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YHWH [ 1 ] / Yahweh [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Current Alias

God [ 2 ]


[ 3 ]

Yah (short for Yahweh),

Tetragramaton,[4] Tetragrammaton,[5][1], Jehovah (with a “I” in Hebrew),[6] Shaddai,[7] Shaddai El Chai,[8] El,[9]Allah,[10][3][11]“He”,[12] Heavenly Father,[13] Pater Noster,[3] The Lord,[14][15] Good Lord,[16] Dear Lord in Heaven,[17] The Creator,[3] The Creator of the Universe,[3] The Almighty,[18]The Old Man,[19][14] You-Know-Who,[19] The Big Man,[3] Catholic God,[20] “God of my fathers”,[21] One true God,[21] Dieu (in French),[citation needed] Dios[22] (in Spanish)[23]

Affiliation and Relationships


Council of Godheads ; [ 24 ] main aspect of the

Leader of the Angels main aspect of the Triune formed with Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit


Old Ones,
Cthulhu (merged into “God”, ” Ra ” and other identities);

Adam, Eve (creations);[25]Jesus Christ (son by Mary/aspect of Him within the Triune);
Yeshua (son );
Holy Spirit (aspect of Him within the Triune);
Mary (wife, separated);[3]

( initiation ) Death (creation)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics









  • Variable



Unusual Features


Origin and Living Status


God [ 1 ] of Christianity, [ 24 ]
Unnamed entity predating the

of Earth ‘s monotheistic faiths ( Judaism Islam );Unnamed entity predating the Multiverse

Living Status




Place of Birth

Somewhere before the Multiverse

Personal Information


No dual




Supreme being of Earth’s monotheistic faiths;
Universe Research and Development supplier

Base of Operations


Creators and Appearances


Jerry Robinson, Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, Keith Pollard


Bible Tales for Young Folk # 1
( April, 1953 )
Quote1.png You ‘re a geneticist. You’re telling me you believe in some bearded guy standing on a cloud?Quote2.png


In many of Earth ‘s monotheistic religions ( Judaism, Christianity, Islam ), [ 24 ] Yahweh has been viewed as the supreme being, godhead of all things, and only God.



yahweh was one of the gods [ 1 ] of Earth, [ 26 ] but his genuine origin varies from one account to another. yahweh was separate of a group of life-forms that existed before the Multiverse, and who were the only sentient life at that point. [ 3 ]

creation of the population

Yahweh allegedly created Earth-616 and all its multiple realities, including Duckworld, along with other universes ( and the laws of physics ), and that his job was “a contribution to a collective work called “Existence. such universes were created for respective reasons : aesthetic construction, intellectual exercise, entertainment rate, and money. This initiation was a contract of UR & D ( Universe Research and Development ) supplier ( God described his workplace as being “ a supplier ” quite than a godhead ), and legally speaking he was n’t the universe ‘s godhead. Yahweh had a lot of trouble oneself validating his universe to the committee. While they loved the pitch, including its multi-layered concept, both budget and healthy life were debatable ( as they were the only sentient life-forms at the time ). Yahweh tried to settle for limit brain capacity, but finally had to create Death ( in holy order to prevent competition between them and the new life-forms ). To negate that, Yahweh decided to add evolution in hide, causing the life spans of those raw life-forms to extend through science ( and causing subsequently the committee to try to destroy Earth with asteroids ), and the Afterlife. This Multiverse became highly lucrative as a tourist destination, ensuring its being. In the same way, Hell became a popular night spot. [ 3 ]

universe of man

Yahweh reportedly created the first gear humans from the very dust of the Earth, but they were often tempted and led into sin by beings claiming to be Satan, who may or may not be Mephisto, or any number of other Hell-Lords. [ citation needed ]

The flood

allegedly, when God looked down at the Earth and saw the nefariousness of valet, he caused the Flood. Once the fFlood went away, he put a rainbow in the sky as a promise to the survivors who survived in Noah ‘s ark that he would never again smite every living thing on the satellite. Since humanity did n’t change, God decided to intervene, and frankincense the Spirits of Vengeance were born : a trace of God ‘s own power, bonded to human hosts. Those Spirits were placed into the care and oversee of Zadkiel. [ 27 ]

ancient history

When God asked that all first hold children of Egypt to be killed, the Asura were dispatched to carry out this undertaking. [ 28 ] man ‘s religious text, starting with the Old Testament and the Vedas were believed to be divinely inspired, a call Yahweh rejected, stating that he did n’t write “ that ill. ” God had a psychotic episode in Galilee due to the interaction between the dilithium that he was taking to control his tripolar disorder and antidepressants. This incident apparently resulted in the impregnation of Mary of Nazareth with Jesus. Yahweh finally married Mary, and stayed together with her for centuries. After about two millennium of life together, his wife left him due to his drinking and possibly due to the age deviation a well. [ 3 ]

modern Day

Since 1938 [ 14 ] and due to the actions of Adolf Hitler, God started drinking [ 19 ] at bender-level, going at Job ‘s set in Hell. He suffered from a tripolar disorder causing his appearance as the Triune : God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He besides sometimes went trolling for virgins. During that time, he did n’t speak to anybody. [ 14 ]


After helping defeat Deuteronomy, an angel/demon hybrid destined to replace God, Howard the Duck ended up in Hell. He was led by Cherub Thrasher to Job ‘s Place where God waited for him to give his thanks. He besides revealed that he did n’t inspire the writing of the hallowed textbook ( the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Qu’ran, the Vedas or the equivalent of a divine ledger in Duckworld ), and that he was working on a screenplay. [ 3 ] The fallen angel Zadkiel finally managed to amass enough office to conquer Heaven and assume Yahweh ‘s place as the rule of creation. [ 29 ] Eventually, the Ghost Riders were able to stop Zadkiel, and then repelled the demonic horde of Kid Blackheart, securing the Holy City. Yahweh took back see of Heaven, and thanked Johnny Blaze via his wife Roxanne, but Blaze angrily stated that God would have to fight his own battles in the future. Zadkiel ended up in Hell, in the hands of Lucifer. [ 30 ]



God was stated to be almighty [ 28 ] [ 3 ] and all-knowing. [ 3 ] He was allegedly able to conjure a flood and to generate a rainbow. [ 27 ] He besides presumably wielded powers similar and/or on equality to those which Zadkiel acquired when he sat on the toilet of Heaven. He could besides cast illusions, notably to induce “ revelations. ” [ 3 ]


allegedly, Yahweh has some skills in computers, as he stated he was distillery trying to learn his project management software. [ 3 ]


  • God seemingly has a drinking problem[3] since 1938[14] due to what happened with Hitler,[19] and has been aggressive while drunk.[14][3]
  • Mental and Psychological Issues:
    • Tripolar Disorder: God suffers from a tripolar disorder, which makes him appear under the form of the Triune: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit,[14] He has also had anger tantrums. He treated his disorder using dilithium.[3]
    • Depression (possibly): God seemingly suffers from depression since he takes antidepressants, which caused him to suffer a psychotic episode in interaction with dilithium.[3]
    • Sociopathy (possibly): Yahweh considers himself to possibly be a sociopath.[3]
    • Insecurity: Yahweh has stated he was so insecure he needed constant praise to keep his wrath at bay.[3]



  • Dilithium, which is supposed to counterbalance his tripolar disorder.[3]
  • Antidepressants.[3]



  • God being a noun, God prefers to be called “Yah”, short for Yahweh, feeling it has a positive ring and sort of a rock-and-roll feel.[3]
  • While exclaiming, Yahweh states “Me” instead of “God”.[3]
  • Around 2,000 to 500 BC, God created Zoroastrianism as kind of his “little practical joke”.[3]

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