The 10 Best Deathstroke Comics, Ranked

Since his comic debut in the early 1980s, Deathstroke has become one of DC ‘s most dangerous and determined villains. Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson, has a all-around set of limited abilities that make him a difficult opponent for any street-level fictional character in DC Comics. Using enhance abilities like low-level extremely intensity, upgrade reflex, and extra lastingness, Deathstroke has become a spine in the side of many DC heroes like Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, and numerous early members of the Justice League and Teen Titans .
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Having fought numerous characters around the DC universe, Deathstroke has shown up in multiple comedian titles and even made his live-action debut in the 2021 film, Zach Snyder ‘s Justice League .

10 Deathstroke’s Comic Debut

New Teen Titans 2 In 1980, Deathstroke made his comedian debut in New Teen Titans # 2 under the fabled creative team, Wolfman and Perez. The top of this issue depicts most of the Teen Titans roll appearing to be absolutely, so it ‘s apparent that DC wanted fans to recognize Deathstroke as a high-level terror immediately. In this very intense report, readers learn about Grant Wilson, a youthful man with fierce tendencies who wants revenge on the Teen Titans. After gaining enhanced mind abilities, Grant goes to fight the Titans, but center through the battle, Grant begins to age quickly until his body ultimately ca n’t take anymore and he dies. Mourning the loss of his son, Deathstroke immediately swears to finish Grant ‘s mission for him .

9 Deathstroke vs Wolverine

deathstroke wolverine In a big Marvel DC crossing title called Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, Deathstroke faced off against one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Marvel : Wolverine. After members of the X-Men and Teen Titans, both start experiencing visions of the recently killed Jean Grey. The two teams joined forces for an epic poem battle against Darkseid, Deathstroke, and the forces of Apokolips .
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While tracking the X-Men, Deathstroke came across Wolverine, who immediately had the upper hand in the battle, which made Deathstroke look outmatched. however, after Deathstroke distracts Wolverine, he turns the tide and knocks Wolverine out of the struggle .

8 Deathstroke vs Azrael

Deathstroke vs Azrael In one of the coolest one-on-one matchups in amusing book history, Deathstroke faces off against the Avenging Angel, Azrael. In Azrael # 45, Deathstroke and Azrael meet in a brief brush where the two duels second and forth with fierce swings from their respective swords. After befriending a monstrous man named Calibax, Azrael learns that Calibax has been marked for death and hunted by Deathstroke. After realizing that Calibax is not his ally, Azrael and Deathstroke become friends, allowing them to set off on their respective paths. This comedian was besides one of the few appearances Deathstroke made in his blue and bootleg costume .

7 Journey’s End

Deathstroke DC Comics Journey ‘s End tells a report about Deathstroke ‘s survival in a post-apocalyptic future after a group of robots called the Genetix destroy most world. The fib took place in Deathstroke the Terminator Annual # 3, in which Deathstroke finds himself facing off against multiple Genetix in a now-wrecked Library of Congress. Deathstroke holds his own for a while, taking out around a twelve Genetix but, shortly after that, hundreds more Genetix fill the room and invade Slade. Deathstroke is then paraded and tortured in public for the Genetix population to see .
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ultimately, Deathstroke is burn off active and dumped onto a pile of bodies. Thanks to his healing component, Deathstroke finally gets up and joins other surviving humans in a fight against the Genetix .

6 Deathstroke Controls Damian Wayne

DC Comics Deathstroke One of the most ferocious things Deathstroke always did, with the help of Talia Al Ghul, was implant a device onto Damian Wayne ‘s spine so he could control his thoughts and movements. In Batman and Robin # 9, Deathstroke used the implant in Damian to challenge Batman – who was Dick Grayson at this time – in an acute crusade, making Dick think Damian had completely turned on him. After beating Damian, Dick hunted down Deathstroke to a hospital, where he viciously beat him and warned him of what ‘s to come if he ever tried to brainwash a Bat-Family member again .

5 Nightwing Renegade

Renegade Deathstroke DC Comics In Nightwing # 113, Nightwing is employed by Deathstroke after leaving Batman, who orders the erstwhile Robin to train his daughter, Ravager – aka Rose Wilson. The storyline gave readers an concern claim on Dick Grayson, turning him from commodity guy to villain and giving him the new name, Renegade. As Renegade and Ravager patrol the streets of Bludhaven, Deathstroke lurks around another partially of the city, former breaking into the dwelling of officer Amy Rohrbach .
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As he holds a gun to Amy ‘s conserve ‘s head, Deathstroke demands the localization of Sophia Teves, the daughter of a Bludhaven crime family .

4 City Of Assassins

Batman DC Comics In one of the first solo arc in Deathstroke ‘s history, Deathstroke faced off against Batman and even became allies with him for a brief time. In Deathstroke The Terminator # 7, Slade faces off with Batman. Thinking Batman will be an easy victory, Slade is promptly defeated by Batman, proving Deathstroke ‘s arrogance to be his precipitation. In the follow issue, after realizing their interests slightly aligned at the time, Deathstroke and Batman team up to protect a world from numerous local anesthetic crime bosses who wish to see him killed .

3 Identity Crisis

Slade vs JL DC Comics In one of the most ambitious faceoffs in DC history, Deathstroke protected Doctor Light by taking on five members of the Justice League at once. In Identity Crisis # 3, Deathstroke faces a team of The Flash, Kyle Rayner, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Zatanna. Though Slade never gains the upper bridge player, he is never truly defeated, holding his own and refusing to quit from the attack of attacks .
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former in the report, Deathstroke breaks into Green Arrow ‘s house, leaving a note informing Green Arrow that the battle is not over. There, Deathstroke learned Green Arrow ‘s identity and used it to track him down for a late mission .

2 Judas Contract

Deathstroke - Judas Contract In the most significant storyline in Teen Titans ‘ history, readers last learn the beginning of Deathstroke. Starting in Tales of the Teen Titans # 42, after learning the identities of every member of the Teen Titans, Slade kidnaps numerous members like Cyborg, Donna Troy, and Kory Anders. At this point, readers learned that Deathstroke had taken up the compress left behind by his late son, Grant Wilson, and was capturing the Titans for the H.I.V.E. pot. After teaming up with Slade ‘s mutant son, Jericho, Nightwing infiltrates the H.I.V.E. H.Q. to free his teammates, only to discover that they ‘re connected to a device draining them of life .

1 Batman vs Deathstroke

Batman vs Slade - Deathstroke - DC Comics In holocene years, Deathstroke has transitioned from a sadistic supervillain to a relatable vigilante-type fictional character who works out of egoism. In Deathstroke Vol 4 # 30, Batman receives a foreign software containing DNA results claiming Slade Wilson to be the true biological father of Batman ‘s son, Damian Wayne. After hearing this supposed news program, Batman sets off to find Deathstroke, who meets the data with hostility – apparently challenging Batman for the right to be Damian ‘s father. Batman and Deathstroke have numerous big fights in this storyline as the two seek the truth about Damian .
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