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Breathing Styles ( 呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう ) 法 ( ほう ), Kokyū Hō ? ) are swordsmanship styles practiced and taught by members of the Demon Slayer Corps .


emit Styles are swordsmanship styles that makes use of an esoteric breathe technique known as Total Concentration Breathing ( 全 ( ぜん ) 集 ( しゅう ) 中 ( ちゅう ) の呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう ), Zen Shūchū no Kokyū ? ) practiced and teach by members of the Demon Slayer Corps and are used in combat by Demon Slayers ( late passed on as traditional dances post-time skip ). All known Breathing Styles presently taught within the Demon Slayer Corps are derived from Sun Breathing, the beginning one always created. The majority of known Breathing Styles mimic a certain chemical element of nature ( i.e. flame, water system and weave ) and replicates it with the exploiter ‘s movements, techniques and abilities. The weapon attacks of Demon Slayers who use Breathing Styles are besides long ranged, possibly due to shockwaves or air out blackmail generated from their weapon itself when swinging and striking. New Breathing Styles are always being created to suit a Demon Slayer ‘s battle needs, [ 1 ] which results in fresh weapons being utilized in devil hunt ( i.e. flails and whips ). such rest Styles embody a bigger kind of concepts, like animals, plants and emotions ( i.e. serpents, flowers and love ). When utilizing a Breathing Style, users mechanically visualize themselves manipulating the subject behind their style, making it seem as if they were using charming, though those that are less apt and technical in their style will visualize less of it than one who is.

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It is possible to mix different Breathing Styles if the user can not master one particular Breathing Style alone in regulate to use the stronger aspects of different styles to compensate. Tanjiro, realizing that he could not master Water Breathing like Giyu Tomioka nor could he handle the stress of Hinokami Kagura, showed to be able to combine the two techniques together in order to have stronger strikes than when he used Water Breathing entirely and move for longer periods of time than if he used Hinokami Kagura alone. He did this to save Hinatsuru from Gyutaro [ 2 ], and late used it once again during the Infinity Castle Arc to slay dozens of demons .

total Concentration Breathing

Total Concentration Breathing ( 全 ( ぜん ) 集 ( しゅう ) 中 ( ちゅう ) の呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう ), Zen Shūchū no Kokyū ? ) is an advanced and esoteric breathe technique where a drug user inhales the utmost come of oxygen within a specific breath design to raise their physical and genial art to their last limits. The effects include a overplus of enhanced physical and genial abilities, like superhuman physical characteristics ( i.e. strength, accelerate, stamina, lastingness and agility ), faster think processes, maximizing concentration and hyper-information action. At a more advanced level, entire Concentration is besides capable of clotting wounds from dangerous injuries and slowing down the circulation of poison in the bloodstream. Tanjiro Kamado displayed a technique called Recovery Breathing ( 回 ( かい ) 復 ( ふく ) の呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう ), Kaifuku no Kokyū ? ), which, by taking a brief moment to focus and steady his breath, allows him to recover from fatigue duty and firm muscles that prevent his body from moving, which he uses to overcome the whip of using Hinokami Kagura techniques twice in a quarrel. [ 3 ] Total Concentration: Constant ( 全 ( ぜん ) 集 ( しゅう ) 中 ( ちゅう ) ・常 ( じょう ) 中 ( ちゅう ), Zen Shūchū Jōchū ? ) is a total concentration Breathing submit during the good morning, noon, and night, and even while asleep that advanced Demon Slayers, such as the Hashira, can constantly maintain. There is an huge remainder in potency, rush, and stamen between person who can maintain sum Concentration Breathing at all times and person who can not .
Learning to maintain a ceaseless state of full Concentration Breathing requires fantastic campaign, though, the skill itself is noted to be quite elementary despite the needed effort. The train process involves blowing into a limited type of super durable gourd. The objective is to blow into the gourd with adequate intensity to make the gourd break apart. As discipline progresses, the gourd is replaced by larger and larger variations of the lapp type of gourd. The largest know gourd is about the size of a chair.

Known Breathing Styles and Users

Note: The colors used to represent the Breathing Styles above are not necessarily based off of the color associated with each style’s Nichirin Sword. For Nichirin Sword colors, see this page.

Breathing Styles Relationship Chart


  • The names of Breathing Styles are very strict. For example, the Flame Breathing 炎 ( ほのお ) の呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう ), Honō no kokyū ?Fire Breathing 火 ( ひ ) の呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう )

    , Hi no kokyū ?

  • According to the second fanbook, Breathing Styles were not entirely lost to history after the demons were wiped out. Instead, they eventually became traditional dances.


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