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Death of Spider-Man

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DoSM, Ultimate Death of Spider-Man

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New York ( New York City, Burger Frog, Daily Bugle, Cairo ; Iran ; Italy ; Pyongyang, North Korea ; White House, Washington, D.C. Manhattan, Queensborough Bridge, Queens (Parker House), Triskelion, Triskelion Sub-Structure, 1st Calvary Forest Hills Cemetery Stark International, Lenox Hill Hospital, Black Widow’s Apartment, Jane & Thor’s Apartment, Felicia’s Apartment, Bryant Park, SoHo, Tony Stark’s Penthouse, Tinkerer’s Lair); U.S.S. Jimmy Carter; South America Argentina ); Bulgaria


Black Widow ( Monica Chang ), Captain America, Giant-Man ( Scott Lang ), Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor


Osborn ‘s Six, Green Goblin, Electro, Kraven The Hunter, Mysterio, Mysterio Android, Sandman, The Vulture, The Spider, Gregory Stark


Aunt May, Ben Grimm, Ben Urich, Black Cat, Blade, Captain Britain, Captain France, Carol Danvers, Deacon Frost, Doctor Octopus, Gwen Stacy, Hawkeye, Invisible Woman, J. Jonah Jameson, Jane Foster, Julius Chang, Kingpin, Dr. Leonard Samson, Mary Jane Watson, Maximus, The Mimic, Nick Fury, President of the United States, The Punisher, The Shroud, The Tinkerer, Tyrone Cash, War Machine

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Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Bagley, David Lafuente, Sarah Pichelli, Chris Samnee


Ultimate Spider-Man # 153
( February, 2011 )



The Black Cat, having not excessively long ago stolen the great The Zodiac Key from the office of the late Wilson Fisk, who knew how dangerous the key was and kept it shroud, is visited by Mysterio in an undertake to persuade her to give it to him. Black Cat refuses and in an attack to attack Mysterio, ends up to incidentally level many city blocks with the Key. meanwhile, Tony Stark is with Peter Parker when they are alerted to the fire and head off to investigate. [ 1 ] When they arrive, Mysterio uses the Key against them by firing a blast of energy. Tony ‘s armor emits a force-field that absorbs the energy blast, but this leaves him drained of world power. Another fire from Mysterio completely destroys Tony ‘s armor. Peter manages to take the identify while Mysterio is distracted by an attack from Black Cat. however, he unintentionally opens a singularity in the sky by using only his thoughts, making the lapp error that Felicia did .
Mysterio about regains the Key but is then grabbed from behind by Tony, who manages to subdue him, and reveals that Mysterio is nothing more than a automaton that is being controlled remotely by person elsewhere. Tony then takes the Zodiac Key and returns to his lab to study it, thanking Peter and colloquially offering him a job to work for him. Distraught, Peter swings to Mary Jane ‘s house and she invites him inside. [ 2 ] The following day Peter gets fired from his job at Burger Frog because of his frequent absence from ferment ( due to him secretly being Spider-Man ). Almost immediately he is contacted by J. Jonah Jameson who offers him his job rear ( with the add bonus of not being fired due to absence because of being Spider-Man ), arsenic well as a gift in the shape of a eruditeness for when Peter attends college, in exchange for exclusive rights to Peter ‘s stories as Spider-Man to publish on the Daily Bugle web site. Jonah tells Peter that he owes him his life sentence and wants to make up for all the lies that he has ever said about him in the media .

Peter ‘s Birthday & Back with Mary Jane

concisely after, Peter responds to an explosion caused by the same group of roller blade hooligans that he encountered before. The Shroud besides shows up to take them down. Peter, knowing she ‘s in truth his ex-girlfriend Kitty Pryde, begs her to talk to him. He convinces her to rejoin his circle of friends. When they arrive at his house, he is surprised by many of his friends, including Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Johnny, Bobby, Gwen, Aunt May and Mary Jane, who are throwing him a surprise birthday party. During the party he professes his love, once again, for MJ and the two kiss. [ 3 ]

death of Spider-Man

Peter and Mary Jane are having lunch when they are visited by a very begrudge Steve Rogers, who tells Peter to suit up and meet him for prepare. Peter meets Rogers at the cemetery where they begin a lesson on fighting smart versus fighting foolishly and how the second one can lead soldiers right to a cemetery like the one they are standing in. Rogers gets called away by Carol Danvers, stating that General Nick Fury and his Avengers have gone rogue. Peter follows Rogers to the Queensborough Bridge where he witnesses a massive explosion. meanwhile, Norman Osborn once again transforms into the Green Goblin and escapes the Triskelion, along with Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Vulture and hides in an apartment build near Central Park. They witness the explosion on the newsworthiness and Osborn states that since S.H.I.E.L.D. is occupy it ‘s the perfect time to do God ‘s work : kill Spider-Man. [ 4 ] Otto objects to this plan and, although he is grateful that Norman freed him from prison, decides that he has no stew against Peter Parker and wants to continue his career as a scientist, and tells Norman that they should be gallant that they created Spider-Man together. Norman transforms and hurls Otto out of the window. Otto uses his ability to control metallic element to form his “ Octopus Arms ” out of any and all of the metallic objects in the area. Norman leaps after him, stating that Otto is a chump for believing that ever he had anything to do with the universe of Spider-Man after which Norman overpowers Otto and deals a fatal coke to him .
Peter gets a telephone call from Mary Jane saying that Norman has escaped prison and will most likely come after Peter ‘s family. He decides his family is more crucial than joining a fight he does n’t belong in and swings home before Norman and his crowd can get there. Peter arrives at home and warns both Aunt May and Gwen to pack and drive away from the city until he calls them. He then heads out to find Norman to put an end to this, when he once again is called by Mary Jane. She tells him that she just witnessed Norman murdering Otto Octavius on the news. Peter heads to where the struggle took place to find Otto ‘s body lying lifeless in the center of the street. A bystander points up to where Norman fled the setting to and Peter went to investigate the apartment above. Finding nothing there he once again heads out in search of Norman and the lie of his team of fugitives, when he spots Captain America standing over a beat Nick Fury and decides to intervene. He arrives at the view and sees the The Punisher aiming a rifle at Cap. He immediately dives towards Cap and pushes him out of the manner, getting shot himself. [ 5 ] meanwhile, Osborn and the remaining members of his group show up at the Tinkerer ‘s Lair and need he supply them with weapons, including Vulture ‘s befit vitamin a well as blasters and knives for Kraven. meanwhile back at the Queensboro bridge, a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents arrived at the bridge and, during the fleeting confusion caused by Spider-Man ‘s appearance, shoot and try to apprehend Fury. Filled with compunction, Frank begged the agents to “ punish him ” for shooting an impeccant kid. Captain America promises Peter that his scent is not fatal and commends him for taking a bullet train for him without a second think, stating that when he grows up Peter will be the best out of all of them. War Machine then arrives and blows up the bridge, causing everyone but Spider-Man, who uses his ability to stick to surfaces, to fall into the water below. Peter manages to gain his composure and dresses his wounds with his webbing. He then decides he needs to go to a hospital, however doing so will require him to reveal his mystery identity, which he decides he is amply prepared to do. He then spots Osborn and his crew and follow them to his house rather of going to the hospital .
Osborn and his group then appear at the Parker residency looking for Peter. however they are rather met by Johnny and Bobby. Johnny manages to overpower Norman, but Sandman intervenes and completely steep Johnny in sand, putting out his flame. Ice Man tries to help Johnny but is swiftly defeated by Electro. Just as they are about to enter Peter ‘s house, they spot him down the street, unmask. He cursorily takes out the marauder with his web and, flush though he can scantily stand, prepares to fight the rest. [ 6 ] Peter lies and tells the rest of the villains that S.H.I.E.L.D. and the New Ultimates are on their way, and that it would be in their best pastime to good surrender. however Electro points out that Spider-Man is hurt and Sandman, Kraven and himself prepare to attack. Peter, thinking cursorily, kicks open a fire water faucet and aims the k of water at them using his hands. Electro shorts out and electrocutes both Sandman and Kraven. Peter then decks Electro, knocking him out. Peter then, exhausted, notices that a crowd of his neighbors has gathered around him in the street. Some of them are even recording him on their cellphones. He asks them to call the police and an ambulance. Peter then gets attacked, once again, by Sandman, Vulture and Electro, leaving him even more hurt than ahead. In a panic, one of the neighbors calls Aunt May and informs her that her nephew is Spider-Man and that he ‘s about to be killed. May turns the car about and speeds back home. She arrives fair as Electro is about to deal the final gust to Peter and manages to shoot him three times in the thorax with her revolver. Electro falls to the ground, though to be dead, but not earlier once again shorting out and electrocuting Sandman and Vulture, leaving them all unconscious mind .
May grab Peter and they embrace. Norman then wakes up and charges straight towards them. [ 7 ] Peter grabs hold of May and Gwen and swings them to base hit. He then knocks Norman depressed long enough to wake Johnny up. Johnny lights up and confronts Norman, entirely to have Norman absorb his flare and knock Johnny to the grind. Empowered, Norman unleashes a storm of fireballs at Peter and the besiege vehicles. In the ardent chaos Peter manages to flank Norman and hit him from behind with a mailbox and hurl him into the open jet of water from the fire water faucet he earlier used to take out the remainder of Norman ‘s group.

Stripped of his new power, Norman manages to once again get up and is about to deal a black blow to Peter when Mary Jane runs into him with a hand truck she managed to steal. The truck flips over but Peter manages to get her out and the two kiss. He then throws her to safety and, in one last effort, lifts the hand truck over his head and crushes Norman with it … twice. unfortunately, before Peter is able to get to guard the truck explodes, critically wounding him, and hurdles him onto the grass. Mary Jane and Johnny ( having woken up ) race towards him. MJ says they need to get him to a hospital. rebel suggests that he fly him to the hospital, but MJ says he ca n’t be moved in his current condition. Aunt May finally manages to get away from Gwen and second to the view of the fight with Gwen chasing her, merely for them to see Peter lying on the ground, dying. They immediately rush towards him, with Aunt May, asking him what he had done. He manages to tell Aunt May that he is happy that he ultimately was able to make up for not saving his uncle Ben by nowadays saving her. He then apparently passes out and Johnny listens to his breast for a heartbeat, but to everyone ‘s repugnance, hears none. In the fiery wreckage Norman, transformed back into his human imprint, manages to smugly smirk before he, besides, dies. [ 8 ]

Avengers vs. New Ultimates

With the Triskelion having recently been transported to Iran, Thor is lento teleport S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel, including Tony Stark, who recently had a backsliding of his brain tumor, home to Manhattan. The New Ultimates, besides having recently added Giant-Man and Black Widow to the team, learn from Gregory Stark that New Prototype Super-Soldiers were stolen from one of his facilities. The team is then sent to Bulgaria to intercept the coach believed to be transporting the stolen property. The team manages to derail the train and witness one of the prototype Super-Soldiers, called the Mimic, emerge from his containment unit and, curtly subsequently, die a afflictive death. Captain America questions the conductor of the prepare, who reveals to them that he was hired to steal and transport the prototypes by Nick Fury. [ 9 ] interim, Fury manages to recruit the Punisher ( promising him the keys to every cellular telephone in the prison in which he is presently incarcerated ) and Blade ( promising to deliver to him the man who killed his mother, Deacon Frost ). Hawkeye besides gets recruited for Fury ‘s mission .
Posing as civilians, the group observes the sale of Maximus, a still-gestating Prototype Super-Soldier presumably alike to the Mimic. The team strikes and attempts to intercept the case containing Maximus, however they are attacked by the man creditworthy for the sale, Tyrone Cash. War Machine attempts to neutralize Cash, with little success, when Blade intervenes and manages to hypnotize him, reducing him to his fade form. Cash then confesses to Fury that he is working for Carol Danvers, and that she has been selling secrets for years. [ 10 ] They then escort Cash to his home, where Frank kills everyone within except for the prostitutes, and coerce him to reveal the secrets of his transformation. Cash tells them that the unavowed is to ingest a special pill that he invented once every 24 hours and the transformation can be done at will. Fury then shoots Cash in the mind, killing him. [ 11 ] meanwhile, Tony wakes up after his operation and has a bad feel that something awful is about to happen. He asks a rent model, dressed as a aphrodisiac harbor for Tony ‘s enjoyment, to contact his secretary to ready his Iron Man armor. Carol Danvers converses with Captain Britain, who is presently leading the job of transporting the Triskelion back to New York, when Nick Fury appears. Danvers orders her men to attack, revealing that War Machine, hiding himself with engineering that allows him to become invisible, is besides there. Iron Man arrives in time to save Danvers, but is forced into struggle with War Machine. Blade appears among the chaos and knocks Carol unconscious and proceeds to kidnap her with the serve of Hawkeye. They are intercepted by Giant-Man and Black Widow, while Captain America hunts down Nick Fury on the Queensborough Bridge and beats him about to submission. Frank Castle, watching from higher ground, decides to try and take out Rogers ‘ stifle caps with a sniper plunder. He takes a blastoff, but Spider-Man arrives and sees him pointing a rifle at Cap. not volition to see Cap die, Spider-Man dives and pushes Cap out of the way and gets hit by the fastball rather. [ 12 ] A police squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents arrived at the bridge and, during the fleeting confusion caused by Spider-Man ‘s appearance, shoot and attempted to apprehend Fury. Filled with compunction, Frank begged the agents to “ punish him ” for shooting an innocent kid. Captain America promises Peter that his wound is not fatal and commends him for taking a bullet train for him without a moment thought, stating that when he grows up Peter will be the best out of all of them. War Machine then arrives and blows up the bridge, causing everyone but Spider-Man, who uses his ability to stick to surfaces, to fall into the water system below. Thor then arrives and attempts to rescue them, damaging War Machine in the process. Blade manages to take down Black Widow, entirely to then be badly wounded himself by Iron Man, who was unaware that Blade was not actually super-powered. Carol Danvers calls for stand-in when she is hit by a Police Cruiser. While Nick Fury is in hands and Carol Danvers is in the hospital, the leadership of S.H.I.E.L.D. is given to Gregory Stark by the President of the United States. Gregory then takes Fury onto the Helicarrier U.S.S. Jimmy Carter where he reveals to him that he was the one who pitted the Ultimates against the Avengers. He in fact was using the smuggle Super-Soldiers to supply the rebels of the rogue states to help the Pro-Democracy Forces. He then has his men shoot Fury and leave him for dead. [ 13 ] fury then begins to transform, using the limited pills he acquired from Tyrone Cash a few days prior, into a Hulk-type physique, frankincense protecting him from his wounds. The other Avengers, besides having taken the pills, join Fury in confronting Gregory, however he reveals that he is fix for any and all opposition to his plans and activates a nanite flit, alike to his brothers ‘, in his body, imbuing him with Super-Powers. He easily defeats the Avengers and, causing the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter to tilt, hurdles all of them but Fury over the edge. meanwhile, in Pyongyang, North Korea, the revolution begins with many Super-Soldiers, led by The Spider, causing havoc. The New Ultimates are alerted to this assail but are ordered to stand down by Gregory on the grounds that intervening would breach the U.N. Treaty. The Spider, revealing himself to be a korean himself, though grown in Gregory Stark ‘s Lab for good this occasion, confronts the korean Military. however he is interrupted when the New Ultimates, going against Gregory ‘s orders, show up with the Avengers. [ 11 ] A huge conflict erupts between the Korean forces and the Ultimates & Avengers. When the Punisher confronts the Spider, Hawkeye intervenes and crushes the Spider with a giant obstruct of concrete, killing him. Before he can deal a fateful blow to Nick Fury, Gregory Stark is informed that the Ultimates are in Korea. He teleports to Korea to confront them. He steals Thor ‘s Hammer and well takes down Thor and Captain America. When he is about to kill Giant-Man, however, Tony smashes him into the grind. The two brothers struggle, but Gregory damages Tony ‘s armor and he is unable to fight. alternatively, Tony uses an Electro-Magnetic Pulse to deactivate Gregory ‘s Nanites, frankincense removing his powers. Thor, thinking quickly, summons lightning and dreadfully burns Gregory .
even though the uprise in Korea had been stopped, it came to light that Gregory ‘s true target was Iran, where the Triskelion presently resided. Iran, now under a democratic rule, allowed the triskelion to remain there while work began building a new one in New York. Gregory was then taken off of his life-support and he apparently perished .
Nick Fury met with Carol Danvers and informed her that by order of the President of the United States she was being forced to resign as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. ascribable to the fact that under her watch not only did Gregory Stark entrust crimes against the United Nations, but Spider-Man was killed. Nick Fury then took up his old placement as S.H.I.E.L.D. Director. Monica, with the referral of Nick Fury, became the newfangled leader of the Avengers. A fresh triskelion was besides in New York Harbor. [ 14 ]


  • Ultimate Spider-Man #160 is the final chapter of the Death of Spider-Man event and final issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. It was shipped Polybagged to help protect the secret within from early spoilers.
  • Post-DoSM: The Ultimates returned in Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, an ongoing monthly series from the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić. The series begun in August, 2011.
  • Post-DoSM: The X-Men returned in Ultimate Comics: X-Men, an ongoing monthly series from the creative team of Nick Spencer and Paco Medina. The series begun in September, 2011.
  • Post-DoSM: Hawkeye appeared in his first solo mini-series, ultimate Comics : Hawkeye

    Read more : Klyntar (Location)

    , by the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Rafa Sandoval. On sale in August, 2011.


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