The Fan Hate Over Superman’s Death Was More Extreme Than People Realize

When DC Comics released The Death of Superman   in 1992, no one could have predicted how massive the event would be, or how angry some fans would get. Though most fans loved the event and all the ways it added to Superman ‘s mythos, writer and artist Dan Jurgens revealed some fans took their negative reaction besides far .
It ‘s unmanageable to overstate the affect of The Death of Superman. While some amusing events such as crisis on Infinite Earths are celebrated among fans, The Death of Superman was so boastful that it made home news. People lined up around street corners to get their copy of the iconic Superman # 75 which came in a black bag with a bally Superman logo on it. Though Superman ‘s actual death did n’t last, the consequence is even affecting DC Comics today with characters such as Connor Kent, Doomsday, and Steel. recently, DC even announced a Death of Superman 30th anniversary comedian to celebrate the landmark event. No matter how fans feels about the event now though, nothing can match the sensitive emotions felt when the event was first released .
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In an consultation with Screen Rant, one of the event ‘s creators, Dan Jurgens, revealed that more than a few fans crossed a major line in voicing their disapproval for The Death of Superman. According to Jurgens, ” My phone would ring at like 11 o’clock at night and people would call up and say, ‘Are you the one who ‘s doing that comic where they kill Superman ? ‘ It was preferably disconcerting for my wife and son at the time. ” Jurgens besides mentioned how he could n’t imagine the reception he would have gotten if the event was released in the age of social media like Facebook and Twitter. It ‘s a sentiment that hits all excessively close to home, as Superman writer Tom Taylor recently received death threats over a floor where Superman ‘s son Jon comes out as bisexual .

30th Anniversary cover for the Death of Superman.

The candidate of getting calls at midnight from angry fans is surely a nightmare. While a level of disapproval or even anger is apprehensible, taking it to the degree of actually calling a creator is unacceptable. unfortunately, though comic creators might not get that exact shape of harassment now, Jurgens is correct in pointing out how much worse the backlash would have been had Death of Superman been released two or three decades later. nowadays, massive harassment campaigns against creators are all excessively common. Though writer Superman writer Tom Taylor donated to LGBTQ organizations for every death menace he received, it ‘s sad that he got death threats at all .
careless of how one feels about any given musical composition of media, there ‘s a line between criticism and harassment. Calling a godhead at midnight to yell at a godhead is decidedly far over that line. The Death of Superman is an iconic event that changed DC Comics constantly, but it’s sad that the creators involved had to deal with fans who were willing to turn their displeasure into harassment .
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