Every Demon Slayer Arc, In Order

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular modern anime and manga series, and each of its 11 narrative arch alone improves upon the final. Koyoharu Gotouge ‘s Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba is a smash hit that sold 29.5 million copies in 2021, according to Oricon. The series is about Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who joins the Demon Slayer Corps after Muzan Kibutsuji killed his entire kin. His sister Nezuko, however, survived the attack but became a monster. Tanjiro hopes to find a cure for his sister and avenge his syndicate .
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The serial has 23 manga volumes and 11 arcs, with the final one split into two sub-arcs. Each phase of the fib manages to outdo the last as the fib quickly becomes dark.


12 The Final Selection Arc Kicks Off The Story

Tanjiro and Kasugai crow at Final Selection Demon Slayer kicks off with the Final Selection discharge. adenine far as basic arch go, this one cursorily hops from zero to one hundred. One hour, Tanjiro is barely the average charcoal seller, and the future, he ‘s picking up a nichirin sword to fight demons .
After enduring a few years of training under Urokodaki ‘s guidance, Tanjiro heads off to the Final Selection, an entrance examination for aspiring Demon Slayers to prove their deserving. They pass if they make it off the batch alive after seven days. This discharge introduced most of the independent characters, Tanjiro, Nezuko, and late Zenitsu. It besides introduced the concept of Hashira with Giyu Tomioka .

11 The Kidnapper’s Bog Arc Follows Tanjiro As A Fledgling Demon Slayer

How Did The Swamp Monster Perform Blood Demon Art? The Kidnapper ‘s Bog arc, or the first Mission bow, follows Tanjiro ‘s first steps to becoming a full-fledged demon killer. He goes on his foremost mission during this arc to investigate why young women have been missing .
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The main event of this bow was Tanjiro and Nezuko ‘s battle against the Swamp Demon. It was n’t an Upper Rank or even a Lower Rank in Muzan ‘s Twelve Kizuki, but it surely proved barely how evil these demons could be. The discharge besides showcased Tanjiro and Nezuko ‘s impressive teamwork .

10 The Asakusa Arc Introduced Tamayo & Yushiro

Tamayo and Yushiro in Demon Slayer. Most of the serial ‘ demons are n’t docile and kind like Nezuko, but Tamayo and Yushiro are two early examples of demons who can coexist with world. however, their debut was n’t the only agitate event in this arch. Tanjiro finally had a quarrel with Muzan Kibutsuji, which shook him to his core .
After that, he meets Tamayo and Yushiro. They took him in and listened to his estimate about finding a cure for demons. however, they were attacked by Susamaru and Yahaba, two Twelve Kizuki aspirant who would do anything to serve Muzan .

9 The Tsuzumi Mansion Arc Formally Introduced Zenitsu & Inosuke

a worried tanjiro places his hand on the face of a young girl to keep her quiet The Tsuzumi Mansion arch was the most action-packed so far. Tanjiro was sent on a mission to investigate a family where a Kyogai, a erstwhile Twelve Kizuki penis, was wreaking havoc .
This arc formally introduced the lovable coward Zenitsu and the hard-headed boar Inosuke. Zenitsu unveiled his true power against the Tongue Demon, and fans got their first glimpse of Inosuke ‘s likely during his crusade against the Horned Demon. Tanjiro ‘s competitiveness against Kyogai was epic, and its consequence proved the young killer ‘s boundless compassion .

8 The Spider Family Was Introduced During The Mount Natagumo Arc

Rui looks downwards in Demon Slayer Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke trekked up Mount Natagumo on their first group mission to take down the atrocious Spider Family. These demons were the most powerful foes they had met up until that decimal point, and it was enough to make Zenitsu ride on the sidelines for most of the arc .
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Rui was the first gear current member of the Twelve Kizuki introduced, and it took everything Tanjiro and Nezuko had to defeat him. This bow besides revealed that Tanjiro is capable of Sun Breathing since he performed his Hinokami Kagura. By the end, Giyu reappeared aboard Shinobu, the Insect Hashira .

7 The Rehabilitation Training Arc Introduced The Entire Lineup Of Hashira

Demon Slayer - all the Hashira together as a group even though Tanjiro and Nezuko played a meaning role in taking down the Spider Family, the fact that he was traveling with a monster is a crime, according to the Corps ‘ laws. After hearing sol much about the elusive Hashira, this discharge introduced the other seven .
Despite their attempts to disparage and discredit Nezuko, Kagaya decided there was no reason to punish anyone and allowed Nezuko to live. After that, the main gang was taken to the Butterfly Mansion, where they spent time recuperating from the previous battle. At the same time, Muzan was preparing his Lower Rank troops for the battles ahead.

6 The Main Trio Fought Alongside The Flame Hashira In The Mugen Train Arc

Demon Slayer - Rengoku performing a flaming strike The Mugen Train arc was adaptated into a movie, which fans can watch on Crunchyroll. Rengoku stole the show in this bow as the leading three fight aboard him to defeat Enmu, a Lower Rank monster who fused his liveliness with the train. He was challenging to defeat, particularly since the slayers were all in never-never land for most of his attack .
By the end, this discharge turned out to be one of the series ‘ most barbarous. Akaza popped in at the end and excellently took down Rengoku, proving the apparently boundless strengths of the Upper-Rank demons .

5 The Entertainment District Arc Starred The Flashy Sound Hashira

Tengen Uzui- Demon Slayer The Entertainment District arch took the chief three into the Red Light District, where they had to go clandestine in brothels to locate the devil wreaking havoc in the city. This arch introduced Tengen Uzui, the Flashy Sound Hashira, and all three of his wives .
The discharge had some of the best fights in the series and introduced the Upper-Rank demons, Daki and Gyutaro. They showed the true panic of Muzan ‘s Twelve Kizuki. This arc besides put Nezuko through a bizarre transformation where she grew solid enough to stun Daki, but she about went to the colored side .

4 The Swordsmith Village Arc Stars Mitsuri & Muichiro

Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba- Swordsmith Village arc Tanjiro merely goes to the swordsmith greenwich village to get his sword repaired, but after running into Muichiro and Genya, he has to take on two upper-rank demons. This arch is action-packed and will be receiving an zanzibar copal adaptation in 2023 .
Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya, and Mitsuri all took on Hantengu, an Upper-Rank Demon who could generate emotion clones. Muichiro was fighting Gyokko in the meanwhile. This discharge besides revealed that Nezuko grew hard enough to survive in the sunlight — and Muzan was n’t happy to hear about it .

3 The Hashira Training Arc Offers The Demon Slayers A Chance To Work With The Best

Demon Slayer's Hashira. Hashira Training is meant to improve every Demon Slayer ‘s overall health and abilities. It ‘s a gamble for slayers in lower ranks to train with the best. Tengen handles stamen discipline, Mitsuri handles flexibility, and Muichiro helps the slayers improve their overall travel rapidly .
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Obanai gives tips on how to be a better overall fencer, Sanemi handles persuasiveness aim, and Gyomei helps the slayers build muscles. Giyu and Shinobu do n’t participate, but Tanjiro finally schmoozes the Water Hashira into joining. It ‘s a pretty brutal prepare arc, but it ‘s entire of entertaining kid and feels like the calm air before the storm .

2 The Infinity Castle Arc Is The First Half Of The Final Battle

Muzan encounters Tanjiro for the first time The Final Battle arc is split into two sub-arcs, and it ‘s the end of the entire series. The Demon Slayer Corps is last cook to take on Muzan Kibutsuji. The Infinity Castle arch is the first sub-arc, and it ‘s action-packed. All hands are on deck to finally take down the demonic overlord .
The discharge had tons of great fights, like Shinobu versus Doma, Tanjiro and Giyu versus Akaza, and Obanai and Mitsuri versus Nakime. many fan favorites were taken out during this arc, but some of the most despised villains had their tragic backstories revealed .

1 The Sunrise Countdown Arc Closes Out The Series

Demon Slayer's Sunrise Countdown Arc. There were acute battles during the Infinity Castle arc, but the Sunrise Countdown bow has a pretty self-explanatory precede : the Corps must take down Muzan and his government before the sun rises.

They defeat Muzan, but Tanjiro becomes a monster, and his former comrades have to defeat him. fortunately, he reawakens as a human, and Nezuko is cured, american samoa well. Despite their considerable losses, the independent three had a happy ending. Tanjiro ended up with Kanao, Inosuke ended up with Aoi, and Zenitsu is in a love relationship with Nezuko .
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