the 2018-19 history, Heroes in Crisis, in which Roy was one of several people incidentally killed by his friend, Wally West/ The Flash .
This move and the fib as a hale was quite controversial, so it came as no surprise when Roy found himself back among the land of the living in 2021 ‘s Infinite Frontier event after the multiverse was rebooted once again .

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow — Another Archer Who Got a Second Shot

Green Arrow DC Comics Like his former buddy, Oliver Queen has besides been to the early side and back. Debuting in 1941, Green Arrow is one of the longest-running heroes in DC ‘s roll, so it was only a matter of time before the Grim Reaper caught up with him. This happened in 1995 ‘s green Arrow Vol. 2 No. 100-101, where Ollie dies saving Metropolis from a group of eco-terrorists called the Eden Corps .
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After Oliver ‘s death, his son Connor Hawke, whom Oliver had only recently been made aware of, took on his father ‘s mantel. however, it was n’t long earlier Ollie was back, resurrected in 2000 by his friend, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan .

Kara Zor-El/Supergirl — The Long Journey Back Into Canon

Death of Supergirl While Supergirl may have cheated end in the Arrowverse ‘s live-action Crisis on Infinite Earths adaptation, it was a different story in the original amusing reserve floor. One of the most iconic images to come from the innovative 1985 crossover voter consequence was that of an anguish Superman cradling the body of his dead person cousin .
This was part of an feat to streamline Superman ‘s fib and take him bet on to basics, which included the removal of all early Kryptonian characters from continuity. respective other non-Kryptonian characters would take up the Supergirl mantle in the ’90s and early 2000s before Kara ultimately made her exultant retort to the post-crisis timeline in 2004.

Princess Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman — To Valhalla and Back Again

Death of Wonder Woman One of DC ‘s flagship characters, Wonder Woman, has been a staple of the DC Universe since her introduction in 1941. however, she last came to an end, befitting her desperate warrior status in the epic 2020-21 crossover voter consequence, Dark Nights : Death Metal. After defeating the cosmic beings Perpetua and The Darkest Knight, Diana ascends to a higher plane of universe .
however, things go askew, and Diana finds herself in Valhalla, leading her on a journey through respective afterlives of the God Sphere. She ultimately made her room back to the kingdom of the life in late 2021 … alone to be killed off again a few months later. alone meter will tell when she ‘ll be back again .

Bruce Wayne/Batman — Death Can’t Stop Him… Because He’s Batman!

Death of Batman These days Batman is seen as being prepared for anything, but that did n’t help him in the 2008 crossing over event, Final Crisis. Coming off the tail of the ominously titled Batman R.I.P. storyline, Final Crisis saw Batman investigating the death of the New God, Orion. This led to Orion ‘s don, Darkseid, apparently obliterating DC ‘s most democratic character with his Omega Beams .
however, the final examination moments of the history revealed that Batman did n’t die but was sent back in prison term rather. This led to The Dark Knight making jumps through history, slowly moving towards the present in 2010 ‘s Batman : The Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series .

Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman — Even the Man of Steel Has A Melting Point

Death of Superman adenine raving mad as it may seem, even DC ‘s strongest and most iconic bomber, Superman, has met his manufacturer. In a move then bold and unexpected that it made headlines at the time, the Man of Tomorrow was killed off in the 1992-1993 fib, The Death of Superman. At a fourth dimension when superhero deaths were n’t about angstrom coarse, this send shock waves around the universe, given the iconic condition of the character .
But fans barely had time to mourn, with Kal-El making his exultant return less than a year late, in the final discharge of the report, Reign of the Supermen. unfortunately, though, he returned with a mullet, so it was n’t all good news .

Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood — The Poster Boy for Resurrection

Death of Jason Todd Serving as the second Robin, Jason Todd was viciously killed off in the seminal Batman story, A Death in the Family, in 1988. For years subsequently, he was one of the few characters whose death was deemed besides important to be reversed, along with the likes of Spider-Man ‘s Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy .
however, that all changed in 2005 with the issue of another seminal work, Batman : Under the Hood. here, Todd was resurrected as the anti-hero Red Hood, and his fib of death, resurrection, and redemption has become one of the most popular in DC canon .

Barry Allen/The Flash – One of DC’s Most Iconic Rebirths

Death of Barry Allen Over the years, Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, has become intrinsically linked with the DC multiverse, whether it be in comics, television receiver, or movies. It ‘ll come as no surprise then to learn that not alone did he play a pivotal function in the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths fib, but he actually sacrificed himself to help save the multiverse. It was one of the most crucial moments in comedian book history, and the image of his torso disintegrate has become iconic.

equally as important, though, was Barry ‘s epic return some twenty years late, in Final Crisis. It helped cement the estimate that amusing book deaths are far from permanent .
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